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Anna's Mom Lawyers Up

2/13/2007 4:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie Arthur and Larry BirkheadTMZ has learned Anna Nicole Smith's mother has hired a Florida lawyer to get Anna's body released for burial.

We've confirmed that Virgie Arthur has hired Coral Gables attorney Stephen Tunstall to secure the body. But there's a catch: There are two outstanding California court orders preventing burial. A judge has put a hold on the release of the body; a second order demands a DNA sample from Smith.

We're told Larry Birkhead's lawyer, Debra Opri, will ask a Miami court to "domesticate" both orders from the California court. If granted, the orders would have full force and effect in Florida. We're told Opri is making the requests in Florida today and tomorrow.

But there's a twist. We're told Birkhead has no objections to releasing the body, provided he gets a DNA sample sent to the lab he selected. For some reason, we're told Stephen Tunstall has not agreed to release the DNA to Birkhead's lab.

TMZ spoke with Tunstall, who said "I have been retained by Virgie. I do not wish to have any contact with anybody in the media."


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Has anyone notice that this woman who claims that her heart is pure, has dyed her hair so the public would relate her to her famous daughter. Cheap Cheap
Just like Anna had said, everyone has used her, now she is being used in death.
Look at her face in the picture, I don't see a cookie baking grandma. I see a coldness in her eyes. I wouldn't want any child of mine to be looked at like that, and she isn't even mad. Think about it. Anna was plain and simple a poor lost soul sick , used by so many. I feel that at a young age she fell into a trap so many fall into. She was just in the public eye. She tried to survive the best way she could. As far as the baby, The loving claiming father Birkhead, he claimed he was upset about Anna's drug use pregnet. I didn't hear him complaining before... What Anna was alone doing drugs and he stood there like a wipped pup. Yeah right.... Give me a break. Give him a Halo?

2769 days ago

Brenda Kelly    

I think that the only one who seems to be doing anything for the right reasons and the interest of the child is Larry birkhead.
I think that everyone concerned with this case knows that larry birkhead is the father and it will be proved that he is.
I think that the only reason anna nicoles mother is on the scene is too make sure that howard stern does not have any future say in anna nicole.
I believe that something sinister has went on with regard to daniel and anna nicole and i think that howard stern is one to watch.
I hope that larry birkhead gets his dna results back and that he is able to get full custody of his daughter but somthing tels me that howard stern will not go down without a fight so it will not be easy.
I think we could see an explosive end to this situation so the sooner it can be sorted the better for the baby

2769 days ago

Lori Oregon    

I have not been one to watch EVERY SINGLE thing on Anna Nicole Smith But I did watch part of the court stuff and would like to know "since its already been brought up in court "if Anna`s mother and other family members were so horrible to her why would she allow her CHILD Daniel to be raised by her mother" It was brought up that she had raised him most of his life. Who in their right mind would allow this to happen when YOU have supposedly been abused by those people ? Something fishy about that. I can see mothers and daughters squabbles but the accusations of how bad her child hood was just throws things off balance Unless Anna didnt care what happened to her son Knowing he would be abused as she was in that household . Ok Im going to shut up for now but someone help me understand how you could put your child in danger of someone that was so cruel to you" ??? Makes no sence to me Im lost and Like I said I didnt watch ALL of the news on this as I do have a life outside the home as well so please be patient with me thanks Lori in Oregon

2727 days ago


anna was on drugs because of her mother.that is why no one can help her,she needed a mother,not a cop,a mother with a soft heart.a mother who would help her daughter,tackle teen years a mother taking responsibilty for the child she gave birth to.virgie was planning for that marshall money one long is so sad when anna had to fall for a man that old,anna thought she would find security and a father,i watched ,when anna friend was on the stand in florida,she was crying,and said anna was to call her mother,well the camera showed virgie,with a so what look on her face,any other mother would be crying,not vergie, that ts one cold piece of work,virgie wanted marshall money and when mr stern came into the picture,virgies plan when to hell she and she alone was the cause of anna drug long as she could put the blame on h stern she felt good,he was going to pay for comming in between her and the marshall money.anna needed a lot of help and her friend the woman doctor failed her.not stern,the one person that could have helped and trained to do so the doctor.

2682 days ago
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