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Birkhead: I Tried to Save Anna Nicole

2/13/2007 10:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

BirkheadLarry Birkhead, who claims to be Anna Nicole Smith's real baby daddy, says he tried to save Anna Nicole from the ravages of drug addiction, and that seeing the ultrasound of his baby with Smith was "one of the happiest moments of my life." But Birkhead won't say anything about his last meeting with Anna Nicole -- because it could "come back to haunt" him later, he thinks.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Birkhead claims that he tried to force Anna Nicole to kick her drug habits after she got pregnant with Dannielynn, but that his efforts just got him "pushed to the side," and that he had no control over what she did after that. Before that, however, Birkhead says that he and Anna Nicole shopped for baby clothes together and that Smith "made [him] sing to the baby at night."

Birkhead, according to the Daily News, wouldn't talk about his last meeting with Anna Nicole. He did admit to crying when he saw the birth certificate and saw Howard K. Stern's name on it, saying, "I don't know if I'm a dad or a sucker," according to a family member.

TMZ will have constant updates on the Anna Nicole story today.

Ivanka – Paris Bitchfight Brews

Ivanka Trump is slamming rival heiress Paris Hilton, saying that she works "13-hour days" for her riches, unlike "party kid" Hilton -- and doesn't want to be compared to the lodging heiress anymore. The Donald's daughter (seen here partying with Paris last summer) reportedly told the London Express (via MSNBC's Jeanette Walls) that she and Hilton are "totally different individuals ... I've never had a sense of entitlement." What's more, says Ivanka, "If I were to go off the rails ... I would not be able to afford my lifestyle." Ivanka also takes pains to point out that she had to buy her own house (from her father, of course), and that she has a mortgage. It is unclear whether Ms. Hilton has a mortgage as well, and she hasn't shot back as yet.

Paula Made to Look Less Lush-y on "Idol"

The producers of "American Idol" are doing everything they can to make Paula Abdul appear less loopy – or so they claim. As reports, the "Idol" producers are editing the show with the knowledge that Paula is being watched very carefully by viewers – to see if she'll betray any signs of being sauced. As executive producer Nigel Lythgoe put it, "We look when we're editing the show nowadays and say, 'Hey are people gong to think she's drunk for doing that?' We try and take that into account." Lythgoe adds that "it's very difficult" dealing with the Paula situation now that people have gotten it into their heads that Abdul is either boozing or popping pills, even though Paula has vigorously denied doing either.

Diddy Goes Off on Naomi

Diddy may want to consider protective headgear after he "angrily confronted" infamously projectile-prone Naomi Campbell at a Grammy after-party, according to Ben Widdicombe of the Daily News. According to Widdicombe's spy, "Diddy just started screaming at her when he saw her. No one could believe it. He was screaming obscenities at her" and at actor Terrence Howard, who was with her. Oddly, however, Naomi "played it totally cool." There's no specific reason for the origins of the tirade, except that Diddy's baby mama hates her.

Party Favors: Did Beyonce Snub Jennifer Hudson? ... Winslet Threatens to Sue Over Diet Claims ... J.Lo on "Entourage"?

Beyonce Knowles may have left Jennifer Hudson off of a guest list for a party she threw in L.A. after the Grammys, says Ben Widdicombe. "She doesn't want to look like she's slipping," says a source. ... Oscar nominee Kate Winslet is threatening to sue a British magazine over allegations that she's been seeing a diet specialist in L.A., says People. Winslet says the report is "completely untrue" and that she "never will" go to a diet doctor. ... The buzz is building that Jennifer Lopez will be the centerpiece of an episode of "Entourage" in the new season, says E! Online. Of course, the producers haven't actually approached J.Lo for the role, so it's not quite a done deal.

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No Avatar

in the know    

I believe Birkhead. Unfortunately he was probably played by Anna. I don't think she loved anyone but herself. I wouldn't be shocked to find, that the father of the baby is not anyone stating to be the father, because Anna was with so many people casually, she probably didn't know who the father was. Ivanks seems to forget, she would not be in a position to buy a house from her father, if he was not Donald Trump. She was born into money, had access to an excellent education, and an instant opportunity to work with the Trump organization. Most college grads don't walk into such opportunity. It appears she does have one similiar trait of her father, talking negatively about other people. No class, new money.

2773 days ago

Lenn K    

#1 I concur, I believe that Larry Birkhead did try and help ANS, but HKS probably got in the way because he loved ANS on drugs. This is going to be a long and drawn out affair so just stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2773 days ago


I dont know why, but Ive believed Birkhead to be the father from the beginning. Maybe because he's so adamantly pursued the DNA testing - unlike others who claim paternity. He might found out that he's not the father, but I find him a bit more sincere than Stern in regards to all of this.

