Can You Hear Me Now? Arf!

2/23/2007 4:14 PM PST
Losing man's best friend can bring tears to even the most hardened Navy SEAL. Technology is now making it easier to keep tabs on Fido, but sometimes the geeks take it a little too far. Sure, a GPS device that helps you find your lost pet is a great idea, but does it need to have a built-in cellphone?

The fine folks at PetsMobility are selling the PetsCell, a voice-enabled waterproof GPS cellphone, made especially for your four-legged friend. You can utilize the GPS mapping technology to pinpoint exactly where your dog is. The device also allows anyone who finds your pooch to push a button to call you directly. Or you can call the dog yourself. While we're not really sure what you'd want to say, we can imagine owners calling their dogs at home to tell them to "Get off the couch!" -- and the dog obeying!

As your pup goes insane while searching the house for you, you'll know that both your pet and your sofa are safe, thanks to PetsCell. Reach out and sniff someone.