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Birkhead - Stern Settlement?

2/26/2007 9:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that lawyers for Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern are in settlement negotiations.

There was a buzz at the courthouse after Krista Barth, Stern's lawyer, removed a styrofoam cup of water that rested on the witness stand as Birkhead testified in the Anna Nicole burial hearing. The cup went missing and there was speculation that Stern's reps used it for a DNA test, which could have provided the evidence proving Birkhead is the father Anna Nicole's daughter Dannielynn.

We're told a day after the cup incident, the parties started negotiating. TMZ spoke with Birkhead's lawyer Debra Opri Sunday in the Bahamas, who would not confirm a settlement. She did, however, say DNA testing must be completed and paternity established before any settlement could occur.

Sources say Stern could be amenable to giving Birkhead what he needs to establish custody. We're told that in return, Stern wants ongoing control of Anna's estate and, once the estate is probated, continued involvement by becoming trustee for Dannielynn.


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you all are too hypocritical,

1) HKS is the father by law, fall that mattters is ANS trusted him for over a decade,
I know HKS loved ANS even when she was fat & ugly...her wish was that HKS be the dad Duh he was on the BC,, sorry for LB for not making ANS happy,,, maybe some visitation rights but ANS loved HKS,,,, he is not a sleeze ball h etook care of ANS through thick & thin

2761 days ago


If it is proven that Birkhead really is the baby's father (which I believe he is) then there's no way in hell I'd agree to a settlement with HKS!!! No way in hell!

2761 days ago


Debra Opri stated the truth. HOWARD K. STERN IS A MURDERER 2X ! ! !

2761 days ago


I doubt this rumor is true. And if it is, #5 is right - it's an act of ransom.

2761 days ago


HKS will be in control...until he gets killed for his behavior...somebody will pop him..just wait and see.

2761 days ago

Bring it on!    

Read toady's headline in the Bahamas Journal and then let them know how you feel. Scroll down to the bottom.

Fight Over Smith’s Baby Continues In Nassau Court Today

2761 days ago


Good post #5. Stern was either directly or indirectly responsible for the death of a 20 year old boy and a 39 year old woman. He kept ANS so drugged, he admitted to being the conduit for getting the drugs to her. He is being investigated for forgery. He has produced what everyone including that ridiculous "judge" knows is a fraudulent will (co-witnessed by a lawyer who has been disbarred) and he is a kidnapper. Why would Larry Birkhead or anyone in his/her right mind make any kind of deal with Stern, a low-life pig who made it his and Ron Rale's life goal to screw a 90 yr old man and his family out of their $$? AND SOMEONE IS GOING TO LET HIM RUN THE ESTATE OF ANS AND HAVE CONTACT IN ANY WAY WITH A BABY THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY NO BIOLOGICAL TIE TO HIM? WHO WOULD LET A BABY SPEND ANY TIME IN THE COMPANY OF A MAD-MAN?

2761 days ago


Team Birkhead.

Howard K. Stern is an unethical sleezeball who contributed to the deaths of both Daniel and Anna Nicole by enabling them. They were easier to control this way.

2761 days ago


Go figure, he wants his cake and the icing too without the responsibility.

2761 days ago


Listen, did y'all ever think that HKS really believes that he is the father??? Give the guy a break, he just lost Anna and he's facing the POSSIBILITY of losing Dannielyn. Give the guy a break!!!!

2761 days ago

Birkhead supporter    

I've said all along that $tern should be disbarred and arrested for kidnapping! Oh, I hope that this is true! I wish they'd lock up $terns lawyer Krista too, just because she's the most annoying person on the planet!

2761 days ago


Netty, I totally agree. Someone will POP him. Rightfully so. I hope somebody gets it on tape so I can applaude it. And, for you IDIOTS that didn't watch The Anna Nicole Show, she didn't love HK$. She used him. He had her nice and doped up. That way she couldn't see what he was really doing. Who ordered all the RX's from the drugstore for her? HK$ ... that's who!!!


2761 days ago


everyone is missing the boat here, two people were murdered! The investigations will tell all just let things unfold. Many going on as we speak, simutanously I might add.

2761 days ago


so if your mom had left your bio dad, who desperately wanted you, and moved in with another guy to hide you from bio dad...then she died, and your bio dad was spending every waking moment trying to get you back, you'de say f**k you daddy? I doubt it. This man wants his child. Not sure where you live, but in the US we value the biological parents and we give them legal rights to decide the futures of those children. LB has the LEGAL RIGHT to be her father, if he so chooses, whether YOU think so or not. If HKS is NOT her father, then he has no legal right to her whatsoever, and he could and should be prosecuted for perpetrating a fraud. He is an ATTORNEY. He cannot ethically, legally, or morally violate her bio dad's rights of paternity. Thankfully, it will not be up to idiots who have no clue about the law or moral/ethical issues to make the decision. That means you.

2761 days ago


Oh how I wish this was so... Can't Larry make the agreement get his rightful daughter come back to the USA and file charges of extorsion, kidnapping, and RANDSOME ???? just get her back on US soil !!!!!!!

Howard was always about the money! He's a LOSER, a LEECH and ANS was sucked into his diabolical plan! Not saying she was above anyone of those BLOOD SUCKERS in her life as she did the same thing!!! Used her body and used the people around her!!

Larry claim your child so she has a fighting chance in life!!!!!

Funny thing, anybody who makes money off of ANS image [which should in reality go to Danielyn] people will always say " I KNEW THATS WHAT THOSE PEOPLE WANTED, ALL THEY WANTED TO DO IS MAKE MONEY OFF OF ANS"!!!

But nobody says this CRAP about MARILYN or ELVIS.... The Presley's have exploited Elvis for over 2 decades!!!

ANS should be buried in Calif. They need to bring Daniel back to Calif.
Calif. is where Daniel called home!!!

I think that would appease Virgie... Once scumbag loses the baby and hopefully goes to jail... ANS and DANIEL will be thousands of miles away from home!!!
How does that benefit anyone in her family?

2761 days ago
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