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Howard K. Stern Interviewed by Cops

2/12/2007 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. SternTMZ has learned Bahamian authorities met with Howard K. Stern on Monday morning. Police sources say two subjects are on the table -- Stern's allegation of a break-in at the house in which he's staying, and the investigation into Daniel Smith's death.

Stern alleged that the owner of the house -- G. Ben Thompson -- broke into the premises and changed the locks after Anna Nicole died. We're told Thompson's position is that it's his home and Stern has no right to be there. Police wanted to speak with Stern about the allegation.

But law enforcement sources also tell TMZ that the cops want to re-interview Stern about the death of Anna Nicole's son last September. This comes after TMZ obtained a photo of Anna Nicole's refrigerator -- which held a large container of methadone.

Anna Nicole Gallery: Click to see photosDaniel died after ingesting methadone and several other drugs. We've learned at least one witness will testify at the coroner's inquest into Daniel's death that Stern supplied Daniel with methadone and then flushed the remaining stash down a toilet after Daniel died.

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I can only wish I could be on this jury!


Why did the nurse call HIM before she called 911???

This was a set up and Anna fell for it, or was too drugged up to say anthing. The only time she was in the media was his Stern by her side and drugged up like crazy. When she was pregnant you didnt see much of her, I guess Stern couldnt risk drugging her too much while she was pregnant.

He needs to go to prison for this one.

2757 days ago


Hey i wonder if Howard ever took LIe DETECTOR test when daniel died Or when ANS died?
i think he should take lie detector test.
ANS parents are nothing but losers..they want there fame and money..but i dont think she care about money..
Larry BIrkhead who really care about the baby...
all other are stupid losers..

2757 days ago


I think he did it as well everyone in this case is in it for the money. I read this morning that she had her late husbands sperm froze and that he might be the farther. I hope he is so none of the other greedy bastards get her. She needs a good & loveing home & I feel with the others she is not going to get that. As far as Anna Nicole I have to disagree. I think deep down inside she was a good person & that she did love her children. She knew what she wanted and how to get it. I too hope that the truth comes out & if someone did do something to her & Daniel they pay for what they have done.

2757 days ago

carlos a. gutierrez    

it would seem to me, that two people dying back to back, with this man near each of them...was not a coincidence, but in fact a very key evidence. The symptoms of both anna and her son are simliar to ingesting antifreeze. Recent dateline programs aired with similiar causes of death. did the coroners in both places forget to test for antifreeze, anna's body is still available for testing. someone please wake up and make these tests happen.

2757 days ago


I don't know why everyone is against Howard K. Stern he has been the only one in Anna's life 24/7 besides her son for how many years? He loved Anna and her children unconditionally and has never ran away Like Larry Birkhead (The Jerk)

Quit blaming Howard for Anna's drug problem. No one could stop Anna- She Ran the show-don't kid yourself! Howard never harmed Daniel or ANNA. Why would he? he already had them.

You all read to many murder mysterys! Anna died of a self-inficted drug overdose period.

2757 days ago



2757 days ago

the wise old owl    

Howard K Stern has shown his true colors OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Anna's body wasn't even cold before he jumped in and started making a profit off her death. Just like he did when Daniel died. He doesn't care about that baby .......only the $$ that comes along with her. He is worse than Rasputin. ( the affectionate name that Nancy Grace and Geraldo call him )

HKS was the one that stole those items from the Horizon's house in the Bahamas. DAHHH.

You will find those itmes being sold on E-Bay in the future I am sure. Because he didn't want authorites to ever find his HARD DRIVE.......he made sure that his computer was taken with that "STAGED BREAK IN. " For sure there was some incriminating evidence on there. He probably paid some " bahamian criminal " to do his dirty work. I hope who ever it was turns his ass in the authorities for a " payoff "

He has already sold an exclusive story with ET as they followed him back to the Bahamas to be reunited with Dannilynn. ONLY A SELFISH PRICK would deny a grandmother the opportunity to see her granddaughter. His parenting skills are perhaps the worst I have ever seen played out in the media. His Bad Character is displayed by his actions and his greed will be his downfall. Only a complete MORON can't see what this guy is really all about.

He was never Anna's romantic partner. It was a partnership of dependantcy and CONTROL. Everyone close to Anna throughout the years has stated that Anna's downfall begain when HOWARD stepped into the picture. I believe that Anna knew HKS was the one that caused her son's death and the pain of living with that became too much. Even the drugs couldn't numb the pain associated with that anymore. The only reason Anna stayed with him was for the DRUGS. If she left him........she would have been " cut off ". Howard was her PUSHER.He had her so addicted that in the end........the drugs were all she was living for. He makes me SICK.

