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The Doctor Who Scored Methadone for Anna Nicole

2/14/2007 7:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Sandeep Kapoor was by Anna Nicole's side when she participated in West Hollywood's Gay Pride Parade back in 2005. He also prescribed methadone when Smith was eight months pregnant.

TMZ obtained documents which show that on August 25, 2006, just 13 days before Smith gave birth, Dr. Kapoor wrote a prescription for methadone. The prescription, RX#2846735, was written for Michelle Chase. TMZ has learned that Michelle Chase was an alias Anna Nicole used. Under California law, it's illegal to prescribe a controlled substance to a false name.

That same day, Key Pharmacy in the San Fernando Valley filled the prescription and sent it to "Vicky Marshall" (sic) in the Bahamas. Vickie Marshall is Anna Nicole's legal name.

TMZ contacted Dr. Kapoor, a 1996 graduate of Boston University School of Medicine, who said, "No comment."

TMZ also contacted Key Pharmacy. The owner said patient privacy laws prevent him from commenting.
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I feel that Anna had sunk so low into drugs and Howard knew the ONLY way to have her as his own is to supply her with all the drugs she wanted.The sad thing is two people are dead within five months.All these men coming out of the wood works saying they could be the father only hurts Anna's reputation.Also as a mother I can't help but feel sorry for her mother,she is being trashed and it is so sad.

2804 days ago


Well, poor Anna Nicole.

Why we focus on her and the doctor ?
Don't you want to investigate the husband ?
Why the death of mother and son are in a row ?
Next time is the baby ?
Then the father will get everything.

The patient has problem
The doctor is lunatic but still want to help the patient.
He might has problem to so he really understands her.
But the husband ????? What do you guys think ?
He plays drama everyday.

Srart investigate the husband...not the doctor.
Patient has addiction, doctor wrote the dose base on calculation.
She survived until the baby was born.
Don't you think the husband put something in her ?
He is a lawyer, he knows the rules of herritage more than Kapoor.
He knows how to fool media.
Kapoor is only a scape goat.

Poor you Sandy ....
I know him as a doctor. I worked with him

But for sure investigate the husband.
Don't let him walk away .

2804 days ago

fame ho    

Hello..Dr.s in every state of the US, are doing corrupt practice ONLY in the name of money and protected by the vermin Defense Attorneys who make billions getting these corrupt Dr.s off of every imaginable things you can imagine. Ask anyone who has had a malpractice suit..a legitimate one ...the defense attorneys have millions to defend themselves agaisnt the worst crimes ever. and if you are a victim( and I am not saying ANS is) you have no chance in the America courts because the system is designed only to be used to destroy the victim. Dr.s who are corrupt are protected by millions of dollars.Trust me.I was harmed . If this guy in Santa monica is powerful, he will never be given more than a speeding ticket. Noone in CA will go against him, and if he has a very powerful defense team, and he will have the best that money can buy. Just the American way. He will get a public spanking...and continue on his merry way....get paid high price for drug abuse. Every town in America has a few Dr.s like this... Heyhave you ever really looked at what pain Mgt Dr.'s really do? They re SCUM...They are only out for money. They use , shoot up patients with depo medrol, that destroys the spinal cord( it is not FDA approved to be used as an epidural steroid injection in or near the spinal cord) but still done everyday without every telling patients the harm caused by this dangerous drug that eats the spinal cord. I wonder if she had spinal injections for her pain...
Hey, this is got can get what evr you want...Dr.s get off for murder, be a celebrity star, get legal drugs, rob rule the world if you have money. Plain and simple.Not everybody who has money is corrupt, but if you are relying only on the spotlight ...everything you do is suspect...because ..HELLO it usually is.

2804 days ago

Rhonda Lynn Bradley    

If this so called doctor did this then he is a PIG and should lose his medical license and go to jail. If he did do this I am sure he was a major contributor to Anna Nicole's death and possibly even Daniel's death. I get a chill down my spine when I think of how close he may have come to killing that beautiful precious baby girl if Anna Nicole was taking Methadone prescribed by him. My heart and love go out to that little angel it seems she had a rough time before she came into this world and now shes lost her Mother, and big brother
and people are coming out of the woodwork claiming to be her Father for whattever reasons or whaever motives they may or may not have. DannieLynn deserves a loving parent and to be raised in a good clean drug free home and it is my prayer and hope the DNA will settle all of this insanity and that precious little girl can go home with her real Father.

2804 days ago

patricia smith    

ok everyone,this is truly a sad,sad event. the baby is the most important person to consider now. let's hope that she will be put first and don't everyone be so judgemental . only anna herself knows what she did and didn't do or what drugs she did or didn't do while pregnant.put her mother to rest in peace and all,including who turns out to be the real father of this beautiful baby girl,put her welfare first and let her get on with her life and i pray she has a happy and normal life ahead of her....patricia

2804 days ago


And where did TMZ obtain this document? Would it have been from the Ben Thompson, Ford Shelly robbery and ransacking of Anna and Howards current and temporary home? If so, receiving stolen property is a crime you know?

2804 days ago


There are no dosing instructions shown on the prescription label. How odd.

2804 days ago


Oh yeah, Sandeep is deep alright but not in sand; deep in sh*t! Comment #10 was hilarious, by the way.

