Salon Owner Says Brit's Stunt Was for Publicity

2/20/2007 3:44 PM PST
Esther Tognozzi, owner of the salon in Tarzana where Britney speared her hair on Friday, gave a call-in interview this morning to Los Angeles' 102.7 KIIS FM's On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Esther told Ryan Seacrest that Britney's hairtastrophe could have been a publicity stunt.
esther tognozzi audio: click to hear
Tognozzi claims that she had closed the blinds so that no one would see Britney's meltdown, and yet pictures that surfaced from paparazzi agencies are all so clear -- it's as if the photogs were in the shop, which Esther insisted was not the case. When asked if bodyguards had opened the blinds, her response was, "I think so."