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Breaking: Custody Hearing Over Dannielynn

2/22/2007 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that a closed-door hearing is going on right now in the Bahamas regarding the custody of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn.

Story developing...


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Let sleeping bodies rest in peace...........    

Ford Shelly and G. Ben Thompson are no friends of Anna.

What kind of a friend would go into a “friends” home before their body was even cold - and steal her private things, computers, pictures for her baby, the birth certificate, birth video, etc, to sell for profit?

They stole her private things because they want to disgrace her even in death. What scumbags!

2799 days ago


Thank God. Maybe this little one can be taken out of harm's way.

I've come to this sad conclusion in the last few days -----
Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern needed to generate income. Hadn't they (in the last 2 years or so) pitched an idea for a reality show that no one bought? They needed money. A baby could've turned things around.

Oh, Anna's baby bump! Ann's courageous delivery! Anna's beautiful baby girl! Bathtubs and bubbles! Isn't Anna a wonderful mom and isn't Howard a loving father? Photos, videos, exclusive interviews.

I think both HKS and ANS thought of this child in terms of the income she could generate. I don't think either of them gave two xxxxs about this baby. Hell yes it's harsh but it explains why so little regard had been given to this baby's welfare during the pregnancy. "It" was a product. Was it quite that cold? Probably not. Were the results the same? Yes. A mushroom trip? Yeah, Howard, that's hysterical. Was he also chuckling about how ****ed up the baby was during the 'trip'?

I don't think they counted on Larry Birkhead actually caring about the child, laying claim to paternity. They were used to kicking people to the curb when they became inconvenient.

This was supposed to be a circus with limited and controlled stages - and LH complicated that. They probably never counted on him feeling a connection to or responsibility for that child. It was a foreign notion to people that saw everything about their lives in terms of its monetary value to the media. They probably intended for Sarah (as she was originally to be named) to be raised and 'shown' in California. Poor kid. She sure has started life with some strikes against her.

2799 days ago

Allison DuBois    

Come on!!! Krista Barth should be disbarred for her Unscrupulous actions!!!

If you noticed earlier today, there is NO WATER available on the witness stand, because of Krista Barth's actions yesterday.

By Krista Barth taking Larry Brickheads cup, PROVES that she herself KNOWS her OWN CLIENT, Howard K. Stern is NOT Dannilynn's father.

It is unbelievable that they (STERN'S CAMP) continue to fight Debra Opri's request for a DNA sample of Dannilynn, but Krista Barth now has LARRY'S DNA to sample out of court, to prove paternity!!

Krista Barth should be disbarred for her Unscrupulous actions.



2799 days ago

RICH S    

Birkhead needs to punch Stern`s head through the floor, take some blood off him after he is ko`ed, and that would be the DNA he needs from that scumbag.
Enough already, give the kid to the proper parent. Everyone in that courtroom look like vultures circling for a feast.

2799 days ago


How in the world can they decide custody when the bio dad hasn't yet been established?

2799 days ago


ANS is laughing from her grave. This story reminds me of a bad Perry Mason plot.

How sad. It does go to show you what drugs can do to a person and how an unhappy family causes a lot of problems in later life.

Despite that, in the end, ANS made her own choices.

Poor Dannielynn.

2799 days ago

Grow up    

Howard K. Stern is NOT the father. Grow up and realize what a low life he is.

2799 days ago

Let sleeping bodies rest in peace...........    

In that circus courtroom today, the judge asked Larry why he didn't stop Anna in the hospital, from taking more drugs, the drugs that were in the duffle bag.

Larry stated he didn't because "THERE WERE NURSES AND OTHER PEOPLE IN THE ROOM."

This doesn't add up. If there was a duffle bag with some drugs, I don't think the nurses and other people that were also in the room would just sit there and allow this. Sounds fishy to me.

2799 days ago

Britney Spears    

I think Angelina and Brad should adopt that poor little kid.

2799 days ago


13. Who the hell is even taking care of the baby right now?

Posted at 3:06PM on Feb 22nd 2007 by JLB

HELLO are you not following the story AT ALL?? Howards mommy is watching "Larry's" baby

2799 days ago


Ford Shelly took that stuff because he wanted to show everyone how SICK Howard Stern is. He didn't do it to hurt Anna!!!

2799 days ago

Lone Ranger    

Dirtbag Friends-
Did you not just hear the testimony of Ford Shelley UNDER OATH???????

2799 days ago

observer in atl    


If Daniel is the father of the baby (which i personally think he is) then custody would go to Vergie, ANS's mom. She could then grant a guardian of the child if she wanted to, possibly Larry Birkhead.

2799 days ago


"6. how is that possible when all the players are in florida?"

My thought exactly!

2799 days ago


TEAM BIRKHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2799 days ago
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