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Carrey Calls Cruise a "Big Joke"

2/15/2007 9:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jim Carrey, wildman.Think Jim Carrey's ever going to get another invite from Tom Cruise? Not after the funnyman called Cruise "the big joke" of last year.

Carrey was very publicly trotted out for the cameras at Cruise's November wedding to Katie Holmes in Italy, but that apparently doesn't mean he's got all that much respect for Tom. "Everyone gets to be the big joke for a year. That's this business. Last year it was Tom Cruise," he tells Time. Of course, Carrey admits that he might be on his way to laughing-stock status as well, because he's not making big $20-million-per pictures anymore. "I could be the next Kathie Lee Gifford."

Taylor Hicks: Gray-Haired Diva?

Beneath Taylor Hicks' aw-shucks, Southern-boy demeanor may lie the soul of Naomi Campbell, if "American Idol" insiders are to be believed. As a source tells Star (via MSNBC), "The minute Taylor made the top 24, he became difficult and he seemed to get worse over time." To wit: Taylor wouldn't let a bodyguard go to the potty with him as producers required, and told another to "f*** off." What's more, Hicks refused to go to photo shoots and gave other contestants the silent treatment in the green room. "He was conceited and cold," says Star's source.

Brangelina Uses Mardi Gras as Cover

Well, that's certainly a novel paparazzi-avoidance technique. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, according to Ben Widdicombe of the New York Daily News, were on their way home last week from Arnaud's restaurant in New Orleans' French Quarter. Problem was, they kept getting mobbed by some early Mardi Gras revelers. So, resourceful pair that they are, they asked the restaurant to give them some beads and masks to wear so they could blend in with the crowds – and get back home to the kids. At least they're getting into the spirit of things.

Party Favors: Seinfeld's Preferential Porsche Treatment ... Imelda Marcos a YouTube User? ... Fantasia Up with "Purple" Next ... Mary J. Dissed Diddy

We just love when rich people grouse about richer people. That's what going on with Jerry Seinfeld and other Porsche fanatics, as Rush & Molloy report. One miffed devotee says that the comedian, who reportedly owns 47 Porsches and has his own garage in New York to house them, gets first pick of the new models, but buys two, one for New York, and one for L.A. It's just not fair! ... Remember Imelda Marcos? Well, the shoe-loving former First Lady of the Philippines might be posting video of herself on YouTube, observes Ben Widdicombe. A user by the name irm888 (Imelda Romualdez Marcos?) has posted three propaganda films on the video-sharing site, all of them trips to foreign lands. ... Fantasia Barrino is joining the cast of the Oprah Winfrey-produced "The Color Purple" on Broadway, reports Marc Malkin of E!. She'll star as Miss Celie, the abused young woman -- a role made famous by Whoopi Goldberg in the movie. "Oprah is making a big deal out of it," says a source. ... Mary J. Blige felt obliged yesterday to make amends with Diddy, whom she accidentally left out of her acceptance speech at the Grammys. She tells People that she was "shaking" and overwhelmed.

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No Avatar


This "DIVA" story is so lame at this stage after Taylor has proven what a gentleman he is for so long. The media will try to make you believe anything. As for friends, Elliott Yamin would sure be shocked to hear Taylor never had any friends in the Top8. So would Chris and Bucky, since they accompanied him at all the post-concert gigs during the Idol Live Tour. Why they are trying to make people believe this crap is beyond me. Some people would like to make Mother Theresa look evil. Well, most of us who enjoy Taylor's music aren't gullible enough to fall for this nonsense.

2796 days ago


Um hello? pot hello kettle? Do you not remember those horrible ace ventura movies? so what since you made how many that menas you've been a joke for years standing now? why you doggin tom cruise i didn't see you sending a : no thank you" to his wedding. because it was one of the hottest things going in hollywood.

get over it. he's a bigger star than you are.

2804 days ago


Simon was rude to Taylor from the start and said he would not last. So, Taylor started out on the defensive. He also concentrated on entertaining the audience and viewers instead of trying to please the prima donna, fickle judges.

I love the album Taylor released!

Having said that, Taylor should never have dissed the show after winning. He said he thought the show was past his prime.... not really thinking about the fact that (at the time of the comment) he had been the star of the most recent show!

Will Idol be as successful this year? We will see. If it does not do well, it will because the show peaked with Taylor.

2804 days ago


This just goes to show how easily things can be taken out of context. I wouldn't read that and think Jim Carrey was calling Tom a joke...I would think he meant that the media was trying to make a joke out of him.

2804 days ago

Jim Carey is a jokester. Tom wont get offended by him. I mean really , wouldnt you just love Jim to say somthing about you? Of course you would , he's a funny guy.

2804 days ago

Kit Kat ^..^    

Um ok regarding Taylor why is this coming out now? That was freaking last year for God sakes!

2804 days ago


Harvey leave it to you to take something out of context. Jim was just saying that every celebrity has their day of being a joke in hollywood, and he knows his is coming. Jim has been very vocal that he thought the media has been unfair to Tom. He wasn't calling Tom a joke, he was saying the media was making it a joke. Harvey move on, and leave Tom alone.

2804 days ago


Does not surprise me about Taylor Hicks. When he was in New York doing the tree lighting my friend and I ran into him at a clothing store, he completely ignored us when we spoke to him, like we were not even in front of him. All we did was say Hello and he completely blocked us out, just stormed past us. I was shocked at how rude he was, just nothing like you were lead to believe. Guy needs a real reality check, he is not a "Star" yet and most likely never will be if he continues on that course.

2804 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2804 days ago

Dark Knight    

Doesn't surprise me about Taylor Hicks. But there were countless stories of this. During the season everybody said Chris and Ace had become divas and very difficult. Katherine McPhee has been called phony by a lot of people. I guess the thing to remember is the people that go on American Idol want to be famous. The more famous you get, the more arrogant you tend to get. And these people are going to be more arrogant than most because they get to physically see the competition they are beating out week by week. It feeds their egos week by week to have so many millions of people voting for them. It shouldn't surprise anybody that they are using the show and using you for fame. In the end they are still like most famous people, they'd step over their own mothers to get another 15 minutes of fame.

2804 days ago


Can't you tell by the context that Tom Cruise was just a name he flung out. Jeez, he didn't give an interview and say "Tom Cruise IS a joke"... he just flung out a name in reference to the fact that Hollywood is always honing in on SOMEONE and soon it could be himself.
Jim Carrey is one of the most talented people on earth and funny as hell!
If you don't think the Ace Venture movies are funny, you have a stick in your ass, probably are very unhappy with your homelife and need to get laid.
I cannot stand people who don;t have that sick, silly, insane, perverted sense of humor.

If you don't like Jim Carrey, then I bet you also don't like Jerky Boys, Far Side Comics or Cheech and Chong.

2804 days ago


To Kat....

Exactly!! at least YOU have some common sense.

2804 days ago


Fantasia Barrino?! No no! She's too loud, hyper and obnoxiously in your face.. she might play Prissy in 'gone with the wind' but not delicate, deeply hurt but lives through many afflictions to triumph Celie.

2804 days ago


Um he was joking #1! He made fun of himself also! Learn to read before you post.

2804 days ago


You go Jim !!! Tell it like it is! Tom is a HUGE Joke! He has lost SOO much credability. I will NEVER pay to see one of his movies again. He makes me SICK.

Taylor IS an arogant ass, and Im still trying to figure out what ANYBODY saw in him to vote. He TOTALLY sucked and he will fail. Theres no room for another wash up in rock, we have our aging rock stars for that.


2804 days ago
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