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Judge Says Decision to Come Friday Morning

2/21/2007 12:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Larry Seidlin just told the Florida court in which he is presiding, that he will render his decision -- "the remedy I will fashion" as he puts it -- on the future disposition of Anna NIcole's Smith's body -- by Friday morning.

He made the statement in the course of talking to Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper, who said that such a timeline would be appropriate given the deteriorating condition of Smith's body.


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Why Friday? What could take another 2 days for him to make a decision? Lay that woman to rest already.

2769 days ago


This judge is a prick who is enjoying his 15 minutes. He is taking advantage of a sad situation to make a name for himself. I read somewhere (TMZ?) that he is looking for his own TV show. SHAME ON HIM! DISBAR NOW!

2769 days ago


Can't believe he referred to Dr Perper as "Dr Pepper". This judge is an embarrasment to the profession. If he has a master plan or is trying to come off as a "Columbo" type character it is not working and he is inappropriate and unprofessional.

2769 days ago


Easy decision.

Since Howard J. Marshall was the "love of her life", according to HKS, then bury her together with him in texas .... so they can spend an eternity together.

That should please HKS.

2769 days ago


This is all about her money. Who's going to get depends on who is the baby's father. Mr. Stern is gay, so maybe its her dead ex-husband. What happens if thats the case?

2769 days ago


This is so sad. Anna obviously liked open casket funerals since she had her son's casket open and put pictures in it.

This judge needs to let her body go to the Bahamas for a public viewing on Saturday and PRIVATE funeral/burial on Sunday.

Uninvited paparazzi should be BANNED from the gravesite.

2769 days ago

Great Dane    

THIS entire ordeal is so sad.....I hope that someday soon ANS will be able to rest in peace.....

2769 days ago


What's the difference at making the decesion today or Friday?

This judge is literally trying to milk it for everything he can.

I think a new judge needs to be brought in because this one is a f'n tool.

2769 days ago

This is a sad circus    

Who appointed this judge to oversee this case? This guy is an ego maniac who is trying to stretch his 15 minutes of fame into 30. For God's sake, let this poor woman rest in peace..............Hurry up! What the hell are you waiting for judge?? And if this nut case does get his own TV show, I sure won't watch it. He is an embarrasment to his profession. Oh, and Vergie, a good mom would honor her daughters wishes, whether you agreed with it or not. Let her be buried in the Bahamas next to the one person who truly loved her.

2769 days ago


I think the judge, knows what he's doing!
But he reminds me of the Fonz (Henry Winkler), he would be, the one(Henry Winkler) to play the judge, when the movie comes.
I am waiting, for the judge, to come into the courtroom, and but his thumbs up, and say Heyyyyyyy.

2769 days ago


What a jackass this judge is. Hey, did anybody see where HKS took his paper drinking cups with him? Didn't want to leave DNA around. Loser.

2769 days ago


This Judge is horrible!! He is more interested in his own fame. He should be removed !! This poor woman should be let go and have a proper buriel (in the Bahamas) . This is a serious matter that should be dealt with immediately. His jokes in the court room are inappropriate.

2769 days ago


well #7 if that father is j howard marshall ..that is one rich baby...and either his family will take the baby and if they don't want the baby...then it'll obviously go to virgie.

2769 days ago


This judge knows what he is going to do , he just wants to keep his name in the media another two days. I hpoe noone gives him a tv court show like he said he wants.

2769 days ago


DNA IS ON THE WAY!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Everything else is secondary to that, and it's coming soon --

2769 days ago
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