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Breaking: Custody Hearing Over Dannielynn

2/22/2007 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that a closed-door hearing is going on right now in the Bahamas regarding the custody of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn.

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FINALLY, someone get that child away form the biggest looser of 2007, He has a heroin addict beat, We do not need this child with this man and if there is a god, please hear these peoples prayers and have this go in the right direction before this child goes down the incorrect path,

Give that child to Larry he seems to be the best and would provide a stable home and give the grand child some sort of sense what her mothers side was like. I do not believe that this woman wanted to die and still do not believe that she wanted to be buried in the Bahamas, she had to go there with that stupid looser.

2799 days ago


Things that can happen in the Bahamas today:

1) Authorize baby has DNA swab taken for testing.

2) Child taken into protective custody by Social Services.

3) Nothing.

Considering all that's happened (Daniel's death, Anna's death, drugs, and the flap over the Bahamian Minister of Immigration (or whatever), and Anna's questionable residency, I find it hard to believe that they'd do nothing.

Last I heard the mother of the Minister of Immigration was looking after the baby.

2799 days ago


At the last we heard, the woman who had been taking care of Dannielynn in the Bahamas was the mother of Shane Gibson, the prior Bahamian Minister of Immigration who resigned after the photos and admitted he had received a Rolex watch from either Anna or HK$. Coward's parents have never seen the baby.

2799 days ago


HELLO are you not following the story AT ALL?? Howards mommy is watching "Larry's" baby

Posted at 3:22PM on Feb 22nd 2007 by Redhotpantygirl

Could you post this one more time? I think we all missed it.

2799 days ago


OMG I so hope they do the right thing here, please just determine paternity. I think there could be many legal issues if neither are the father, in that case I don't know where the baby should go however she is young enough to not be as affected by a changing of caregivers, please HKS the only father she has ever known???? she won't remember him. its a shame the real father can't bond with the baby, its important. Unless HKS is the dad which i doubt

2799 days ago


I think Donna is right (#32) , was reported today that a Mrs. Gibson was looking after the baby...Mrs. Stern's name has never been mentioned, (except by Howard referring to borrying money from his "parents")

2799 days ago

Pam The Real Pam    

#4 - WOWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEE ---------- you certainly bring up a repulsive though certainly possible scenario, that Daniel MAY actually be the father of his momma's baby. I have kept wondering, WHY all the secrecy and hiding regarding baby's paternity? Larry is not a bad guy, I cannot see why in the world, if Anna wants to name a daddy, that she would have a problem with Larry being the dad. Then, the day before the court ruling that requires DNA testing for the baby, she dies/kills herself? She went to South Carolina to see if that body builder might be a viable candidate to be named daddy, but he has had a vasectomy. Was she avoiding DNA testing because she knew DNA testing would reveal that baby was fathered by someone with her own DNA?????? WOW. It is possible this thing may take a turn that will make the present circus look like a bad joke. WOW.

2799 days ago


Ellen, (#45) I think you are right!!!

2799 days ago


I really feel badly for this little girl who is going to grow up without a mother, (as fucked up as ANS was, she was still this child's mother), no brother, absolutely, most likely after all the fighting and BS Court Circus Mess is over, if ever, no knowledge of who her real mother was. If she does inherit millions from her mother's estate, than she will grow up in the press as the child who will inherit millions, and be very much hounded the same way as Christina Onassis's child was. She will never be left alone, and that is truly a sad thing.

On the REAL father, I don't believe it's HKS but the other guy, I hope if he is the father, that when this is all over he'll take that child and give her the kind of life she deserves, hopefully she won't be damaged by the drugs her mother took while she was pregnant. Yes truly this is indeed a sad story all around.

2799 days ago


I think the judge knows already what he's planning to rule as far as burial goes.

I have never saw a court hearing like this in my life.

Do you really think Anna had sex with her own son? Wouldnt that be a cincher!

If vergie gets the body, why cant she have Daniel exhumed and buried in Texas by Anna.

regardless, Vergie is Anna's Mom and vergie should get the body, and bury her and Daniel in Texas.

2799 days ago


Natalie just asked in an earlier comment how can they give the baby to Larry when they don't know who the father is. They can put the baby in a safe foster home and hold all the hearings and do all the DNA testing while the baby is safe. Once the answers are in, the baby can go to her real father.
They need to get her away from HKS. He had no concern for her health and life when she was in the womb and not much concern for it after her birth either. If he did, he would have forced the drug issue with ANS and seen to it she lost custody of the baby until cleaning up her act. If anyone hasn't seen the 'clown face' video - check it out.
I agree with you RAR1234. I didn't know all those facts you do but I think they thought of the baby as a commodity to continue the dollars into the household.

2799 days ago

Marilyn Williams    

I think the whole thing is a mess!
However, HKS appeared to always be at AN's beck and call. I am sure he engineered the reality show , staged her publicity stints and generated other additional revenues, but why not; he was doing his job! Why is everyone balking at that; he was her manager, best friend, and made sure she enjoyed her lavish lifestyle. He should have also pulled a well deserved salary for doing this, and not, as stated in court, had Anna pay for it.

Think about it; how many of us would have our family members doing the same thing!

2799 days ago


From minute one, I've been saying give the baby to Brangelina. I know that unless Brangelina came forward to get Danielynn, it would never happen. I've thought about all the players involved. I don't see any of them being fit to care for this little girl. So, I think what would really be best for her is to change her name put her up for adoption. There are plenty of childless couples around that would give her a normal, loving home.

2799 days ago


There is still a big surprise in just watch!!!!! LOL

2799 days ago


If you look at the baby's picture next to Larry's picture, there is a very strong resemblance. I do hope the truth comes out soon and that the baby will be medically evaluated to make sure it does not have any chemical dependency issues seeing that Anna was doing drugs throughout the pregnancy.

2799 days ago
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