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Stern's Lawyer: Opri Called Howard a "Killer"

2/20/2007 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a sharp and intensely personal accusation, Howard K. Stern's lawyer Krista Barth complained to Judge Larry Seidlin that Larry Birkhead's lawyer Deb Opri, sitting just a few feet from Stern, accused him of "killing" Anna Nicole Smith during court proceedings this morning.

As Barth spoke, Stern glared for several moments in the direction of Opri and Birkhead -- the two men and their attorneys are seated right next to each other in Broward County courtroom. Opri's response -- if she did in fact respond -- was not audible.

Barth made her comment as lawyers for multiple parties in the case introduced their various pleadings. Shortly thereafter, the court went into recess for a hearing on Virgie Arthur's status as next of kin to her granddaughter Dannielynn. As of 11:00 AM EST, the court is still in recess.


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Well ?? Koward IS a KILLER - killed Daniel and Anna Nicole. That bastard should fry !!

2741 days ago


She's only verbalizing what 98% of us are thinking ourselves.

2741 days ago


he definitely did it

2741 days ago


My sympathy's are solely with Howard K. Stern. He was with Anna Nicole Smith for almost 15 years and loved her. He was not able to stop her drug abuse as she did not want to stay in rehab. He is clearly the only one who loved ANS and is mourning her death. He is represented by two lawyers. Birkhead and Anna's mother are represented by a crowd of sleazy lawyers all wanting a piece of the pie. Not one of them gives a damn about ANS...only Howard loved her which is why she wanted nothing to do with them and trusted Howard and made her life with him. I hope he prevails and is able to bring ANS's body back to the Bahamas to rest next to Daniel.

2741 days ago


Definitely a rat in the courtroom today. And a smelly one at that...

2741 days ago

GO DOG YOUR THE MAN!!!!!!!    

I'm glad she called like she see's him, like so many other people do a murderer,enabler, and most of all a scumbag!

2741 days ago

miss muffin    

Poor Howard.

2741 days ago


Well, if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck................................ everytime I see that weepy eyed creep, I can only think of another weepy eyed convict...Scott Peterson! Enjoy your time in hell HKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2741 days ago


He didn't even try to stop her drug abuse. He's a scumbag, totally obsessed. If he didn't kill her intentionally he did it with enablement.

2741 days ago


How ridiculous. Hes smarter than killing two people for nothing. As long as he was with her, he would have money and he is still going to get a % of the money from her inheritance form howard marshall. he was and is the only attorney ON that case. SO STOP WITH THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES. AND, HES NOT THAT GOOD OF AN ACTOR...

2741 days ago


Comment to Marnie: If you say he truly loved Anna why is it he will not get a paternity test. Do you think Anna would want her child involved in a custody battle, no she wouldn't. This is getting ridiculous, lets just get the DNA test done and over with. Let this little girl have a chance to experience childhood and not be involved in this craziness. Let ANS rest in peace next to her son where she wanted to be.

2741 days ago

Paul Kline    

Ok You people are reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly making me boil.

Anna Nicole's Mom was an alledged abuser. She also permitted Anna's stepfather to abuse Anna. Anna hated Texas. Anna bought 4 burial plots in the Bahamas, as this was her NEW home. One of those plots was for her. If this judge has one ounce of sense she will be buried in the Bahamas next to her beloved son....period!

2741 days ago

team anna    

well....if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and buys methadone and dispenses it like a duck......hell, that baby would be better off with Britney!!
Pass the popcorn, this is getting good.

2741 days ago


Marnie # 5, are you a parent? do you plan on being a parent? I suggest you may wish to look at the vid clip TMZ has provided of an 8 month pregnant ANS and HKS...she is whacked out of her mind, pushing a baby carriage with a doll in in, pupils fully dialated and she does not even know where she is....meanwhile, your boy wonder Stern is coercing her and filming it. If you can look at that clip without crying and seeing the truth, then I question your moral integrity as a human being.

I think that footage says it all. ANS was pregnant and IF Dannilynne is his child, then how on earth could he allow someone pregnant with his baby to be wasted and to film it, while he jokes?

Maybe he did not care about mother of child, especially if he knew the child was not his. It is almost as if he wanted to hurt that baby...after all it wasn't his and he had not ties to it! I rest my case.

I am glad Opri called STern a murderer....Team Stern jumped on that one, but it did not stop them from publically tearing a strip off of Virgie Arthur in court on Friday and calling her every unfit name they could use. Funny now the tables are turned, they cry about it.

Go the right thing! Stern needs to be put behind bars! Free Dannilynne.

2741 days ago

Ford Shelly is a creep    

I feel bad for Howard. First he has to sit through this media circus and Birkhead's stupid lawyer how unproffessional. Howard stayed with her for 12 years longer than any of the other one's did. Why is Birkhead there anyway?? He doesn't care where she is buried.

Come on people Shelly is the one making all of the money off of this by selling her stolen property to the media not Howard.

2741 days ago
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