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Brit & Anna Make Lindsay Seem Normal

2/20/2007 2:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With Britney wigging out, and the ongoing developments in the Anna Nicole circus, Lindsay Lohan has emerged as just your ordinary, run of the mill, everyday, rich and famous A-list celebrity pop icon.

Lindsay and a pal kept things normal -- well, as normal as possible when your entourage consists of a dozen photographers -- as they shopped Monday at the trendy Fred Segal boutique and then hit a popular frozen yogurt shop, Pinkberry. While Linds waited patiently in line for her yogurt, a store employee came to Lohan's aid and pulled down the shades to offer some privacy from the paparazzi swarming outside.

Lohan should be happy, because next to methadone babies and bald pop princesses, her days clubbing while in rehab don't seem so strange!


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I still think Lindsey Lohan is a firecrotch!

2709 days ago


Who cares about Lindsey Lohan? There is a dead woman, her dead son, and an innocent little baby around HKS. Who cares if Lindsey gets frozen yogurt?

2709 days ago


I don't see Lohan as a "A" lister...

2709 days ago


#3 lol....agreed!

2709 days ago


Rehab my a$$. Since when does rehab let you out
whenever you want?
She's not an A lister either.

2709 days ago


i was in rehab, no f'in way would someone be let out to go clubbin and get yogurt! lindsay and whoever let's her get special treatment in rehab is a sad joke indeed...

2709 days ago


Ya know what? The title is sooooo right! Normal is all relative! If you compare drug/alcohol-indused stupors normal, then yes! LL does appear to be the one who has most of her $#i+ together! But then again, as compared to someone who is homeless, hungry & tired...I'm a freakin' millionaire living in luxury! Reminds me of school when you were down to the last 3 or 4 people to be picked to play dodgeball...THEY ALL SUCK!!!

2709 days ago


So, if Lindsay jumped off a cliff - you would think it would be "NORMAL" - COME-ON! Normal people don't have PUBLIC drunkeness, puking, showing off what money can buy! - SORRY TMZ -
These folks are NOT NORMAL by any means - regardless if everyone else around them ARE CRAZIER THAN A JUNKY ON CRANK! - THEY'RE ALL still SICK and LOONEY! It's their jobs to keep our interest in what they're doing! Otherwise, we wouldn't buy anything they have to sell!


2709 days ago


Hmmmm It has been myuderstanding when you get straight/sober you should find new friends etc. because all of your old friends would prefer you drank with them like you used too. She is not long till she is outa control again

2709 days ago


She is so not "A" list. I consider her "C" but Hollyweird probably gives her a B.

She's somehow not annoying me as much as usual. Probably because I'm anxiously awaiting word of Shitney's death.

2709 days ago


For intelligent people the tape of Anna on Greta Van Sustern's show where Anna is 8 half mos pregnant & STONED was too painful to watch .
Howard Stern should be strung up by his gonads !!
Lynn Spears (Britney's mom) Lindsay's mom & everyone else will let their kids do whatever they want. They've been pimping out their kids since they were toddlers & the kids are supporting the parents.WAKE UP people ..the inmates are running the asylum.

2709 days ago

the gap    

TMZ just can't stay away from the talentless bimbos, can they? Celebs are dying, awaiting awards, releasing music, etc., and yet TMZ still covers Lohan getting yogurt, Paris getting pimples, and Tara Reid doing absolutely nothing. No wonder they think the sun rises and sets on their brainless lives. Hell, Britney only cut her hair because Anna was getting more press than she was! And it worked like a charm on the stupid media--she got back in the spotlight in spite of all Anna's death drama. TMZ--quit being lazy and taking these worthless opportunity shots and do your job!

2709 days ago

fame ho    

How many times has LL been in the hospital? There is nothing normal about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her day is coming very is all used up at 20...she beats all the rest to self destructing the fastest. tick tock....

2709 days ago


ahh..what a CLASS ACT. You go Linds..and you look SO refreshed....just like a babys behind....if it was rolled in pizza dough and covered in zits.
Lay off the fake bake,'s NOT a good look for you.
And you MAY want to lay off the booze and smokes...get a facial while you're at it. You're not lookin' your're lookin like 30's...LATE 30s.

2709 days ago

puzzled in maryland    

I don't understand why we (americans) worry so much about celebrities and what they are doing, Are our own lives so boring that we have to live off of others and their nonsense or misery? Who cares what Lindsay is eating? Maybe some of these celebrities wouldn't have so many problems if they didn't have all the paparazzi and people putting their noses where they don't belong. And as far as Anna Nicole it's a damn shame that this woman can't even rest in peace because everyone wants to dredge up things from her past and worry about what she did. It is a crime that her innocent child is going to have to grow up hearing all this negativity about her mother. All the paparazzi and people who make money off of publishing this woman's misery should be ashamed of themselves. Probably 90% of the people who are sitting back and judging these people should be very careful at where they throw their stones because they are living in glass houses!!!!!

2709 days ago
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