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Judge Seidlin "Very Impressed" with Birkhead

2/21/2007 7:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Larry Seidlin finished a long, contentious day in court just moments ago, proclaiming himself "very impressed" with Larry Birkhead's testimony, and adding that Birkhead had "put a lot of meat" on the bones of the Anna Nicole Smith body-disposition case. Seidlin quite pointedly didn't make similar remarks after Howard K. Stern vacated the witness stand.

The judge said that Birkhead would continue to testify tomorrow, starting at 10:30 a.m. EST, and that he wanted the respective litigants' attorneys to submit their recommendations for judgment in the case tomorro by 5 p.m. Seidlin has maintained that he will render his judgment or, as he likes to put it, "fashion a remedy," for the conflict by Friday morning.


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Boy you people herer sure know everything don't ya!
Funny how you all have solved all the mysteries of ANS

2768 days ago

jenny b    

Did anyone notice .... Howard left his cup on the witness stand after testifying .........

2768 days ago


This judge is out of line!!! How can you make personal comments and not be biased. I hope these attornys file some complaints against him. Bury the girl in the Bahamas already.... who would ever want to be buried in TX than in Bahamas???

2768 days ago


GOOD JOB LARRY!!! I've always beleived you to be Dannielynn's father, and after today, I think most people will agree. Too bad Stern keeps hiding from a DNA, but it appears that both the judge and the legal analysts see right though him. How is he going to support a child with no income anyway? Larry's testimony came across as honest, sincere and solid. KEEP IT UP LARRY!!

Enough Florida lawyers have commented that this is the style of Judge Seidlin that I no longer have concerns. It seems this is how he always appears.

2768 days ago


Larry Birkhead has been the most believable and give him his daughter and let them start their bonding.

2768 days ago

Yeah, you ARE nuts!    

Basically Howard called her a slut when he was on the stand said he let her sleep with other men. Larry said he did not believe she was with anyone else while they were together but that Howard taunted him once that the baby might be Ben Thompson's. The one question Howard refused to answer on the stand was if he was the biological father because he knows he isn't! Please, who would you have sex with, Larry Or Howard? Hands down this is Larry's baby.

2768 days ago

Domi Zinkan    

How can I get in touch with Judge Seidlin to send him an e-mail?

I think he is doing a tremendous job. He has courage and a lot of common sense.

Please respond.

2768 days ago


Don't forget the judge seemed impressed with Virgie at first too, until her true colors started to show.

Regardless, Larry Birkhead is just a possible baby-daddy, and this is NOT the reason for this hearing in Florida. NOT THE REASON and for AssCream to shout out to KHS as she did saying "Are you, or are you not.. blah blah blaaaaaaaah" Wait your turn you unpatient loud mouth disreaspectful ....

I just don't understand, if these attorney's are supposed to be smart, why is it they can't understand or remember what the hearing is about? Even Judge seems on drugs. THEY'RE ALL ON DRUGS!

2768 days ago


I have always been on Team Larry, HKS scum of the world, GO LARRY your getting closer to being with YOUR daughter

2768 days ago


Welp, he might as well took a shove and wacked HKS upside the head... That testimony was great... Brought a tear to my eye... For some reason HKS testimony or Vergie's didn't... I believe that Larry was finally someone in her life that wasn't just a "YES" person... I just wish Larry could have swept her off to the BAHAMAS instead of HKS... Then Danny & Anna (Vicky) would still be with Danielynn & Larry.... HKS has the syndrome - IF I CAN'T HAVE HER, NO ONE WILL... Would someone give HKS some of that huge bottle of Methadone???????? Please........ Good bless Larry in his battle to prove his paternity... I will pray for him & the baby!! Way to go Team Birkhead!!!!!!

2768 days ago


i love this judge. he gets to the point.

howard showed his true colors today without a doubt. he is burnt toast and should be disbarred. i bet he is impotent.

2768 days ago

Terrie/ Southern Belle    

I love Larry Birkhead he is awesome!! I wasn't a big fan of his until I saw
him on court tv. One thing Anna did right was have him in her life. I hope he is the father. Howard I like you because you were only guilty of loving Anna.
I just hope you two men can work this out. I say cremate Anna put
some of her ashes with Daniel and split her ashes up between all three of you.
Dannielynn would have the best of all worlds if Larry gets her. You people come to an agreement for the baby. Thats my solution... Somebody has got to give here....Let Anna rest in peace...

2768 days ago


Birkhead was, indeed very impressive. He was not searching for "a legal way to word (squirm out) of his answers and he was very candid, yet respectful. He seems like a wonderful candidate for ANS's baby's daddy and would be honest with her without badmouthing her dead mother.

I hope the DNA test is done quickly and shows Birkhead to be the father. I also hope that HKS doesn't pull a bunch of crazy stunts to avoid the inevitable.

HKS was evasive and he is bummed as he watches his free ride drive away.

The judge certainly enjoys making some jokes and such, but that is not unusual for a judge at all. It's good to have a little comic relief now and then in such an intense situation.


2768 days ago


Hope Larry wins the paternity case. Until then, bury ANS in the Bahamas with her son. Grandma Virgie--I don't trust her.
Curious about something though. Maybe I missed it in all of this. But in ANS video, whether drugged or not made some big accusations "abuse, beatings" and she said "rape" Is the media, especially the ones that side with Vergie ignoring this accusation.

2768 days ago

Rhodes Scholar    

I was very impressed with Mr. Larry Birkhead as well. It broke my heart to hear that Ms. Anna Nicole Smith, was obviously using drugs while she was pregnant. I have to admit that I teared up when I heard the "duffle bag" story from Mr. Birkhead. I pray that he is the father. If he is; he should not have to be without his daughter one second longer.

I did not enjoy Mr. Howard K. Stern at all. He is lower than low. He is not creditible at all. His alledged acts are criminal.

I love Judge Larry Seidlin. He is no joke. He has a pulse on everything that is going on in his court room. I only wish that he would order a DNA test. Howard's DNA is not needed to determine if Larry is the father - only Danielynn Hope Marshall "Birkhead."

2768 days ago
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