Brit & Anna Make Lindsay Seem Normal

2/20/2007 2:44 PM PST
With Britney wigging out, and the ongoing developments in the Anna Nicole circus, Lindsay Lohan has emerged as just your ordinary, run of the mill, everyday, rich and famous A-list celebrity pop icon.

Lindsay and a pal kept things normal -- well, as normal as possible when your entourage consists of a dozen photographers -- as they shopped Monday at the trendy Fred Segal boutique and then hit a popular frozen yogurt shop, Pinkberry. While Linds waited patiently in line for her yogurt, a store employee came to Lohan's aid and pulled down the shades to offer some privacy from the paparazzi swarming outside.

Lohan should be happy, because next to methadone babies and bald pop princesses, her days clubbing while in rehab don't seem so strange!