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Cops Respond to Chyna Doll's Rabid Protest

2/14/2007 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cops were forced to restrain angry animal rights activists during a protest led by Chyna Doll and the Barbi twins earlier today.

After declaring that certain UCLA psychologists "needed to get their asses kicked" for testing on monkeys, Chyna led an impassioned mob to the front door of the university's Neuropsychiatric Institute. As two men in white lab coats emerged from the building, the activists launched into a loud tirade.

As one of the men attempted to push a blaring bullhorn away from his ear, an enraged protester jumped off the stairs, screamed obscenities and attempted to headbutt him. Cops quickly broke up the charged situation, and the protest continued.

No one was injured. No comment from the monkeys.


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April that video that you have on youtube is very sad. I think every asshole on here bashing chyna should be forced to watch that for 48 strait hours.

To me what chyna/and the twins are doing is a great thing.

2767 days ago

UCLA medicine    

I've done research at UCLA. I am currently a med school student. As much as I love animals, animal testing is necessary in health studies. My institution and the NIH have a code of conduct when it concerns animal testing. If animal testing can be avoided then it is. In response to the post of researchers only harming animals for sadism and money, it's not true. In order to get a research funded, you have to submit an incredible lengthy proposal that may take months to create and collaborate on. Then this proposal is sent to the NIH for review. If it is not plausible or if the research has no importance to science or health, then it is dismissed. If the techniques proposed are not recommended or unethical, then it is dismissed. The NIH (a big grant distributor and colliseum of medical data) decides how much to allocate to you. If all research can be done without the use of animals, it would be wonderful. However, not all fields can be researched using techniques that don't require animal testing. You can only do so much with case and cohort studies (epidemiology). In studying diseases such as cancers, you need animal research. Also, many of the techniques employed today involved animal testing. Someone mentioned the DNA chips...where do you think we get the antibodies and protein tags from? They're from rabbits. In tests where we track genes or human proteins, we subject the samples to tags and proteins that came from animals. Poster #22 offers tests that do not require animal testing (although some of those techniques were developed and discovered from animal testing...). However, these techniques are not enough to suffice the myriad of maladies inflicting humans. Even when you go to the doctor's for a blood test, the antibodies they use to detect problems are developed from animals. The research and knowledge your physican has concerning your health (newly discovered signs and symptoms and indicators) are developed more or less from animal research. As I've mentioned, some studies absolutely require the use of animals. However, most of the techniques listed in his/her post referred to drug testing. There is more to medicine and scientific research than testing drugs (which I say as an oversimplification). Human tissues are not readily available. That's why institutions emply the use of lab animals (e.g., rats) beause of their reproductive abilities. It not only allows one a lot of tissue to work with, but it also allows a whole system to determine the effect of a treatment on the body. The reason is: what works in vitro (on a petri dish or on a sample tissue) may not work in vivo (inside the animal itself). As for stem cell research, I full-heartedly support it...but funding is limited. Also, did you know we found out about stem cells and the extraction/isolation/usage of stem cells via animal experimentation? I know I have a lengthy explanation (from a medical personnal's point of view), but I feel that animal testing is necessary. When it comes to my research, I have to decide if it is absolutely necessary. I have a few colleagues who don't mind reaping the intellectual rewards, but don't physically get involved with specific labs for various reasons. Sometimes it's better to hear from an "insider" than a "speculator" in order to get a better idea of what's going on.

2759 days ago

Slight Buzz    

Chyna is a complete joke! When she was outed on Larry King for being ANS "friend", she needed to find another way to get her man-mug on TV. What a disgrace. There are more appropriate ways to protest. Screaming like a banshee ain't one of them.

2771 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Is this related to the untimley death of Anne Nicole Smith? We were wondering why these loser's were suddendly so concerned with our well being as we've been DYING in here for years. First her, now us...what's next?

2771 days ago


Well, I guess she "got her own.".

I love Chyna though. She's really turned herself around.

2771 days ago


I thought the Barbi twin was Linda Hamilton

2771 days ago


They are the monkeys...

2771 days ago

Enough Already!    

well there you go, the barbie twins and chynna doll both tried to get their names out there thru ans and now here they are again

2771 days ago


Hope no animals were used to test implants, those three have enough fill an SUV.

2771 days ago

GO DOG YOUR THE MAN!!!!!!!    

please stop the experimintaion on China look what its doing to him/her/it. I'd tell her to sit and spin but it's alredy sitting on it

2771 days ago


It appears this animal rights organization went out and recruited some real heavyweight celebs! Who's next, Vanilla Ice with Zsa Zsa Gabor and her fake royal husbund? I'll give 2:1 odds, Chyna and "The Twins" don't have a clue what they're protesting.

2771 days ago


I don't care if this was a ploy to gain some personal attention for Chyna or the Twins... Primate testing in this day and age is a sin. I am pro animal rights via donations but not a full fledged activists. It is absolutely mind boggling how many ignorant and uninformed people are roaming this country and posting on these boards. Primates - especially chimps share many, many human characteristics and suffer massive trauma at the hands of medical testing facilities. To those who seemed to dismiss their mission - educate yourself - YOU MORON.

Take a look at this site to see what becomes of those poor things because WE decided to -USE- THEM for our own gain. Most of which has proven to be fruitless, pointless and useless in the name of medicine.

2771 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

Chyna Doll and the Barbie Twins. Talk about three science experiments gone awry. They should now look into getting some talent injections.

2771 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Wanting to non-violently protest actions by someone is one thing (you have the right to do this as a US citizen); declaring that someone needs to be beat up & bringing enraged people to where that person is located is another thing; it's called incitement to violence, and is something domestic terrorists do; it's a felony and should have caused her to be arrested immediately. Whether you believe that the psychologists are justified or not in testing on monkeys is not the question; this chick "Chyna" should have been arrested on the spot for inciting a violent act.

So, here again, we see celebrities getting away with breaking the law, with no comuppance what so ever. If you or I did this, we'd be in handcuffs. So, my question is, why is this celebrity getting away with violating the rights you & I have, with no consequences at all? Someone please explain this to me...

2771 days ago


The men in the white coats should have dragged Chyna away.

2771 days ago
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