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Barbi Twins on Anna Nicole: "We tried to help"

2/13/2007 7:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithTwo of Anna Nicole Smith's famous former friends claim they offered to help Smith conquer her demons a few years ago, but she never called them back.

TMZ spoke with the legendary Playboy playmates, Shane and Sia, who claim that one of Anna's many "managers" called and asked them "to do an intervention with Anna. That was our last contact with her, asking in a phone message if she wanted to go to AA with us." However, the plan backfired. "We never heard from her again, so we felt we hurt her feelings and wished we had said it more lovingly in person, instead of on the phone."

The Barbi twins, who met Anna through stylist Daniel DiCriscio in 2000, say they will always remember Anna as "a funny, sweet and refreshingly honest friend."


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Everyone who wants attention rides the berievment buffet. I hate that. All the sudden they were closer that this. Makes me ill. A true friend would have helped her and got her out of her hell hole. All the F Listers are waiting for their 15. Very few cared about her. But bottom line Anna Nicole lacked enough self esteem to get some people out of her life. Now a child is left motherless. Tragic, but let's face it. It was Tick Tock.

2776 days ago


My sister died from alcoholism. THese two women need to stop blaming themselves and realize that unless a addict of ay substance is at a point where they want to quit, they cant be lured at all. and as far as anna Nicle Smith being honest, yeah sure, Her Mother and other relatives are saying she fibbed about coming from dirt poverty, They were a middle class family. i am truly sorry for Anns death, But she was just another victim of sad addiction, And very possibly a victim of one scumbag posing as a husband who contributed to both hers and her sons demise. As far as Stern and Anna balking at the paternity test, they probably were afriad of two things. First of all, they feared or knew they baby wasnt Howards, Second of all, they were (or rather now, in Howads case ) are afraid the baby wil show methadone in its system. A nurse in my doctors office said that, and she is probably absolutley right. And from my knowledge, TMZ, the Barbie twins were not playmates, were they?They were already famous when Hefner had them do a pictorial.

2776 days ago


Everyone is coming out of the woodwork saying they tried to help ANS. All these asswipes want is publicity. Anyone with half a brain would realize the poor girl is dead so why bother to crow to the world that you tried to help? Give us a break.

2776 days ago

Lori Ferrari-Cavanaugh    

If Howard Stern was with Anna 24/7,how Is It possible that she had all these affair's?

2776 days ago

Tazz Devil    

Are these same two girls the Barbie twins? Those chicks are seriously fucked up! Eating disorders, plastic surgery disorders. Oh please! It's like they could ever offer help to anyone.

2776 days ago


Yes, because true friends will only try ONE TIME to intervene if they think you have a real problem. "We thought we hurt her feelings so we didn't ever call her again."
Please, I know they are blonde and pumped so full of collagen they can barely move their lips, but really you couldn't come up with a better story than that? Seriously, I thought you paid people to think for you...consider a replacement.

2776 days ago


I think it is really sad with whats going on with Anna. I was never a fan but compleatly understand what she has being through in her life. I know mentally because of her mom abuse she became who she was, its hurts when the the person who is suppose to be your best friend (MOTHER) hurt you. You can never get over that it mess you up mentally. I know I have being there but my only different is I learn how to get through it by helping other people.

It's a pain that can never be filled, Growing up I was a failure, I tried suicide so many times I hated my self so I did so many stupid things not because of what people say about me(I COULD CARE LESS) but what my mom say and do to me. A mom can make you so strong or so week, until you walk in her shoe dont judge her please. She died from a broken heart no matter what drugs she took ... she died from a broken heart, because of her mom. That woman words was mentally played in her head over & over!

TO HER MOM; Please dont be selfish give her, her last wish & if you every get a second chance with her child do the right thing. Stop talking bad about your daughter to the public & for once listen I know she gone but it's not too late.

Life is so fragile & if only we could try to say a kind word to some each because that one word might just save some one life. I hope she is now at peace, may God bless her soul. I hope ever one will do whats right for her child not for them selves.

2776 days ago


The Barbie twins look like corpses from the Thriller video. Sure they tried to help Anna, by dialing the phone and leaving her a message. They deserve a pat on the back and a cigar for all thier good deads. So glad they shared the story with the world they certainly don't want any publicity for it.

2776 days ago


It has been reported that Kermit the frog, Miss Piggy and DJ Connor had also tried to help her but wanted to remain anonymous.

2776 days ago


Again, Stern was a codependent to Anna....unless it was a complete business deal. You cannot control an addict. They control you. I don't know if the real story will ever come out. I dont even believe the medical examiner will tell the whole truth....

