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Anna's Body to Be Held for DNA Testing

2/14/2007 1:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Florida judge has ordered that Anna Nicole Smith's body not be released until a DNA test can be performed, as requested by Anna's potential baby daddy, Larry Birkhead.

This decision echoed a a previous ruling by a Los Angeles judge last week, ordering Florida authorities to keep Smith's body for 10 days. Both Howard K. Stern and Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, argued the decision, claiming that if the body is not embalmed soon, it will not be suitable for viewing or funeral purposes. Birkhead's camp argued that accurate DNA testing would not be possible if the body were released and moved out of state.

Meanwhile, Anna's mother is pulling out all the legal stops to ensure that Stern does not get custody of 5-month-old Dannielynn. This morning, Arthur petitioned a Bahamian court to name her the legal guardian of her granddaughter, and asked the judge for an order that forbids the baby to leave the country.


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someone should take the baby away from HS. The baby is not safe in his care.

2782 days ago


I don't think the body is going to be suitable for viewing anyway. According to the ME who performed the autopsy last week, the body is already starting to decompose . . .

2806 days ago


i just hope Anna's mother goes with Anna's wishes to be buried with her son in the Bahamas. To think after they have had this long feud that her mother would dare try to take her back to texas..does the woman even have a soul? Just bury her in the Bahamas with Daniel so she can rest in peace. If they were estranged for 15 years, Anna's body being buried in the Bahamas forever shouldn't be a problem for the mother. She can fly out there if she wants to visit her daughter. Also, I think Anna's sister is jealous of her..the one who is releasing the book called "Trainwreck"...Larry King asked her if she was jealous and she did a long pause? what's up with that? either you're jealous or you're not...yes or no? she's a media whore as well cashing in on her sister's death. Now i know why Anna hated those people so much. Can you blame her? I don't even think i saw Virgie shed a tear for her daughter one time.

2806 days ago


Give the baby to Brangelina.

2806 days ago



2806 days ago

Funny Answers    

That mother/grandmother! should never be allowed near that child. Look what she did to her own daughter. She only wants money, and feels so sort of guilt from being a road apple to Anna. May she and that entire family rote in hell. Let Anna rest. She did not want them around Daniel, why would she want her around the baby girl!!! Get real judges. That family messed her up, beyond repair. That women is lower than the women who tossed her kids into the San Fancisco Bay, or the one in the south that drowned her children. By all means, she should never get her hand on the baby.

2806 days ago


for #1...i am sure it is decomposing but i doubt it is that bad since she has been refrigerated for a week...but i do understand the urgency to want to embalm..i mean Daniel wasn't buried until a month or more after his own death even though he was embalmed as well...and Anna claims she had the people open the casket to see her son's face. So i think it's possible to save the body from any more decomposition at the rate it is going once she is embalmed. But the point is...her body has to be held for 10 days then it has to be released and Daniel's body i am not sure when he was embalmed exactly but both situations are just almost the same and how their body has been once the embalming is done..i think she will still look ok if there is a viewing.

2806 days ago


Who cares that her body has already started to decompose.. That is not the issue. BURY THE WOMAN! She deserves to be layed to rest, and beside her son. Sick people...Birkhead just proved how desperate he is for money. He is just as dispicable as the other players in this drama. ANS did not speak to her mother for a reason. That reason is none of our business. Still, the courts need to respect this womans decision as to who she wants to parent this child.

2806 days ago


I'm tired of all of this hoopla surrounding ANS - in life and death. I liked her after watching her reality show, and I always thought she was very attractive, but I'm just sick of all of this so called news that is nothing more than speculation and drawn out tidbits of info.

I hope HKS get the baby legally since he was there for Anna through thick and thin. Unlike her mother who publically dogged Anna the afternoon of her death. And I pray that baby isn't Dickhead's child. He denied the baby being his now he claims it is? Whateva.

2806 days ago


its a shame, it seems all everyone really cares about is who gets the baby because shes got all the money!! I pray for that lil girl because it seems theres not one person suitable to raise her. He mother is a joke. Anna was the way she was because her lack of something from childhood. Got to lay the blame on her mother n father and how she was brought up! Now her mother would like to try again?? Only difference this time is that poor baby has a HUGE bank account! The baby is better off being adopted by someone other then family n friends!!

2806 days ago


I read someplace the rumor was that Anna hated her mom because either

A) was told the step dad molested/raped Anna and ignored it
B) was told the step dad molested Danny and ignored it, and also Anna never said it in the media because she didnt want Danny to be known as a sex abuse victim.

Not sure how true those things are, it's been about 5 years since I read it. Anyone have more info on this??

2806 days ago


Howard will be the next one dead...suicide. It's all starting to crash around him.

2806 days ago


ok so if that concern is PARAMOUNT-then why not submit to the test and carry on with their bad selves? I dont get it...unless they are both motivated by $ thinking somehow the outcome of the DNA will affect their stake in the whole sordid mess.

2806 days ago



2806 days ago


I so feel sorry for Anna Nicole. Her life and now death are being exploited. Her own family is acting in such a manner that it is disgusting. I'm a Texas girl and I only wish she would have stayed a small-town Texas girl...maybe she would of had a chance. But, she definately had to get away from her WT who knows what would have been more beneficial to her life. It's just really sad!

2806 days ago
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