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Judge to Howard: Spell Dannielynn's Name

2/20/2007 11:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Seidlin has just asked Howard K. Stern to write Dannielynn's name on an easel under the word "daughter," the reason for which was not entirely clear. Stern took a marker, strode across the room somberly, and wrote the name on a sheet of white paper on the easel.

"Why are we spending so much time here?" asked the judge. "We're here to save one child."


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Let's face it. Howard had something to do with Daniel's and Ana's death. What a show he put on crying while holding Dannielynn! He even looks shady. I hope they allow the baby's real father, Larry Birkhead, to raise her. Larry wouldn't be pursuing this paternity suit if he wasn't sure. He'd look like an _ _ _ if it turned out that he wasn't. I think Anna should be buried in Texas and her son Daniel moved to Texas and buried along side of her.

2770 days ago

Claire Collins    


2770 days ago


D Opri Accused Stern of murder in the courtroom?? Wow...she will be booyed ...shes a bit of a loud mouth...anyway

2770 days ago


The judge needs to move on, He has opened this up totally to a appeal... We all want to know paternity but it just isnt going to go there

2770 days ago


I think Anna Nicole should be buried in Bahamas, however, the truth about baby Dannielynn father needs to be found! I know being a daughter I would have to know the truth. Its only fair to Dannielynn. I also think a criminal case should be brought up around Howard K Stern, Somthing smells really bad with first Daniel passing away and then Anna. You can look at the pictures of baby Dannielynn and see that she has light hair, if that babies father is Howard K Stern she would have dark hair, and Dark dominates, I know for personal experience having two kids and a husband with Dark hair and me with Blonde (naturally).

2770 days ago

About regular court hearings . . .    

Sorry to dissapoint you guys, but this is actually how a typical court hearings go. This Judge is actually being quite smart.

One, he is trying to make it as "normal" of a hearing as possible.

Two, he is questioning HKS motives. (Thank you Lord for prayers answered).

Three, I am going to bet he is also going to question everybody elses motives.

Ultimately what we all want to see is that the baby is going to be protected. If HKS didn't protect the baby while Anna was pregnant with her; aka the video of Anna eight months pregnant and stoned-- he isn't going to protect the baby now.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Bahamian police don't already have a warrant for HKS arrest. This ordeal has embarrassed that country greatly, and I am sure they are tired of HKS and his bullcrap.

2770 days ago


Judge is no slouch, he may ramble but it is all part of his PLAN!

He'll get to the bottom of this!


2770 days ago


The judge is the one who should have clown makeup on but he is doing the right thing by going after the paternity issue instead of letting it be dragged out over a series of months or years in regards to this little girl. I understand that the judge can order the burial to be done in the Bahamas if it is clear that that was ANS' wish but release the body to her nearest kin, her mother.

2770 days ago


I'm sure it isn't the first time this scumbag has been accused of murder -and hopefully not the last.

2770 days ago


Anna obviously wanted Stern to be the father and he was her confidant for 12 years. He should get to take her home and bury her next to her son and raise the daughter she gave him. It was HER WISHES. Anna did what she wanted to do and Howard couldn't stop her. Leave the man alone. If she wanted Birkhead or her mother to raise her daughter, they both would have been in her life. I think Stern is getting a tough rap over being the closest person to Anna.

2770 days ago


Howard can't even look at anyone b/c he is so guilty!! Lie after lie, Larry stares him down and HKS looks scared now that he is alone!! I'm sure that he will try the "poor me" game, I have no pity for the loser!! Larry looks confident, and alert unlike Howard.... and if anyone should be depressed it should be Larry, he loved and tried to help Anna and she ran to the Bahamas w/ his baby that he STILL hasn't seen. Why are the attorneys so AGAINST the DNA?? (because they KNOW that she is NOT Howards baby) HELLO????

2770 days ago


You mean he actually knew how to spell her name? Larry is the real father. Get on with the test already!!

2770 days ago


Welcome to the real world, Howie -- You don't run the show, and you'll probably be in prison soon.

2770 days ago


The only reason Daniel was buried in the Bahamas was because of HK$'s little plan to keep Anna isolated from everyone. ANS consented to burying her son there so she could be near him. She is NOT a resident of the Bahamas - nor did she wish to buried there or have Daniel buried there. It just worked out that way. ANS has plots in California that are near Marilyn Monroe's grave site. I think they should exhume Daniel's body and let Virgi bury ANS and her son together in Texas in the family plot or out in California in the plots which ANS purchased a long time ago.

2770 days ago

Personally I think she has Post Partum Depression it explains her current weird acts    

I work in the court system and everything this lame ass judge has said this morning proves he is out to get noticed.

By the way judge all the rule of procedure are the same for each state and you are not abiding by any of them. You have made this a media circus with you as the ring master.

What birkheads bitchy attorney said to stern while they were all seated is NOT allowed and you sir should have addressed it correctly when sterns attorney brought it to your attention.

You sir have already formed and opinion which is NOT allowed. You are a joke and the board of ethics needs to review you and your practices.

Now I will spend the day looking into your other court cases to see what type of judge you truly are and if this is your MO.

Time to get a judge removed.........

2770 days ago
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