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Anna Nicole Smith Hearing Underway

2/21/2007 11:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkhead and Anna's mom Virgie Arthur are back in court right now to battle over what will happen with Anna Nicole Smith's body.

To watch the hearing unfold, click here for a live feed from Miami's WTVJ.


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She should be buried with her Son. Bottom line.

2709 days ago


I have a solution to this whole problem of where to bury Anna.

She originally wanted to be near Marilyn Monroe so I say buy 2 plots at the same graveyard side by side and bury her. Then exhume her son and bury him next to her. That way Anna gets both wishes.

If cost is a factor then Howard, Larry and Anna's parents can all chip in.

Also if they want to cremate the bodies, seperately of course, both urns can be placed into one plot so Anna and her son can be together for eternity.

2709 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

What the hell is wrong with this judge? He's nuts! I can't believe that he is dragging his feet, rambling on and on about shit that doesn't even matter in this case? It's rediculous! He needs to be yanked off this case and get a judge that can cut to the chase! Who appointed this asshole?

2709 days ago

restless native    

Why in the world did this judge feel the need to go into Ms. Arthur's history of being a sheriff's deputy and possible gender discrimination? Was she ever asked to get coffee? Jeesh, what a mess

2709 days ago


Can anyone with a legal background tell me if a trial over who gets rights to a person's remains is usually like t his? I am listening to it at work and it just seems so drawn out without a lot of things that may be relevant to the matter at hand. Maybe they are. I am an insurance account assistant, not a lawyer so.....anyhow. Thanks.

2709 days ago


Bury her already! This has become such a disgrace!! I siomply do not get it....the mother who she openly said she hated on more than one occassion says her entire family is buried in Texas....well her SON is NOT! As a mom if one of my kids died prior to me and they were not married, I would want them buried by me! Can't say too many moms out there would disagree with that! Her son is the closest family she has and by him is where she should go! The whole world saw how devastated she was over the death of her could anyone think that anywhere but next to him is the place for her to be?!!

As for the kid......give it to some loving couple dying to have a baby and donate the money to charity! This kid needs love and a normal life and with these goons, that is the last thing it will ever have! Wonder what would happen if the judge put the money in a trust and said no one but the kid could touch the money until she was 18....if they want to be the daddy, then let them be the one to support the kid! I bet we will have a lot back out of the running when that happens!

2709 days ago

A. Kramer    

I think this is such a waste of time and money. Anna Nicole purchased four plots in the Bahamas, when he son died. She chose the place, and purchased three additional plots, she did this not anyone else. I would say that was her choice of where she wanted to be. Why not just let her be in the plot of her choice and next to her son. If her mother really does love her then she should give up this ridulious fight to bury her daughter in a place that she did not want to be. Anna Nicole made a choice, let it be.

2709 days ago


Right now the judge is trying to find out if Vergie Arthur really knew her daughter as she said she did. I have been following the hearing and she told several whoppers up there as far as I can tell. Anna wanted to be buried next to her son. She adored and loved her son so much that when he died was the same day she died emotionally. She should be buried next to Daniel forever.

2709 days ago

watching it all in shock    

Good idea Jaime, but there has to be a spot for Dannielynn too -

Retarded Stern could fix all this and possibly redeem himself if he would
step up and start doing the right things for once -
1. get the freaking DNA test
2. forfeit any and all of Smith's money
3. assist with an agreeable buriel and do what's right for the 2 kids

But that ain't gonna happen - he wants the $$$$$$$$$$$

2709 days ago

Judge Judy Rocks!!!    

And the rambling continueth!!! God, the judge won't stop talking!!!! And notice the strategic seating of Larry today, yesterday he was kind of behind Stern diagonally, today he is ahead of him. So if Stern sees right, Larry is in his field of vision and if he moves left, Virgie is sitting there!!! Seems very strategic to me. And what is with the judge's line of questioning, irrelevant and totally entertainment news-like!!!

2709 days ago


But her son never should have been buried in the Bahamas- the only reason he was was so that his law-snubbing mom could run with the baby and diss the paternity orders- it's the only reason she left the country at all. I say let her be buried with her family and have Daniel moved to be with family. When it's all said and done Dannielynn will be with someone other than Howard Stern, anyhow- there's no way he's the father. I have a better chance of being the father and I'm a woman and I never met Anna Nicole!

2709 days ago

This is crazy    

This should prove to be another interesting day in the courtroom. I was watching the live feed, and it appears the novelty has worn off as far as the judge is concerned. He seems a tad bit irritated with the attorneys.

2709 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

What the hell is wrong with this judge? He's nuts! I can't believe that he is dragging his feet, rambling on and on about shit that doesn't even matter in this case? It's rediculous! He needs to be yanked off this case and get a judge that can cut to the chase! Who appointed this asshole?

2709 days ago


The judge is nosy and just wants to know all he can about a celebrity. He is acting like a person who reads The Enquirer or TMZ to get the gossip on celebrities :) I think he is acting so unprofessional.

2709 days ago


The mother is a piece of work. She lied 3 times that I saw and I didn't watch the whole thing.
The judge is an embarrassment. He seemed a little more focused today than in previous hearings. But there's just too much laughter and joking around. It's very tasteless.

2709 days ago
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