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Anna Hearing: The "S**t" Hits the Fan

2/22/2007 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Krista Barth, Howard K. Stern's lawyer, dropped an unexpected S-bomb in court (and on live TV) while reading a spiteful email that Larry Birkhead wrote to Anna Nicole Smith.

Reading directly from an email written by Birkhead, in an attempt to establish Birkhead's anger toward Smith, Barth said, "'All the times we were together cheating on me with ... and all the lousy -- excuse my language -- 'shit you have done to me.' "


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MetalManiac .... haa haa !!!!

2797 days ago

Ms. Scarlet    

Oh no, I'll notify the FCC!!!

2797 days ago

Poppa Nut    

Bury her in Texas next to her deceased husband.

2797 days ago


Birkhead is a joke. If there was no money involved, he wouldn't be either. It's convenient he forgot he signed a confidentiality agreement.

2797 days ago


NICCEEEE, finally some good stuff. I don't know why Birkhead is even there, who is he to Nicole as possible baby daddy? They really should've done a DNA test to see who the real dad is, I think it would've done alot for this hearing.

2797 days ago


Krista is doing what she has to to bring her client HKS into better light after yesterday's fiasco..I believe the judge knows whats up with who did what here..he's letting both sides speak..I had to laugh when he called HKS an enabler..hopefully, they can prove ANS was so into drugs that she was not of her right mind most of the time..its really the drugs and her state of mind the judge is getting at here..

2797 days ago


MRLarrybirkhead works for email

2797 days ago

sosad what a loser!

2797 days ago

Team Birkhead    

Ms Barth is playing dirty. Let's see who will win in the end and it won't be hks... GO TEAM BIRKHEAD!

2797 days ago


If Anna's state of mind is so much of an issue, perhaps Birkhead should be charged with rape. Was she of such a mind to be able to consent to sex?

2797 days ago


I wish someone would take HKS' LOSER obnoxious attorney and just SHUT HER UP!

It would be nice to see the emails that Anna sent to Larry, and I don't blame him one bit for being angry, she told him he was the father and then she wouldn't let the situation be resolved, one way or the other!

HKS is a total piece of sh*t......his attorney's are nothing but pieces of sh*t....I can't believe that they are actually defending this lowlife leech!!

Simple question....what do Anna and Daniel's deaths have in common? Simple answer, DRUGS AND HOWARD K. STERN!!!!! Gee it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out, but yet HKS IMHO is getting preferrential treatment while the Judge allows his scum-sucking attorney to badger not only Virgie Arthur but now Larry Birkhead, while HKS is the one who should be held accountable....

Any good lawyer would've had a change in will after the birth of Danielynn.....but not good ole HKS.....

Would someone please do the world a favor and get rid of this lowlife piece of trash!!!!! His 15 minutes of fame is over, his gravy train is over, his living off someone else is over, its time to move on!!!

2797 days ago


Krista rocks!! Larry is a joke. She is proving Larry for the liar he is! And it's pissing Larry's chicklet teeth lawyer off!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!

2797 days ago


That was a shitty thing to say.

2797 days ago


Screw HKS lawyer. Of course, Larry wrote mean emails. She was keeping his baby from him. It's his baby. He deserved to know his baby. And he will get his baby eventually. I hope he never lets HKS know Dannielynn.

2797 days ago


I thought HKS stated some stole the hard drive to the computer???
Why is it then that they just happen to have copies of these emails they are presenting????? Sounds fishy..

2797 days ago
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