2804 days ago


Dr Kapoor will not lose his license to practice medicine as doctor's are rarely punished for anything they do unless it is proven to be grossly negligent (which is extremely hard to prove). ANS may not have presented herself correctly to him and thus all the doctor has to say is he believed his patient's request for medication was legitimate and he had "no knowledge of xyz.... and so forth. He'll keep his license, they always do.

2804 days ago

Lisa Marie    

To the question asked by #10 on the log by pepsipup.......the pharmacy did not fill the prescription under another name. ANS used and alias to get 1 perscription and got that filled. Then the same day she had another prescription written and filled under her legal name so she could get more.......make sense?

2804 days ago

fame ho    

I am outraged by all of you drug pushers for pregnant women who you say need methadone. When ever in the history of this woman have we ever heard about her being a herion addict? NEVER...We know every move she every made..because she put herself in the media for every slut photo shot ever made. ANS was nevr a heroin all of you drug pushers that push for drug abuse for pregantnt women..WE NEED TO INVESTIGATE and start criminal proceedings for your organizations. ANS was never a herion addict..she became a drug addict to pharmacuetical drugs given by very promininent Dr.s all over the country..Just like men she fucked for money..she probably fucked Dr.'s for drugs...This may open the door for the abuses that really occur. Now, there are REAL people that suffer real PAIN.. that need drugs to help them... but I can assure you these people don't go DADDY shopping to have baby. People that suffer real pain need medication...I know a few...and I have NEVER heard of any getting methadone...I know many
people with spinal cord injuries that have serious pain...not a one have ever taken or been prescribed Methadone. It is like everyone wanted her to shut up and take drugs....but hey,ANS....was able to fight and go to the Supreme Court...think she had enough sence if she wanted to to get help for drugs...she chose not to...she liked being an addict. She did not have to be responsible, and people like HKS were able to come in and take her bad situation to a deadly one. So what are we all just stupid? No, ANS was not strong enough , too many drug pushers around her to shut her up and the system that is supposed to protect her.. the Dr.'s and the pharmacies....have decided that only MONEY MATTERS....ANS shut herself off from her family because they called her being a drug addict....but they are money hungry vulchures like HKS waiting to use , abuse and kill her heirs to get the unknown millions. ( HEY, there is no money from Marshall..quit saying it is may nevr come ..and all these people died for nothing) Even though that was HKS evil plan. I'll bet that ANS even slept with the Dr. that gave her all these drugs...Watch and see..This was her MO...she got waht she wanted by sex..alot of women do.
If people really care, call and the CA state Medical Association against the Dr. who gave her methadone while pregnant while in another country with out examination. It is illegal. We can make a difference. Make the phone calls. Put this Dr. on notice...Too many Dr.s get away with crap. No pregnant woman who nevr had a herion addition should have ever been given methadone. If you all care the California Medical Board and state your outrage. All of know that we cannot even get a prescription for an antibiotic for a severe cold without going in to see the Dr.
But this Dr. can send methadone to a woman in the Bahama's that he has not seen in months..and he know by media reports that this WOMAN is pregnant. GET something....make the call. He rides on a float with her, her knows every move this woman is making. Get a grip. We are all the State of California. Daniel did not have to die....if she have not gotten the last few deliveries..maybe Daniel and Anna would still be alive today. Get involved. Take action if you really care...otherwise ...go to hell and get our of here...this is time to make real changes. Nothing in America happens unless a famous person is harmed. Giving drugs to a patient with out ilegal. This Dr. must face the music. If you can write on this board, you can call and make a complaint, otherwise, he gets away with murder. If you reaaly care that Danylynn had no brother or Mom, make the call. Because this is true outrage of his medical licsence.He needs to pay a severe price for his actions. Maybe his too,is drug addict..and does not care waht harm he has caused, but since he is alive and can cover his head to hide...he deserves whatevr he gets! Make the call... demand action upon this Dr. to pay his price for his actions. When he cmoes to your state to practice when he leaves CA, and more deaths could have stopped this.
Why in the world would a Dr. ride on a float with a disfuctional person? When was the last time you partied with your DR.? HELLO? Get invloved and stop this continuation of drugs .

2804 days ago

Mary L Johnson    

If Ans wasn't famous Birkhead wouldn't care if he got a drug addict pregnant he would just leave her alone. And be rid of her and let any man put up with the problem.

2804 days ago

fame ho probably needed to be killed..too bad you were not aborted..You sound like a loser. Too bad you did not are a freak.

2804 days ago


*from the desk of howard k stern*

ding dong the witch is on howards dry erase girl birkhead

2804 days ago

Cynthia Faylan    

It is difficult to find the truth here, with so many newspapers and websites saying different things, presenting the same info in different ways--I am trying to understand why Howard K. was such an enabler to Anna and son, that he allowed her, as her confidant, to take drugs during her pregnancy, and then never encouraged her to seek help. He must have loved her in a twisted sort of way. I also read that Birkhead scored a 6 figure sum for his interview to the NY Daily News and that the mom received around $50,000 for her interview to GMA. One more thing, this ex-nanny, her story also has many consistencies. I am sure that Anna was not a good mother the last five months, but take a look at the inconsistencies in the nannys statement. It's scary what people say once a person dies, who is telling the truth? Such a meaningless and debauched existence for all involved, other than the baby.

2804 days ago
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