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Anna's Mom Lawyers Up

2/13/2007 4:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie Arthur and Larry BirkheadTMZ has learned Anna Nicole Smith's mother has hired a Florida lawyer to get Anna's body released for burial.

We've confirmed that Virgie Arthur has hired Coral Gables attorney Stephen Tunstall to secure the body. But there's a catch: There are two outstanding California court orders preventing burial. A judge has put a hold on the release of the body; a second order demands a DNA sample from Smith.

We're told Larry Birkhead's lawyer, Debra Opri, will ask a Miami court to "domesticate" both orders from the California court. If granted, the orders would have full force and effect in Florida. We're told Opri is making the requests in Florida today and tomorrow.

But there's a twist. We're told Birkhead has no objections to releasing the body, provided he gets a DNA sample sent to the lab he selected. For some reason, we're told Stephen Tunstall has not agreed to release the DNA to Birkhead's lab.

TMZ spoke with Tunstall, who said "I have been retained by Virgie. I do not wish to have any contact with anybody in the media."


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Anna would not want her mother involved in this whole thing...she said on Televison that she thought the woman was evil, and she couldn't stand her what a money hungrey B....... The medical examiner really cracks me up just because they didn't find any prescription drugs in her system and didn't find any illegal drugs a the scene means that she didn't take her life or die of an overdose give me a break...... she was in so much pain.... look what was found in her refridgerator.... did they ever think that just maybe that was what took her life or that she disposed of the substance before she died.. duhh


2779 days ago


So because Anna Nicole's mom did such a good job raising a daughter the first time....she wants another shot at it? Hard to believe she may be one of the good choices compared to all the potential baby-daddys.

2779 days ago


Two things. There was a woman on larry king saying that Anna hates her mother because something that happened with her mom, moms exboyfriend and Anna. Can you say abuse? I would hate my mom too if she didnt protect me. Can you imagine that she ran so hard to get away from his woman and town. So they want to put her in the ground there? Now the mom can say "look you didnt get away after all".

does anyone remember that singer Selena? Her manager or something was obsessed with her. She ended up killing her when she was being fired. Im starting to think Howard is an obsessed fan.

2779 days ago


Even Zsa Zsa is too good to play Virgie !!!!!!!!!!!! You need UGLY to play Virgie!
But, I think Prince Van Halt (sp?) should play himself, since he is SO believable!!!!!!!!!!!!

2779 days ago


I agree with No. 13's comments. I think we are all underestimating Howard Stern's influence over Anna Nicole. It seems very clear to a lot of people that he had a strong controlling influence on her life that is not really healthy and as tacky as it might sound, she was just big "meal ticket to him" and the baby "is now gravy"!!!

I also understand that there is a report that there is a recording of a conversation that Anna made to her mother and that Howard Stern clearly could be heard on the recording terminating that conversation. Something is very very wrong with this picture. I think this ANS was a very unstable woman to begin with but it spiralled downhill when Daniel died so young and so soon and what about the hospital report of people hearing her ..... yell that it was all Howard's fault!!! I understand they have uncovered many other such recordings that raises the suspicion of what really happened in that relationship and with the large quantities of drugs around.....that smacks of something foul.............

Hopefully, we will learn more as time goes on and more evidence is brought in!!

2779 days ago


that women needs to go home and stay there. anna hated her and wouldnt want her mother to have anything to do with any of this. anna had a fit when she found out her mom went to daniel's grave. they need to let howard bury her with daniel there. someone needs to send that gold digger of a mother packin!!!

2779 days ago


Before condemning the woman, she just wants the child, and have the opportunist, killer keep the money. He killed both Anna an dher son, but it will probably never come out.
My heart goes out to Larry What a shame, he more than likely is the father. He seems determined but the killer will not take a dna, talk about greed all stern wants is the money, he took long enough to go back to the bahamas to see the child.
what a mess.

2779 days ago


Scott, thank you. Your post makes more sense than anybody on this board.
Her Mother cried and begged Anna to leave Howard when Daniel died. She told Anna she would be next, and now ANS is dead. Her Mother knew what kind of man Howard was. Her Mother should be able to claim her daughter's body.
As for the baby, her Mother should get the baby. Until the DNA testing.

2779 days ago


Anna's mother is a lovely person who loved her daughter dearly..Yes, as many a mother and daughter have problems, so what..but...the interference was intervened by th Peckerface, himself, HDS..he hated her mother...he did everything he could do to distance them to the point of hatred...HKS is about as evil as they come !!!!! Get real people...anyone that was close to her, he made sure that they were d-listed !!!!!!!!!!!!! this guy, HKS, aka Peckerface, needs LIFE in JAIL ! Period !

2779 days ago


Mommie Dearest has no legal standing. Anna made her disdain for her mother very publicly known. Howard has the established relationship i.e. legal guardian of child, executor of will, etc. All of this will be viewed in HKS's favor by any court. Release the body for burial so the paternity fight can go forward.

2779 days ago


At least Mama is not selling pictures and cashing in on Anna's death like Howard. But then that is all he has ever done. I truly believe her friends when they say Howard kept the two of them from having any kind of an relationship with her family or anybody else.

2779 days ago

Terrie/ Southern Belle    

Unless you have been abused or walked in Anna's shoes you'll never understand
why Anna Nicole felt like she did about her mother.Some of you need to read up on Anna's life. What mother lets her child quit school in 8th grade surley not a
a responsible one. As far as anna being a southern woman with morals ahh
Who's the baby's daddy again? my point !! I'm not a hypocrit Anna was weak
thats why she went to drugs... and looked for love by having sex with anyone!!
I say the family of hers sees her as a cash cow and Anna knew it thats why she
dis owned them....Need I say anymore!!!! FRom the looks of her life she was sexually abused and the mother knew and turned her back chosing the boyfriend over her. blaming Anna for the sexual abuse been there....

2779 days ago


Virgie needs to stay in her trailer and leave Anna alone. Where was the concerned Virgie when her daughter was going through a well-documented subrstance abuse problem? Virgie = Biatch!

2779 days ago


As the only adult survivors of Anna Nichole Smith's Family, her Mom and Sister, etc. have the right to take control over her body, since Howard K. Stern is not a relative, and was not married to Anna Nichole Smith. Remember, their marriage ceremony was not real. It was actually a commitment ceremony. In other words, a pretend marriage!!! Thus, Howard K. Stern has no rights to the body...and no standing in court in that regard!!!

Also, Smith's mother has the right to petition the court for custody of the baby since no one as yet is sure who the father is...or if he'll ever be found, or surface!!! The point appears that Anna was sleeping around with so many men...this thing is turning into a lottery of every guy she had sex with in the last two years, popping up to claim they're the father...all, save for Birkhead I assume, are just looking for money!!!

Anna Nichole's Mother seems to be a nice person, and besides she is family. With Howard K. Stern using the baby to stage photo shoots and interviews for money...any real court should consider his behavior abusive and inappropriate in regard to the proper environment and care of the child!!!

2779 days ago

Howard .. why were the drugs in your name ?    

I think she is doing this just to keep howard from fondeling the body one last time. He is used to doing it while she is out cold.. now he can try when she is decompossing. nobody has stated where the body will be buried yet. she is next of kin, she has that right.. lots of people dont get along with their parents.. its still her mom, she brought her in , she should be in charge of putting her to rest.. imo.

2779 days ago
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