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Paris' Mom is a Grammar Queen

2/25/2007 5:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton celebrated her 26th birthday -- again -- last night with her friends, family and a whole pack of paparazzi.

After rocking out in Vegas last week on her actual birthday, Paris dined with the likes of Nicole Richie, Courtney Love and Paula Abdul at The Prime Grill. The party then moved to Hilton's home, where a decidedly less glamorous crowd gathered to party. "Celebs" in attendance included "90210" turned "Dancing with the Stars" stud Ian Ziering (BTW- that guy is 42 years old, almost twice as old as the birthday babe), "Napoleon Dynamite" sidekick Efren Ramirez, both Greasy and Gummi Bear and one of Hugh Hefner's three girlfriends. Hilton's publicist Elliot Mintz was there as well, showing up with one of the worst-wrapped gifts in birthday history.

One wild fan also showed up, going crazy over Paris' mom Kathy, screaming, "Your daughter's my idol dude!" and "take a picture of me and her" at the Hilton matriarch. Kathy quickly put the Paris-ite in her place though, correcting her grammar like a middle school English teacher.


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rumer is FUGLY    

uhm, newsflash you ugly whore, "me and her" is proper grammar.


2762 days ago

RICH S    

Paris Hilton...give me a break please. This spoiled little rich bitch who`s only claim to fame is being born into a rich family and making some lousy home-made porn- what a skank. when can she be buried in the Bahamas???

2762 days ago


who gives a rat ass about any of the hillbillie hiltons?? money cant by class! and the hiltons are a perfect EXAMPLE.

2762 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,
Happy Birthday Again.
Thank you for entertaining me.
You are my favorite actress and singer.
You bring lots of joy into my life.
I watch The Simple Life over and over and over
and over and over and over again.
I love Victoria English Pledge This.
I think she is very funny.
I hope you start the simple life 5 soon.
James L. Crum

2762 days ago


cant believe she just busted out the correction like she was so sure of herself. "she and I" is completely WRONG. what a fucking dumbass. stupidity clearly runs in the family. me and her is the right way to say it.

2762 days ago


Wow, Kathy Hilton is retarded. In that context, "me and her" or "her and me" is correct grammar; "she and I" would be wrong. WHAT A STUPID FAMILY!

2762 days ago


she and i isn't correct. a quick way to know is to say "take a pic of i." it doesn't work, the correct pronoun is me. the mom is obviously not educated, she should take some grammar lessons before she starts correcting people.

2762 days ago

Gassy Jockey    

It's heartwarming to see that fans of actually know their grammar.

2762 days ago


The fact that her mother is so ignorant isn't offensive to me: that's just lamentable. Especially as she didn't find it important to educate herself better after she had children. It's that she feels herself so suprerior (a money-induced belief, no doubt), so certain that she has the authority, the right to publically embarrass another person that takes her from the "lamentable" category to the "offensive" category. In short, a smug, ridiculous, nouveau riche bitch. A better bred person would have been more discreet and considerate. No wonder her kids are as ill-mannered (and ignorant) as they are.

2762 days ago


What a self rightous ignorant breeder of whores

2762 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

This bitch should be slapped across her stupid face! It's her damn fault that her daughter grew up to be a table dancing, pole dancing, herpes infested slut who's only societal skill is to turn oxygen into carbon dioxide. She could have given this stupid girl guidance & taught her the value of friendship & what a dollar means. Instead, she allowed her to become a media whore, a slut, a brainless moron & a walking example of everything that's wrong with our celebrity focused society. Her kids should have been taken away from her by CPS a long time ago.

Slap this bitch; it's all her fault!!!

2762 days ago


Actually, the correct way for the fan to ask would have been, " Would you take a picture of her and me?" You always place your own pronoun last.

2762 days ago


It's actually her and me because "you" always comes after the other person.

2762 days ago


Paris has always practiced good grammar. Case in point, she asked Rick in her sex video "May I suck your c**k", instead of "Can I suck your c**k". Her mom always raised Paris to appreciate money and good grammar which are truly important in today's society.

2762 days ago


This is hilarious. She corrects the girl to use the WRONG usage of pronouns. You wouldn't say, "Take a picture of I," or "Take a picture of she." I love it, though. Stupid runs in the family and money can't buy intelligence, OBVIOUSLY!!!!!!

2762 days ago
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