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Separated at Birth - Mayer Scissorhands

2/15/2007 1:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer was photographed at a Grammy after-party, looking just like Edward Scissorhands. This explains Jessica Simpson's recent change of hair color -- Mayer accidentally cut it all off and she's wearing a wig.

John Mayer resembles Edward Scissorhands


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Who cares what his hair looks like? He's a musician for Goodness sake.

JM3 rocks

2804 days ago


i love john mayer AND edward scissorhands

2804 days ago


THANK YOU for someone FINALLY pointing out John Mayer's lookalike. I was going nuts thinking I was the only one that saw the creepy similarities!!!

2804 days ago


John Mayer is a musical genius. Aside from that he is clearly a lover of women and knows the meaning of love...just listen to his lyrics.
I don't want to judge Jessica, but her public image is such that I don't understand what he is doing with her. That being said, she may be hella cool and just playing up the dumb blonde thing-she was laughing all the way to the bank. Maybe she's smarter than we think?
I love John and if he loves Jessica then I'm happy he's happy. I hope she's happy too. Happy people rule.

2803 days ago

kAy is amazing    

edward scissorhands=====HOT (yeah im a so called "goth" girl but he really is hot) john mayer= BLAH or omg i think we need to take luci to the vet she jsut vomited something ugly that sings(that is what he does right?) but yes i just compared him to vomit from my dog
enough said

2803 days ago


hahahahahahah- Mayer Scissorhands took Nicks slopy seconds hahahaha
What in the world would he want with a dumb whore like that hahahahha
Mayer really is not as smart as every thought he was to get that blow up doll.
The Hype is going to catch up with very soon.
Fugs and Jugs are both retarded

2803 days ago


Not only does John Mayer look like Eward Sissorhands he act like him to.
Mayer is a werd psychotic freak and Eward had a much better personalty!!!!!
John Mayer is just an A**HOLE.

2803 days ago


i can see it, but i like edward much more coz hes soooooooooooooooooooo sweet!! xxx

2789 days ago


John Mayer is Fake....Wants to be Stevie Ray Vaughn....a real guitar player......His promoters/ publicysts are the talent... Now with Jessica we have two fakes together..... just to sell their albums...jus another Rosie Odonnell story.....No substance

2782 days ago


Sorry!!!! He wanted to be Dave Mathews first....Double Phonie offender, He can't play blues wearing 100$ shoes....what a poser!!!!! and why do People think he has talent...????????cause you see him everywhere? Yes Yes...he is a public--cyst

2782 days ago

HEY YOU I Hate the fact that him and Jessica S. are together..... he treats her worse then She treated Nick.... What does she see in him anyway... looks wise....

2806 days ago

Brit sucks    

He was kinda hot when he first came on the scene, but now...blah

2806 days ago

Fancy Pants    

John Mayer does not look like Johnny Scissorhands, but Jessica Simpson does look like a blowup doll that used to get thrown around our dorm back in college. Our blowup doll came with a repair kit. I'm not sure that whatever Simpson's damage is repairable. Seriously, Jessica, you need to stop injecting your face with crap.

But Edward Scissorhands was one of my favorite flicks of all time. Did it win an Oscar? Hey, y'all should check out this Oscar game:

I'm going to win an iPod Shuffle just for making the write Academy Award pics!

2806 days ago


Actually he looks pretty hot in that picture. Better than usual.

2806 days ago


wow....way to copy perez

2806 days ago
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