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Music and Lyrics

... But No Pics, Please!

2/13/2007 7:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant are in New York this week promoting "Music and Lyrics," and each had a strikingly different run-in with the paparazzi.

Barrymore was leaving the "Today" show this morning when she turned on the cuteness to politely ask the paparazzi to leave her alone. "If you guys would stop following, it would mean a lot to me," she cooed. "I would really appreciate it."

The photogs couldn't resist Drew's charm; she posed for a few pics and they let her be. Who could say no to Drew? Hugh Grant, however, was not quite as charming.

Cameras spotted Hugh walking the streets of Manhattan with a few friends, and he ignored the cameraman's repeated questions -- despite the fact that the cameraman was right in his face! Finally, Grant piped up, but it was to ask about what camera the photog was using. Hugh could learn from Drew on how to deal with the paps!


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What a sellout. This post is clearly a plug for their upcoming movie, which happened to have an advertisement right next to it when I accessed it. There's no story in there anywhere. Not that TMZ had any credibility in the first place, but this is just sad.

2773 days ago


Hugh Grant is a sleezy limey feeding off the american cinema. He's a cross between Cary Grant, Sean Connery, and Larry Flynt. Not necessarily in that order. He's cool, calm, and a two-bit phoney. He gives Brits a bad name. Don't be fooled by this pretentious road apple. If you ignore him, he will return to the snake pit he came from. Now, I will outline some of his bad points.

2773 days ago


I wish Drew would stop "acting" and start "flashing her boobies". She acts the way my feet smell....sweaty! :-)

2773 days ago


Gee, maybe he ignored the questions because the camera was RIGHT IN HIS FACE! If you want to be treated nicely, TMZ, try playing nicely as well.

2773 days ago


Drew showed class. I have said it before. If more of these celebs would ask/demand that they be treated with respect and allowed some space when out in public, they would receive the respect of the paps.

2773 days ago

Margaret Leonardi    

I worked with Hugh and Drew on the movie last year and they were very nice and friendlly with everyone. Drew was sick the day we filmed and she still took the time time to chat. Hugh is very charming and sweet and chatted with everyone also. If people were in my face with a camera, I would be rude too! We had a great time and when we were done, they applauded all the background actors.

2773 days ago

Kid Dyn-O-Mite    

Good Lord, another boring looking Drew and Hugh movie; I can smell the corn coming from this dud; soon to be on cable where it will be shown over and over again. Hugh Grant--has anyone more duller even come out of the United Kingdom??

2773 days ago


Drew is a phony ass bitch. Shaking her naked cans on Letterman. She should be grateful people still want to take her picture and if she didn't want attention why did she make another stupid movie.

2773 days ago


Drew is a class act......she realizes that the public is her bread and butter.
As for Hugh, hey, if you don't like the business, get out of it..........and try living without the millions.

2773 days ago


F the leeches. Do you really think an actress asking a parasite to leave her alone will actually work? Riiiiiiight

2772 days ago

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