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Foxy Brown: I'm a Victim of Police Brutality

2/27/2007 12:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Foxy Brown claims she was a victim of police brutality during a beauty store bust in Florida nearly two weeks ago.

The rapper held a press conference yesterday, and attacked the Pembroke Pines Police for their alleged treatment of her during her February 15 arrest. The store owner claims Brown went on a violent rampage that included squirting hair glue, knocking over displays and spitting at him.

"The only crime I am guilty of committing is being a young black female celebrity in Broward County," said Brown. "I am the victim of an overzealous police department who engaged in police brutality and a money-hungry store owner whose motives are for me to pay his mortgage on his house and his children's tuition."

Brown added that the store owner barged in on her while she was on the toilet and demanded she leave the store , without giving her the privacy to get dressed. Though Brown went off on the police department and the store owner, she didn't deny the charges they filed against her.


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So SHE'S the victim and everyone else is wrong?

This chick is whack

2794 days ago


oh please, everytime a rapper gets in trouble they blame someone else....poor me, poor me. Im a victim.......wha wha

2794 days ago


Just another fine example of a black person trying to claim racism when they're really just a lying, no-good idiot.

2794 days ago

She's a Loser    

She is just one crazy b*tch!

2794 days ago


Oh no, not another money grubbing woman wanting her 5 minutes of fame...

2794 days ago



2794 days ago


Please I know this crazzzy girl isint try to play the race makes me black and i have never been in trouble w/the police..she must have done something for that to happen to her..if she wants to act all hardcore and dish it to ppl the she needs to know how to takke it when it comes back her way..crazzy ass girl she needs to be locked up along with Naomi Campbell..

2794 days ago

true blue    

Oh lets play the race card and get Rev Jackson here fast. That game ended at Duke girl.

2794 days ago

my opinion    

I am so tired of reading about these professional VICTIMS who whine about how they are treated and nothing is their fault. Sometimes I believe it is just for the publicity but so many of the famous don't think they need to follow rules that everyone else follows.

2794 days ago


Foxy somebody needs to kick your ass. u are a nobody u are over go back to the mud hut you came from

2794 days ago


Just another talentless bitch blaming everone for the problems she creates. Oh, I forgot, her only talent is being a whore.
Whatever happened to taking personal responsibility for your actions? Wonder what values her mother taught her growing up.
She ought to be thrown in jail for violating her probation. Let's see her get away with spitting on someone there.

2794 days ago


I'm just waiting until this bitch meets her match. One day she's going to pick on the wrong person and they're going to mop the floor with her fake hair. I also love the way all these rappers and thugs are constantly in trouble, and IT'S NEVER THEIR FAULT!!!

2794 days ago

Lord Snooty    

Bebe : respect girl ! What you say is 100% true. Wish there where more like you around who stand up and say the obvious.

2794 days ago


What an idiot! This is an insult to people who are legitimately discriminated against.

2794 days ago


Foxy Brown you should be ashamed of yourself! Why would you put yourself in such a position as to where you felt the need to act in a violent manner in the first place? I highly doubt the police had anything to gain by having to come to that shop to arrest you for your bad behavior. Being a person in the public eye you should have acted better!

2794 days ago
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