He says without the baby he will ' KILL HIMSELF ". .....GOOD ! I for one will celebrate. The sooner they take Dannilynn away from him....the BETTER. He is the moste despicable, vile man I ever encountered. His sucked the life out of everyone he claimed to LOVE. THe only thing he sees when he looks into the eyes of Dannilynn is .........LARRY BIRKEHEAD. His comtempt for her is probably growing and if he has no $$ to gain from his relationship with her....SHE WILL BE HIS NEXT VICTIM. My God. I am praying that CPS conducts an emergency " intervention " and removes Dannilynn from HKS custody. This story is far from over.

2757 days ago


Daniel died 5 months ago and the inquest is going to be held in March?!?! Too much lag time here...
It was clear that ANS was higher than a kite and in so much pain over her son's loss yet Howard sat by her side like a helpless puppy instead of seeing she got the treatment she needed.
Where in the hell does one get giant bottles of Methadone? By script?
It's all ugly. And where are all these pictures coming from? Fridge contents, Bahamian official in her bed. And who took them? Were they planning on blackmailing this silly official if things didn't go as they wanted?
I did not follow her life closely but it's like she decided Howard would just have to do in a pinch, as long as Larry didn't take her baby. But seems she's been his meal ticket for years! He's got cold dead eyes, so emotionless, even on LArry King talking about being the baby's father.

2757 days ago

A. Scott    

10 prescripts? Could be planted. Surgery while sick? Could substance be in the implants which coroner could not detect---and then leaked into body? Any connections btwn coroners--didn't Daniel's and Anna's work together ago? Who hired Daniel's--Anna or Stern? How did Marshall's stepson die OR OF WHAT? Why haven't ethics charges been filed against Stern--having affair with his client. Why didn't somebody take this woman to the ER with such a high fever? Was Anna under the influence when a will was signed? Any pics of her on that date? Was will b4 or after Daniel's death?Bahamian pics of Anna and the Immigration Minister frolicking on a bed? Same Minister who has the baby. Was baby held to make sure Stern returned?

2757 days ago

Marty Ward    

This is the biggest fraud scam perpetuated by one person in the history of America. It is too bizarre for the courts to handle. There are no precedents for such evil. Freeloader & Head Pimp Stern dragged Anna Nicole through many years of her life in a drugged stupor, all the while setting himself up as the eventual benefactor, as he eliminated all family and friends, squired her through the courts, and acquired all her assets. I knew he was guilty when the son died. He's not legally married to her, so he's going to have to sweat a little now as he figures out his next deceits. Can we please bring back public hangings.

2757 days ago

Victoria Bates    

Did you catch that slip, people? He admitted that Anna Nicole was not the owner of the house! Here it is: "Stern alleged that the owner of the house -- G. Ben Thompson -- broke into the premises and changed the locks after Anna Nicole died.
He has no right to be there. I don’t see how he can stand to be where Anna Nicole lived after her death. As a widow myself, it was very hard to stay in a home where my husband was never going to be coming back to, to keep waiting for him to walk in the door.
The first thing you’d want to do is move out to someplace without all the memories of that person around, at least until there’s more distance of time.
Besides, he states himself that the owner of the house is G. Ben Thompson, so he needs to move FAST! He has NO right to be there any longer. It’s not his house, it’s Anna Nicole’s! I consider him an opportunist and nothing more than a hanger on.
Why doesn’t he have any other clients if he’s a lawyer, a good one? Nope…he just lost his meal ticket and believe me, he will want his cut of any money she has or wins in her court battle too. That does not make him a very nice person, does it?
The world is watching, Howard K. Stern. We loved Anna Nicole because she was so down to earth and human, not rich and famous. We could relate to her. We will be watching what you do from now on VERY CAREFULLY!

2757 days ago


#1. The baby is with Howard because he is listed as the father on the birth certificate!
#2. Why would Howard kill her? He clinged all over her! She was like a goddess to him!
#3. Howard wasn't even with her when she died.
#4. Come on people, this is AMERICA, you are suppose to be innocent until PROVEN guilty!

2757 days ago


If I read one more time that ANS was a good person because she loved her kids, I will scream. Loving a kid doesn't make you a good person OR a good parent, especially if you've spent the child's entire life drugged beyond functioning. In someone who doesn't have that kind of money it's called NEGLECT. And anybody enabling that kind of lifestyle should be an accessory to murder.

2757 days ago


i heard that anna had the old mans sperm frozen........that it might not be either of the 3 guys child.............guess she isnt such a dumb blonde after all

2757 days ago


Now Stern's sister, whom has seen him and the baby since Anna Nicole's death, has given a statement to the press that her observation is that he is so greif stricken that she is afraid for his physical health and welfare. Well, if that is true, then that baby needs to be removed from his care immediately and I don't understand why the Bahamian government does not step and take the child into protective services. Regardless of whether Stern is guilty of something or not, he is exhibiting behavior that is alarming even to his sister so they should get that baby out now as a scenario may develope to where he attempts to hurt himself and the baby.

2757 days ago
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