Cops Respond to Chyna Doll's Rabid Protest

2/14/2007 5:00 PM PST

Cops Respond to Chyna Doll's Rabid Protest

Cops were forced to restrain angry animal rights activists during a protest led by Chyna Doll and the Barbi twins earlier today.

After declaring that certain UCLA psychologists "needed to get their asses kicked" for testing on monkeys, Chyna led an impassioned mob to the front door of the university's Neuropsychiatric Institute. As two men in white lab coats emerged from the building, the activists launched into a loud tirade.

As one of the men attempted to push a blaring bullhorn away from his ear, an enraged protester jumped off the stairs, screamed obscenities and attempted to headbutt him. Cops quickly broke up the charged situation, and the protest continued.

No one was injured. No comment from the monkeys.