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Tyra's (Virtual) Fat Ass!

2/18/2007 2:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

At times, Tyra Banks appears to be in her own world on her daytime talk show -- and now you can be part of it! The talk diva is creating a new, virtual extension of "The Tyra Banks Show."

Tyra Banks
Users of Tyra's new interactive site can make "avatars," where they pick their own look and personality. The avatars also "party like they're in the real world" -- on a simulated version of her talk show stage. Beware of the Lindsay Lohan-looking avatar, or you may end up in virtual rehab.

The first installment of Banks' virtual world took place on Monday, February 12 when Tyra hosted an online post-Grammy party. Viewers can download the software from the Tyra Banks show website, It is unclear if the fan avatars will be picked to battle in a fierce modeling competition.

Tyra's avatar will host an event in the studio on February 19 at 6:00 PM PST.


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How is this ho still on TV?

2802 days ago


Tyra really needs to get over her self, I cant stand the way she talks. She's very annoying and keeps cutting her guests off.

2802 days ago


You'd best be very careful about calling her a fat know how she can become beserk. Touchy touchy.

2802 days ago

cynthia smith    

T yra i think you are the best talk show hoast some people just dont have a life and they have to cut people down your the greatest
cindy smith kilgore tx

2802 days ago


What type of vapid idiots watch this show? Oh yeah, people like Cynthia Smith....people who can't even spell the word "hosts" or know the difference between "your" and "you're".

2802 days ago


It's amazing how much you idiots have to say over something thats right. The woman is fed up with the bullsh*t........what's so hard to understand. She is a retired model no one has the right to tell her what she should look like anymore. Yes she may not be the best talk show host, but she certainly is not the worst. As far as her fat ass, she's getting paid and idiots like you are start to use your heads

2802 days ago


Poor Tyra. Sigh. First she must overcome so much adversity in her modeling life (sob) and then go on to emotionally and verbally abuse young girls in her insipid "model contest" show.
What a mean spirited, arrogant cow. She believes herself to be so wise but lacks the depth and originality to pull it off.
I'm glad that she is getting a little criticism although it should not be for something so silly as her weight...what about her big, fat head? It's no wonder she can't find love with an ego like that.

2802 days ago


What the hell is the matter with some of you people???????

I have no problem with the trollop bashing on this site, but Tyra Banks is not in that category. Tyra Banks is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. She isn't cruising the clubs drinking, drugging and bed hopping like many other women in Hollywood. I find her to be a breath of fresh air. You go girl, tell them to kiss your fat ass!

2802 days ago


Tyra is tired...that talk show should have been pulled long ago.

2802 days ago


Tyra is way too full of herself.

2802 days ago

Campaign for CRAZY!    

Tyra is crazy! but whatever non alcolholic activity she can do to keep press on her is amazing!

2802 days ago

Lenn K    

Tyra you are annoying and full of yourself. Please for the love of God just shut your freaking pie hole.

2802 days ago


I think Tyra is respectable and great! She is still beautiful with the weight on or off it doesn't make a difference plus she has TWO hit TV shows. She is a TRUE role model for young girls. She proves you don't have to be anorexic, and partying all the time and still have success in your life.

2802 days ago


To all the Tyra haters:

KISS HER FAT ASS!!! She's got more going for her than most of you losers would in a lifetime.

Tyra, you're cool, girlfriend. Keep up the good work.

2802 days ago

Diane M Escalera    

It's always so refreshing to see that with all of the "REAL HATE" that is going on, not only in this country but also all over the world, that you still would think that OUTER APPEARANCE is so much more inportant that what a person has on the inside. I guess it would be better if all our children grew up with an Idol like Janice D......NOT! You keep doing what your doing Tyra, the ones that really matter, STILL LOVE YOU. Enjoy your life and I have plenty of hips and ass and guess what, my man loves it.

2802 days ago
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