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Barbi Twins on Anna Nicole: "We tried to help"

2/13/2007 7:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithTwo of Anna Nicole Smith's famous former friends claim they offered to help Smith conquer her demons a few years ago, but she never called them back.

TMZ spoke with the legendary Playboy playmates, Shane and Sia, who claim that one of Anna's many "managers" called and asked them "to do an intervention with Anna. That was our last contact with her, asking in a phone message if she wanted to go to AA with us." However, the plan backfired. "We never heard from her again, so we felt we hurt her feelings and wished we had said it more lovingly in person, instead of on the phone."

The Barbi twins, who met Anna through stylist Daniel DiCriscio in 2000, say they will always remember Anna as "a funny, sweet and refreshingly honest friend."


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Oh, please....more skanks looking for free publicity???

2773 days ago

The MRS    


2773 days ago


Now everybody and everyone is going to somehow connect themselves to this story. What's next? Paris will say she used to babysit Daniel?

2773 days ago


Okay, before you tired ho's get started, let me tell you a couple of things...One, nobody remembers you, NOBODY..Two, you are on a waiting list of other losers professing fo be her best friend, so figure how far you're gonna be on the totem pole..Anna was so high half the time, you actually did look like barbie dolls to her, horribly deformed and aged with no Hollywood work to be found....I'm surprised TMZ even mention them, because up until now, I'm sure myself and the rest of America forgot all about their 1minute of fame(should I even say fame, what were they famous for???).

2773 days ago


They are all coming out; the friends that wanted to help.
If they really wanted to help, why didn't they?
She was a pitiful little girl in need of good advice and real friends; no one, including Howard was strong enough to do a thing for her.
She made terrible choices in her life and paid dearly for them.

2773 days ago


Seems Anna cut off all contact with those who tried to intervene. Once an addict is always an addict. And no one can help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

Anna didn't want anything to do with her family. Who knows all the skeletons there, but I can guess they wanted the best for her (even if money was involved.)

Apparently, ANS and Larry Birkhead broke up because of her substance abuse. HKS maybe had something to do with that as well.

We can do all the finger pointing we want, but it doesn't change the outcome. Anna's dead and DannieLynn has no mother. If anything, Anna's life leaves us with a story we can all learn from, if we choose.

2773 days ago


The barbie twins also need help!! Look at them- if they allow them to have one more plastic surgery they will look like JACKO--- the Jacko Twins !!!!

2773 days ago


Blah Blah Blah of course everyone will be her best friends who tried to save her!! RIP Anna Nicole

2773 days ago


Well, they can't say that their the baby's daddy, so instead they have to say that they tried to help. You know, alot of people are saying this so for anyone who claimed to had tried to help Anna: If you really did try to help then WHY IS SHE DEAD AND NOT IN REHAB INSTEAD? To me, its just more people trying to get their 15 minutes.

2773 days ago


Who leaves a f***ing message and calls that an intervention??? Stupid sluts.

2773 days ago


Yesiree....they're creeping out of the woodwork like fumigated termites.

2773 days ago


The Barbi's voice mail message:

Leave your name, number and personal worth, we'll get right back with ya. We're tied up right now chatting with Anna.

2773 days ago


I do find it interesting that everyone made fun of Anna when she was alive, but after death everyone seems to point out what a funny, sweet and honest person she was. I do believe these and everyone else's account. Anna seemed very able to just cut a person off if she felt threatened by them. Rehab was a threat.

Sadly, the reason HKS was still around was because he was the only person willing to enable her.

I was just watching some really early footage of Anna on LKLive when she said that suddenly girls were looking up to her because she was a voluptuous figure instead of with jealousy. She was darling then. So soft spoken and together.

2773 days ago


Poor Anna had no true friends in life...but in death EVERYONE was her friend and they all tried to help her. YADA YADA YADA!

2773 days ago


I know who the baby's farther really is ELVIS, you see he really is not dead and he was secretly living with Anna, (It's at least as believable as what else I have been reading)

2773 days ago
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