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The Anna Nicole Baby Daddy Tournament

2/15/2007 11:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the aftermath of Anna's death, several people have come forward saying they could be the father of her baby, Dannielynn. Now a website is looking to settle the matter by using college basketball for inspiration.
Anna Nicole Paternity Madness
You can play "Anna Nicole Paternity Madness" by filling out a bracket of 64 possible baby daddies on Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern and Prince von Anhalt are among the favorites, but there are some potential dark horses.

Over in the Trailer Park Region, watch out for the 15 seed, Alf. Meanwhile, in the TRIMSPA Region, the first round matchup of Mary-Kate vs. Ashley Olsen should be a good one. But the ultimate sleeper is the 14 seed in the First Cousin Region -- Satan. The Prince of Darkness is capable of anything -- how else do you explain "Glitter?"

So print out a bracket, start up an office pool, and see who wins!


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Tina Fan    

Best way to make all this go away is for the paternity test to be conducted by the proper authorities. We've got four guys (from a prince to a bodyguard) claiming they might be the father.
In any case, whoever the father is has no claim on any inheritance the baby may receive. If the baby is entitled to a share of Marshall's $$ through her mother, neither Stern nor Birkhead nor the prince should have any control over it. (That might cut down on the list of potential pappas real quick!).
Whatever happens, I'm sure TMZ will keep us posted!

2807 days ago


Poster 73. Her beauty and Anna herself is far from legendary! The woman was not only a drug addict but continued to do it while being pregnant. Where is the motherly instinct, respect and self dignity in that. With all the money, resources, circle of people, she never once did anything for anyone other than herself! If she cared so much for her children, she would have stopped the drugs for their sake and contributed to society.....she certainly had the money and fame to do so! Where was she when Katrina hit? Where was she when the Tsunami hit? Did she ever the other celebrities? She was wealthy at those points in time! If she wanted to be respected in life and death, she should have used her status like Angelina Jolie, Oprah, Tom Hanks, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis to help society and improve within.

Really.....the only person I feel for is the baby. She was born into a world that she never asked was not her choice to make. I only hope that that little girl grows up healthy, sweet, and down to earth.......and does something her mother never did....contribute to society in a very positive way!

For every ANS posters on TMZ out there.....the woman does deserve her RIP regardless, but not respect or dignity!

2807 days ago

Tina Stevens    

I think this is so sad and I think that the media blows everything out of control. This poor little girl is alone the only one that was on Anna's is howard and i do believe that the media has given him a bad rap. If Anna told him he is the father he believes that as well as Larry. I wish they would just leave them alone and let Howard raise his baby she looks just like him look at her big eyes.

2807 days ago


I agree with appalled. Some things can be taken too far. Let's remember Anna Nicole was a human being and her child and loved ones are still here to be hurt by all of this.

2807 days ago


If ANS hadn't slept with half the men in the wouldn't have the "who's the baby's daddy drama" chart. I think it funny...the chart is a joke.....just like ANS was....period!!

2807 days ago

Lou P.    

How did Satan get such a low (#14) seed?

2807 days ago


OOoh, Pops, I seem to have gotten on your bad side :) I love it.


I don't have to know ANS's parenting skills. One of her kids died with her in the room, and the other one was likely an addict coming out of her.

That says MORE than enough. If she weren't such "an ICON", as you say, we would have taken her kids from her and roundly called her the piece of trash that she was.

I know exactly her type. Slutty.

2807 days ago


okay i know most of ya'll don't like her but i don't like many celebrities and i really enjoyed her... i mean i was really upset when her son died. and i stood there in shock when i saw the news the day she passed away. i couldn't believe it. i didn't know what to do. shes the only celebrity i looked up too. yeah she slept with several men but i excuse that she had to have a lot of stress on her shoulders and ya'll are sitting her saying AWFUL things about her when she's not even here! she can't stick up for herself and she is most likely not worried about what all of ya'll are saying she's probably worried about what her daughter is going to do. her daughter is motherless and fatherless and has noone to trust right now.. give her some slack. what if this was your daughter or son and you had just passed and your husband/wife is not around.... just think about what you say and who it's hurting before you say anything. many people miss you anna and im one of them!
by the way tmz im very dissappointed!

2807 days ago

Mary P.    

""""51. This article isn't interesting. the comments suck. TMZ needs to stop my2cents and Mary P, both are the same idiot. Oh yeah, we banned her from too.

Posted at 11:51AM on Feb 15th 2007 by MK"""

I love when two people have the same opinion that differs that of a self righteous jerk, that they have to claim they are the same person. I've never heard of that website, never been to it and you mean nothing, so make the accusations you want, but try not to look so stupid and self righteous.

Why not go a step further and say EVERYONE who has the same opinion that isn't yours is really the same person....?

2807 days ago

stephanie finney    

This is reallly sad do you have any brains this woman was a human bieng and she has a family and regardless of the storys about her she is no longer here to defend herself nor is that poor baby able to protect herself entertainment has sunk to a new low. Please take this poll down and have some kind of respect . Or just think if this was someone you cared about6 that they were doing this to. This really makes me sad that humans have no sympathy for anyone or anything

2807 days ago

stephanie finney    

this is really sad that your web site would do this. you have to remeber that she was a person and she id dead how can you talk so bad about a dead woman and you have to remember that herv son did die the same week that her baby was born . and also she still has a daughter and other family that cares that you are treating her this way and how would you feel if it was your family this is a low blow even for you.

2807 days ago

Mad Balls    

Is Harvey on the list ?? Naw , unless spending your seed on her playboy issue counts . DUckface . Shouldn't HKS be last since Anna refered to him " as a brother " and " kinda creepy " . Was she talking about , in a methodone haze , his sister ?

2807 days ago

Just wondering???????????    

This is freakin' obscene. No rest for ANS even in death. Or ALF for that matter.

TMZ Sucks.........

2807 days ago


If it weren't for all the money the child stands to inherit, Larry Birkhead and all the others would not be claiming paternity; they'd be running the other way. She hated her mother and had nothing to do with her family. It's disgusting to think that she might get custody. I believe HKS adored Anne Nicole and would love and care for the child. He is the only person who has stood by her the last 15 years. This judge down in Florida is a complete A**H*** and appears to milking his 15 minutes for all that its worth.

2807 days ago

Mad Balls    

All my linage leads to Paris , Britney and Pamela . I like to crown them with my " Royal Bumps " . You may go know . I command you !

2807 days ago
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