Just my opinion.

2773 days ago


Everybody needs to quit defending and feeling sorry about Anna. The fact is that the earth has one less piece of sh*t in it due to her death. When karma catches up to Howie K Stern the earth will be even better off still. Anna is gone and now the rest of the world will sort out the bullsh*t she left behind as a result of being such a scum while she roamed the earth.

2773 days ago


Of all the losers in this ANS stuff, I think Birkhead is probably the least slimey. I think its his kid and that he wants the kid and not so much the money. Seems kind of lost and clueless really. But of course, he's still a loser for having feelings for this incredible train wreck of a whore who apparently didn't let a little thing like pregnancy get in the way of her drug use! how can some morons here defend this chick? she was the worst example of gold-digging. How fun would it have been to have been in the room when the rich deveolper guy told her he was 'fixed' and couldn't be the kids father?
I notice she didn't show that on TV!! LOL!! Of course, that's the ONLY thing she didn't sell to the media...

2773 days ago

Only in    

Picture of Birkhead looks scary. He looks like an older Daniel(Annas son).TMZ time to move on. Can you give us an update on Brandy or The Goldmans civil case against OJ Simpson.Thank You

2773 days ago


Is Birkhead saying that Anna Nicole took drugs while she was pregnant with Dannielynn? That doesn't seem to make sense...because 1) the coroner said that there was no evidence of long-term drug abuse in the autopsy and 2) Dannielynn appears to be fine...not a crack baby or anything, although that could just be luck, I don't know. Something's not adding up.

2773 days ago


Well, i don't know who to believe because as far as i'm concerned, i have never seen a man seeking dna testing to prove that they are the father of someone's child, no man wants that responsibility, the only reason that they care in this case is because of all the money that little girl is going to inherit, everyone wants to get their hands on those millions. Looking at Ivanka Trump, i do agree that she was born into money and all that, but i don't think she should be compared to Paris, because Paris is just another bitch in Hollywood who has nothing better to do than stealing other Hollywood socialites's boyfriend, go shopping and wasting her family's money while Ivanka does work for a living, wether she gets paid more than anyone else who isn't Donald Trumps daughter, i won't argue that, but at least she has more class than Hilton, and looks out for her family's interest, i don't care what you say.

2773 days ago


In a way Birkhead appears to be the lesser of the two evils....but if you look at every picture of him though, his pupils are as big as ANS......he is on something too. To each their own but, I can not believe the depature from reality that these 'stars' experience, it seems everyone's hedonistic pleasures are coming around to bite them in the ass.

2773 days ago


Paula Abduls friends need to step up to the plate and help that woman. She is in the exact same boat. There is no question that she too is on drugs. I wished she would go into rehab. She is so so so talented but she needs help NOW!!!!!

2773 days ago


i read the thing on beyonce and jennifer hudson. for one, i think beyonce is OVER RATED!!! i think she is purposefully acting like a snot because she is jealous of the attention jennifer is getting. aren't all that so please stop acting like you are!!!!

2773 days ago


hey what do you guys think this is about: "Birkhead won't say anything about his last meeting with Anna Nicole -- because it could "come back to haunt" him later, he thinks." does this mean something he said???

2773 days ago

diane coniglio    

Just wanted to add something..isn't true that Anna's first husband's the oil tycoons step son who brought her to litigation also die mysteriously at the age of 67???..Isn't anyone looking into this?????..That would make three mysterious deaths. Also we were shown a copy of DanniLynns birth certificate online. I could be wrong but if you look closely the name on top that states the babie's last name as Stern. But I think the babies full name read on the bottom as DannieLynnHopeMarshall....

2773 days ago

A Man Who Knows!    

Ivanka Trump........Wow, what a fine, fine, chick. She's got it all. Beauty, Brains and a rich daddy. Man she's hot.

2773 days ago


Shame on Beyonce! She should support Jennifer not diss her in any capacity. Beyonce is so full of herself that anyone who steps into the limelight is an immediate threat to her. She is so insecure and immature. I love Beyonce's music but these insecure motivated tactics of hers are disgusting. One day Beyonce Baby those looks will be gone and your scalp will be scarred from all those hair extensions. All you will be left with is your evil jealousies and lack of personal integrity. Shame on you for not supporting your fellow sisters. Jay-Z...u really want this idiot raising your kids?

2773 days ago
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