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What Really Happened to Anna Nicole?

2/11/2007 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As Anna's estranged mother and Howard K. Stern duke it out in the Bahamas over Dannielynn, rumors continue to swirl about what led to the busty blonde's death.

Despite reports, though, Dr. Joshua Perper, who conducted the autopsy, says he saw no signs that Anna was drinking the day of her death, even though she was spotted in a bar. According to the Miami Herald, although she had an enlarged liver, he says, ''There was no scent of alcohol in her stomach lining, no residue, nothing."

He also says that all the prescription pills in her room were in her name, not Howard K. Stern's, and that she reportedly had a high fever, nausea and was vomiting -- a possible stomach flu. ''You have material here for a number of movies,'' he admits.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the owners of the Hard Rock Hotel continues to fight off the rumors, saying: ''I have heard everything from the FBI being involved in the investigation to Anna Nicole Smith collapsing on the casino floor.'' Neither of which is true, he adds.


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U have to check this website, they have cool stories about what really happen to Anna

2749 days ago


The sad truth is that a young woman is dead far too soon. Her life played out tragically before public eyes. Yes that was her own wish and doing but I am sure she never wanted to become a laughable spectacle. There are too many judgemental voices lending opinions and fueling fires. She is being denied a right to rest in peace. That is the worst part of this whole sordid mess. She has been dead for 3 weeks yet her body still lies in a morgue while greedy fights break out in courtrooms over who gets her body. Please, she wanted to be with Daniel and that is the only true fact that emerges here. She was tragic and whatever reasons brought her there do not matter now. Let the girl have peace.

2743 days ago

the fucker    

Young? Wasn't she like 40 or something? She was too fucking retarded to keep breathing oxygen, anyway.

2743 days ago


I do believe that anna was out late drinking the night before, hasnt anyone seen that video of her practically being carried out of that boxing match by howard and that"bodyguard" I mean come on!!! what a joke! She could barely talk..walk
I dont think she even woke up the next morning. What kind of RN doesnt perform CPR???? she calls her husband who" was out running errands for about 20 mins." The only people supporting her now are the people she PAID! bodyguard,lame RN, nannies they are all getting paid. where are her friends??

2743 days ago


The doctor who preformed the autopsy actually said that due t the investigation in her death, he could not release the name on the medication bottles.

2758 days ago


Anna's Mother has no respect what so ever for Anna. Anna Nicole would be rolling over in the morgue if she knew what her Mother is doing. I hope she does not get near that child. She is like a buzzard after an animal dies. It should be respected that Howard K. Stern is the Father until proven otherwise. If they don't leave this poor man alone and let him gather himself he just may be capable of anything. You should all just give him some time to digest these horrific events. I would not be suprised if he killed himself and took that baby with him the way he is being treated. LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!! GIVE HIM SOME SPACE AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.....LOOK WHAT THE PRESSURE DID TO ANNA NICOLE!!!!!!!!! One person, no matter who you are could take this......IT JUST MAKES ME SICK FOR THAT POOR MAN!!!!!

Virginia go back to Mexia Texas and let things play out in time.....YOU ARE GOING TO BE THE ONE RESPONSIBLE IF THAT LITTLE GRANDCHILD DIES!!!!!!!!

2758 days ago


This just confirms what I've said all along about the media, public, and paparazzi. They are spreading lies. People who probably didn't even see Anna Nicole want their 15 mins of fame and are telling she was drinking at the bar and of course "They saw her". Pathetic people. I believe the coroner. You know, the one with the real expertise and education. All you judgers and jurors (unofficial) need to shut your damn mouths and have some respect for Anna Nicole and Howard. Her mother needs to hop her ass back on the plane and go home and forget she had a daughter like she has all these years. Anna hated her for a reason and Dannielynn should not be taken care of by her mother. She should be taken care of by Howard because that is who Anna chose as her partner and father of her child. People, get out of her business and leave her alone. You've already accomplished what you set out to do - DESTROY HER. Now leave her alone.

2758 days ago


I think ABC should be ashamed of themselves!!! They flew her mother there!! They chartered the plane so they had first rights to her story!! It is sick!! They are driving her around in limo's and folowing her every where! I sent a email to them telling them thye have sunk to a new low!!

2758 days ago


I think ABC should be ashamed of themselves!!! They flew her mother there!! They chartered the plane so they had first rights to her story!! It is sick!! They are driving her around in limo's and folowing her every where! I sent a email to them telling them thye have sunk to a new low!!

2758 days ago


I don't know who this slut is that posted under the name of Virginia but it sounded like Howard K. Weasels' sister. Howard K is widely known as a weasel in the entertainment world. This is the same "caring" Howard K and Anna who within days of the death of her son were negotiating for money for the rights to all of the pictures and out laughing it up on the water in the Bahamas. Howard K and Anna were two pathetic users of other people. Sociopaths like this don't give a damn who dies or who gets hurt. It all started because we are supposed to believe that she "really loved" Marshall.

2758 days ago


Her death was most likely from a combination of an undiagnosed peripartum cardiomyopathy and diet pills. Ask any cardiologist.

2758 days ago


If Annas would have listened to her mother back in Sept. maybe she would still be alive.She warned her away from Howard.and told her sho=e could be next! Anna loved Howard for one reason,
because he was an enabler. He enabled her drug use, her life and manipulated her world
If someone has a high fever and is sick for days... why not
go to the hospital? He was negligent at the very least! He was worried they would have found drugs in her body that did not belong there.
I dont think that would have gone over too good in court proceedings over the daughter Dannielynn

2758 days ago


My guess is that the Nicole family has a genetic long QT. Add Methadone, and you have dangerous prolonging of the interval. Concomitant use of an SSRI, which can inhibit the metabolism of methadone, and you are looking at a serious risk of a fatal arrhythmia. My guess is this is what happened to both of them.

2758 days ago


Look at the lies that were told by the examiner in Elvis's death. This guy was probably paid off, no one will know for sure.


2758 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2758 days ago
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