Howard K. Stern Interviewed by Cops

2/12/2007 2:30 PM PST

Howard K. Stern Interviewed by Cops

TMZ has learned Bahamian authorities met with Howard K. Stern on Monday morning. Police sources say two subjects are on the table -- Stern's allegation of a break-in at the house in which he's staying, and the investigation into Daniel Smith's death.

Stern alleged that the owner of the house -- G. Ben Thompson -- broke into the premises and changed the locks after Anna Nicole died. We're told Thompson's position is that it's his home and Stern has no right to be there. Police wanted to speak with Stern about the allegation.

But law enforcement sources also tell TMZ that the cops want to re-interview Stern about the death of Anna Nicole's son last September. This comes after TMZ obtained a photo of Anna Nicole's refrigerator -- which held a large container of methadone.

Daniel died after ingesting methadone and several other drugs. We've learned at least one witness will testify at the coroner's inquest into Daniel's death that Stern supplied Daniel with methadone and then flushed the remaining stash down a toilet after Daniel died.

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