2776 days ago


Please evrybody leave the Beautiful Barbi Twins alone. They've done nothing wrong. The media had contacted them for their reaction to Anna's death. That's all, no harm done. They gave an honest statement as to how they tried to help Anna and be there for her. That to me defines the word "friend". I to have tried to help some people in my life who were addicts and some took my help other's weren't ready. Although I never touched a drug in my life or ever smoked a cigarette or took pills etc.. I figured I'd still help even though I didn't know what they were going through.Unfortunately Anna wasn't ready for the Barbi sister's help. I have to give the sister's credit for at least trying. The Twin's have had their share of the dark side of Holywood and got caught up in the whirl wind . They to were addicts. They were anorexics, bulimics aside from having many other disorders. These 2 larger than life gorgeous women never thought they were beautfiul or perfect enough even posing and landing on the front cover of Playboy 2 times and doing many gorgeous calendar's. At one point one of them almost died from bullimia. Fortunatley they got the help they needed to get well and also adding to their recovery they left Tinseltown for good to recover. They are now living peacefully on their horse ranch in Texas and are involved in helpers others who have addictions by doing seminars. If you'd like to know more about them please read their book "Dying To Be Healthy". It's a very good book.

2776 days ago

Gail Mann    

I think is is such a sad ending for such a nice but confussed lady! No one should of had to endure the pain that she was bearing!
I think Anna or Howard gave Daniel a dose of the metadone by accident, not realizing that it would kill him! Wasn't he in pain at the time? I think that they wanted to help ease it, and he fell asleep and never woke up! Was it present in the hospital when Anna gave birth to her daughter?
Also, I don't think Howard is the father, it's Larry! And Howard is as phony as they come! His sister is a gold digger and has no business appering on TV! And how is Howard going to bury Anna? With his parents money????
He's broke, and full a crap! He is also a gold digger and I think he convinced Anna to marry him so that he could control and act as a father to the baby! Was that suppose to convince us that he is the FATHER! HELL NO!

2776 days ago


Hi Gail! ;-) Post #46 I totally agree with your comment 100%. I to don't trust Howard. I believe he has stuck by Anna's side for all these year's until her death because he wanted the share of the money if she were to get the half a billion. I never liked him. I don't trust him with Anna 's baby Dannilynn either. My GOD he's going to do everything in his power to keep that child because she might get all that money. If she does get it you know for sure he's going to somehow write up some documents where she might get some and he'll keep the rest. Dannilynn is his meal ticket for him and for his family for certain. I'm soooook over this horrible situation. I cried when Anna died, I felt so bad for her and for her son and for her beautiful angel baby. This nightmare of a story seem's like it's never going to end. I also don't trust Anna's mother. She has not said one thing nice about her daughter since she died. She's only said negative things. It's no wonderf Anna didn't speak to her mother for so many years. I had seen Anna on Larry King live doing an interview month's back and she stated "my mother has always been jealous of me and my looks." Her statement was so true because I had seen Anna's mother do Good Morning America the day after her death and she was very sarcastic, not as emotional as a mother would be for just losing a child. She said in a jealous tone " when my daughter Anna was in her teens she always got attention everytime we went out shopping and her skin was so white". She's been doing interviews back to back and getting paid for it. She's cashing in on Anna's death. Now she wants Anna's baby. Hhmmmmm! I wonder why? Maybe because of the half a billion and also all the money she can get for photo's of her as she's growing up and selling it to the tabloids. Dannilynn is her meal ticket to. The only person who should have Anna's baby is Larry the "real" father. He seem's like a nice guy.

2776 days ago


Whoops! ;-) I made a boo boo in my last comment post#48 I wrote I'm soooook. It was supposed to be I'm soooooo sick of this horrible situation.
Also I read your post Raquel and my heart goes out to you. I to have had the same problem growing up with my mother and my sister.Growing up my mother and my sister had always called me a slut or a whore because of the way I looked. I'm 5 ft 8 and I weigh 119 and I'm a blonde with green eye's and my mother and my sister are both over weight and have bashed me because I eat healthey and have been taking care of myself for 36 years. I've cried and cried and couldn't understand how they could treat me the way they did. I'm a hard working, honest and good person. Never did drugs, never smoked, don't drink and only had 3 boyfriends. I had my first boyfriend when I was 21. I didn't understand how I could be a slut and whore from what they were saying to me. Anyway I haven't spoke to my mother or my sister for 3 years because everythime I had seen them they couldn't even look at me. It made me sick. Jealousy is a horrible disease and I have never in my life ever been jealous of anyone. I have 2 best friend's that are overweight and I never looked at them differently. I looked at their heart's which makes the person beautiful or not. My 2 friend's are beautiful souls. I love them. I wish my mother and my sister and who ever else out there is jealous of someone looks or anything else to please please not be. Jealousy is not right.

2776 days ago
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