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Eddie Storms Out After Sore Loss

2/27/2007 10:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Murphy was so steamed after losing his Oscar race to Alan Arkin, that he stormed off – and out of the Kodak Theater altogether.

Several sources report that Murphy was a real sore loser after the Best Supporting Actor was awarded – in an admittedly huge upset – to Arkin. The funnyman was decidedly not smiling as he left his seat, and didn't stick around to see co-star Jennifer Hudson win Best Supporting Actress, or watch the ladies of "Dreamgirls" sing their lungs out.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt's absence from the show, even though he starred in one film that was nominated for Best Picture ("Babel"), and co-produced the eventual Best Picture winner ("The Departed"), was chalked up, as Page Six reports, to his shooting in New Orleans ... and that he wasn't nominated for anything.

"Idol" Vixen's Friends Say Sex Pics are Low Blow

Antonella Barba – the "American Idol" contestant who stirred up plenty of controversy last week with some racy photos – might be something of a sexpot, but she's not a porn star, at least according to her best friend.

In an interview with the Star-Ledger of Newark, Amanda Coluccio, who auditioned with the 20-year-old Barba in Hollywood, says that although some of the salacious snaps – like of Barba in various states of undress – are real, the ones of her engaged in a certain sex act are not. And the proof? Acrylic nail tips. "She's never had tips in her life. She's the least slutty person I know," affirms Coluccio.

One local resident, 17-year-old Mark Dillon, shares an interesting New Jersey-ite custom with the AP: "At least half the people in this town have pictures of their friends on the toilet. I've personally seen at least 20," referring to a pic of Barba mid-micturition.

Does Tom Have Katie in a Trance?

But seriously – what the Xenu is up with Katie Holmes? TMZ noted yesterday that girlfriend seemed a bit, shall we say, "scripted" walking the red carpet at an event on Saturday night, and then Us observes today that Holmes refused to take a picture at the Vanity Fair after-party without her master husband, even though Tom Cruise was urging lensmen to snap her solo. What's more, Holmes appeared to be led around by the hand by Cruise, says Us, "while he mingled and she remained silent." She would dutifully wait while Tom gabbed away, then follow him.

Party Favors: So Did Babwa Really Diss Rosie to Trump After All? ... Mirren Having Tea with Real Queen ... Van Halen Reunion Blows Up

When she was caught in the middle of the Rosie-Trump fracas, Barbara Walters says she didn't say all those nasty things about Ro to the Donald, as he so famously claimed. But, according to a profile of Babwa in New York magazine, Trump might not have been totally full of hot air. "She thinks she's saying something in private, and she doesn't expect it to be repeated. That's Barbara," says a producer. ...
Oscar winner Helen Mirren, after all her sweet-talking of Queen Elizabeth II at awards shows, may finally get an audience with the monarch herself, reports People. "We are looking at a number of options," says a Buckingham Palace spokesperson, adding frostily, "We are sure that the Queen will be pleased with Dame Helen's success." ... That Van Halen reunion we were all so stoked about? It's been "shut down," says a top official at Live Nation, the concert promoter, to the Los Angeles Times, because of what David Lee Roth calls "fragile politics."

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Julie Carter    

Eddie Murphy doesn't have the right to complain about not winning an Oscar until he stops doing crap sellout movies like Norbit. He was very good in Dreamgirls but the Academy Awards have been prone to looking at an actor's entire career when tossing out the awards. He should thank his lucky stars he was even given a nomination. Let this be a lesson to Mr. Sore Loser: quality trumps quantity. I'm sure Eddie has earned enough money to last him the rest of his life. Stop pimping yourself out!

2797 days ago


Eddie has two other kids with two different women besides the 5 with his ex wife. Add to that the one on the way with Scary Spice, and that's eight.

2797 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

I dunno.... if anything, Eddie Murphy should feel bad for Jennifer Hudson. We've seen it a hundred times before -- a relative newcomer makes a big, splashy grand opening in the biz, wins an Oscar ... and then what happens?? We never hear from them again.

Sorry if someone else already posted the same kind of thought. I didn't feel like reading all the posts. :-)

2797 days ago


Eddie shouldn't feel bad for Jennifer. Jennifer actually WON.
Jennifer can also sing, and is working with Clive Davis. This is not the last we'll see of her. The Grammys will be the next awards stage for her. Jennifer Hudson is not limited to acting. On the other hand, Beyonce can't act, and needs to stick with singing only.

2797 days ago


Did anyone see the pre oscar interview Helen Mirren did with Barbara Walters?she said that "American women wear those awful shorts". that was after she told BW that she never wears trousers (pants) because of the size of her bottom (butt). I am British but now also am an American I would like to defend american women and would also like to know what shorts she was referring to? the kind you wear to the gym, play tennis, play golf, on the beach, to the park with your kids?

2797 days ago


Eddie Murphy needs to get over it, and Barbara knows she hates Rosie like the rest of us. Her and that truly HIDEOUS haircut can burn. BURN!

2797 days ago


does it really surprise anyone that katie is acting this way? she has joined the "church" of that if you're not familiar....maybe she just had some brain "implants" removed. i dont understand how anybody with an ounce of brains could even call that a religion...much less believe it. tom has totally brainwashed her.

2797 days ago


I'm glad Eddie Murphy didn't win, either. Especially since he apparently has this sense of entitlement that the world owes him everything. He is nothing but an ass, and he will soon learn that this behavior will cost him dearly somewhere down the road.

2797 days ago


My 2 cents...
Anotnella Barba's friend, Amanda, saying "she's the least slutty person I know" is funny as hell!

What the hell kind of "best friend" gives such a left-handed compliment as that?
She should have just said:

" All the people I know are slutty so therefore she's the least slutty." OR
" A couple of my friends are major sluts so Anotonella is not that bad" OR
" I have friends that have done way worse then that"
Same thing IMHO
Why not just say "my friend is agood and decent person and she would never do that" Instead of "least slutty" & "I studied the pictures & she never had nail tips" I hope this girl isn't going to law school because she stinks at making a valid point.
What an ass...she probably put those photos out there because
" God only likes good people"

2797 days ago

Hello Kitty    

I never thought for a second that David Lee was going to let enough hot air out of his head to please VH fans. They all suck ass !

2797 days ago

Perry Reid    

One word......KARMA! Until Eddie does right by Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) nothing will go his way!

2797 days ago

donna brown    

i am glad heigl is not renewing her contract. i think Izzie is spoiled and self-centered and the least likeable character on Grey's anyway. why does she feel she can keep telling George he shouldn't have married Callie? why is this any of her business? didn't she (Izzie) cause her own boyfriend's death?!? i hope she "spins off" all right!

2796 days ago


Eddie Murphy is a loser to begin with, money and fame don't make the man........and nothing has changed about him after all this time. He's still an arrogant jerk. But I was still amazed he left the Arkin was receiving his award. Newsflash to Murphy: you weren't the only one nominated, but you were the only one with no class and no maturity. Nice going Murphy, not only did you act like a bratty, little 5 yr old throwing a hissy fit, but that is a messed up way to show support to your co-stars.

As far as Tom and Katie....I hope it's not a master and slave deal - how many millions does she get for an extra inch on the lease? ::shudder:: But in all fairness, Nicole Kidman at first started being treated a little like that from the press when she was 1st married to him. Except Nicole was no slave nor a dutiful wife. She called her own shots. Kidman told Cruise no to scientology and when they broke up, her career took off.

2794 days ago
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