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Kramer Won't Touch Anna Nicole

2/14/2007 2:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Move over crazy astronaut lady, there's another person who must be secretly celebrating the untimely death of Anna Nicole Smith -- Michael Richards!

During a very rare public outing, the disgraced "comic" did not look thrilled to pieces when asked, "Do you have any comment on Anna Nicole Smith?" A stone-faced Kramer ignored the question, kept his head down and seemed to silently pray for elevator doors to close.

Richards has clearly learned that keeping his mouth shut is a good idea.


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Wow! What the public falls for is hilarious! The guy isn't racist- lets all not try to jump on the band wagon shall we. He called someone something that he presented himself to be- a degenerate. That doesn't mean he's racist. Come on people, this really has gone too far. The word actually is most comonly used amongst blacks anyway, they call each other it- in public! Start with them. Are they racist? According to the general public I guess so. Heres a good video to watch....Chris Rock on Racism....hilarious and oh so true. Its all BS, just another reason to point the finger.....

2788 days ago

Only in    

You see, You see, You RACIST can't hide. We find you in basement elevators.You can run but you can't hide. Soon you will all come out of the closets and I will expose you for what you are, RACIST "crackers".I will NEVER EVER give up my Fight against RACISM! NO PEACE ,NO JUSTICE!!!

2806 days ago

We, are not amused.    

#1: Posted at 3:24PM on Feb 14th 2007 by Farrah
Or, "party on garth" or whatever the fu*ck name your using...
BUGGER OFF! we know you are are race baiting scumbag and you should eat shit and die!
in re: Micheal Richards...what do you want him to do? What does he have to say about this nut-job ANS offing herself? Give the man a break, maybe if he entered a suicide pact with "Fasrrah/{arty on Garth" you'd be happy.

2806 days ago

Big Mac    

Farrah is a loser. She claims to be "fighting racism" yet she spews obscenities against Jews in many over her posts. Don't let her fool you!

Farrah is also weak, and afraid of true confrontation. She makes little drive by comments and never sticks around to debate her stance.

Farrah is going to die alone and fat and ugly in her little dirty apartment. LOSER! HAHAHA!

2806 days ago

Big Mac    

Farrah, please stop pretending to be a crusader for civil rights. We Have all seen you expose yourself as a bigot.

You are an uphappy loser looking to blame your problems on everyone else. Remember, the best revenge is living well - which is something you will never do. ;)

2806 days ago

Big Mac    

Farrah - YOU have been exposed many times for your hypocrisy and ignorance. Those of us that have been around this board long enough know you are a bigot and have talked openly on many occassions about your hatred of Jews, for example.... even when unprovoked.

Stay in your flea-ridden nasty apartment where you belong, loser.

2806 days ago

Canuck's pride    

Farrah, can't you just go away for Christ sake,i'm a Canuk brother living in Montreal, and i'm fed up of your NO PEACE ,NO JUSTICE!!! bull****. Due us a favor by keeping your f**** mouth shut!

2806 days ago


Farrah, You should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for racial intimidation. You are the one who hides behind a computer talking sh*t. Because I sure as hell missed the episode of Good moring America where you declare war on peace and justice. You are a real dickhead you stupid ass jerkoff. TMZ where are your attorneys? Bring the piece of sh*t out of it's hole.

2806 days ago


what the hell is the news here?

2806 days ago

Enough Already!    

Who is this person Farrah? Seems like a racist on her own right. People like her are the ones that make it hard for all of us to move on. But back to the subject at hand, TMZ you people are really starting to make me sick. You come up with "information" that is questionable . Not for nothing but maybe just maybe this guy isnt interested in putting in his two cents about this until he gets real facts not the crap that you people are feeding us

2806 days ago


why do you all insist on paying attention to "farrah"? that's what it wants! Ignore it and it WILL go away. i promise.

2806 days ago



2806 days ago


Like I've said many times before, Farrah, is really some acne faced, dateless loser who STILL lives at home and wacks off with cheeto stained hands! You're a stupid racist, although I'm sure all your bigotted post are just there to get people upset. You're stupid "NO PEACE ,NO JUSTICE!!!" is just a sad ploy by a very sad, lonely person.

2805 days ago

Michael Richards LIKES Black People    

Not long after the Laugh Factory incident, the Electronic News Network had an article showing that Michael Richards actually LIKES Black people - or at least shows he has a history of supporting them (not the actions of a racist).

Dunno if I can insert a link in the actual comment text here, so made the ENN article my 'name' and site's url, so click on it below(?).


~~ Dani

2805 days ago


yet no one mentions the Tim Hardaway comments about hating gays.on a sports talk show.

2805 days ago
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