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Howard & Baby: Bury Her in the Bahamas Already!

2/27/2007 3:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern and Anna Nicole SmithUPDATE: Richard Milstein has just filed his appeal asking the court to uphold Judge Seidlin's ruling give him custody of the body on behalf on baby Dannielynn.

Attorneys for Howard K. Stern have filed an appeal to stop Virgie from getting custody of Anna Nicole's body.

Judge Larry Seidlin ruled last week that custody of Anna's remains should go to her five-month-old daughter Dannielynn and her court-appointed guardian. The guardian decided that Anna should be buried in the Bahamas next to her son Daniel. Anna's mother, Virgie Arthur, filed an appeal asking for that judgment to be overturned and that she be given custody -- to bury Anna in her home state of Texas.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed to hear Virgie's case, and yesterday ordered that Anna's body remain in Florida pending review of the case. Attorneys for Dannielynn's guardian and Howard K. Stern were told that they had to file their motions by 2:00 PM ET today. Stern's side did just that. While Stern and the guardian agree that Anna should be buried in the Bahamas, Stern's attorney admits they have differing opinions on the law that governs that decision.


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Why not cremate Anna and split her ashes between her mother and her daughter. Then that way Dannylynn can burier her mom with her brother {son}, and Virgie can burier her in Texas.

2773 days ago


Anna's Mom plans to bring Daniel's body back to the states. When Larry is proved to be the Dad and gains custody, he will move the baby back to the states. So tell me were will Anna be then when she is all alone with Howard?

Anna's mother loved her, they were at odds because Anna was on DRUGS. Anna's mother gave birth to her and should have the right to bury her.

2773 days ago


Howard Stern is nothing but a piece of CRAP!!! What goes around comes around and his day will come!! How can he look at himself in the mirror? I can't stand a FREELOADER!! MONEY IS HIS GOD!!

2773 days ago

Rocky Bennett    


If you're a rocket scientist, your the kind that travels nine hundred miles to murder another woman. Do you have any idea how ridiculous your claims are? "Howard poured drugs down her throat"? If you're such a Virgie fan, perhaps you noticed that she testified Anna was on drugs before she ever met Stern. Or perhaps you may know one or two adults who are responsible for their own Anna was. And then there were all the accomplishments that Anna had in the past ten years, like her own show, a successful court battle, etc....
I guess Stern .....what?...I can't even write a sarcastic characterization of how he could have controlled her during all that time. I guess it was also Stern's his total control of Anna, to let her have a two year affair with Birkhead (among others). Let's see what else?...I doesn't take a rocket scientist figure out Stern was in it for the money and murdered Anna. That makes a lot of sense...his grand plan was to meet Anna over ten years ago, devote all of his time to her, be her constant companion and friend, be subject to kooks like you, and in all that time amass absolutely NO money...only to murder this woman and thereby lose the what you claim was his puppet and meal ticket.'re right. It doesn't take a rocket takes a hateful dope like you and your fellow simpletons.

2773 days ago


In referense to your reply (Afraid of the crazies # 597) well, all I can say is that your nicname implies a lot....That you are so wrapped up in the belief that HKS had only but the best for ANS and any other "Logical" explanation therefore makes one crazy according to you.
How utterly rediculous! You are leading life with blinders on dear! There have been numerous upon numerous documented cases where the murderer was:

#1. Someone who was close to the victim (Therefore It had to be HKS since he wouldn't let her be involved with even her own family)
Also LB was controlled by HKS seeing ANS out of jelousy. What man would allow himself to lay on a sofa while LB and ANS where having intimate relations!!???? That alone proves he was a sicko!!!

#2. That in most cases it was the husband (even though it was just a fluke of a commitment ceromony on HKS and ANS's part in order for Them to keep the money away from anyone else! He snowed her into thinking he had any feelings for her whatsoever by keeping her in a drug induced state, and was never helpful to her addiction because he himself was doing drugs too and would ask her to do them with him!!!)

#3. And mostly the fact that HKS had opportunity as well as motive!!!!
(HKS has nobody's interest at heart but himself. He is exhibiting that moment to moment by refusing to merly take a DNA test!!! He knows he is not the natural father, otherwise why else the delay!??? Duh!!! Any man who had ANS's best interest in mind would be running like hell to prove to the world that he is indeed the father but no not HKS your most craziest person of all.
Enough of this BS....HKS do the right thing if you want us to care anything at all for your sorry ass before you become another OJSimpson!!!!

So I conclude, I have given you ample enough reasons to not be defending an undefendable individual....WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES!!!!

2773 days ago

Susan Primm    

Let the woman rest! ANS went to the Bahamas for a reason, to get away from Larry, her mother and everyone else haunting her. Who cares if HKS consulted ANS on picking up the ashes from the Old Marshall. Who cares about any of that stuff, let ANS be buried next to her son.

Let's face HKS gave her drugs and kept her drugged up but I believe ANS died of a broken heart! It will all come out in wash if Dannielynn is Larry's baby or HKS's or the other idiot stating he is the father, if Virgie ends up with her then she does but for goodness sakes let the woman go to rest!

2772 days ago


Virgie.. What type of mother would prefer her daughter to rot, while she ties up the courts in appeals! Yeah, that's a mothers love for you. If anything her actions are proving that Anna was sure as hell right about one thing- her mother is evil.

2772 days ago

Free BabyGurl Now    

greta van susteren has it right: milstein is supposed to be acting in the best interest of the baby, and the best interest of the baby would be to have her father decide where her mother would be buried. in furtherance of those interests (paternity can be determined within 24 hours), milstein should have gone over to the bahamas, taken the cheek swab, and determined whether howard or larry is the father.

but milstein did not do that. why? is he the partner in a public relations firm that represents judge larry seidlin?

2772 days ago

Free BabyGurl Now    

603. Virgie.. What type of mother would prefer her daughter to rot, while she ties up the courts in appeals!

Posted at 8:42PM on Feb 28th 2007 by Beth

QUESTION for Beth: Is Koward gonna open the casket so he sell photographs of anna's ROTTEN, according to you, corpse?

Or are koward and milstein gonna show anna's corpse the respect of keeping that casket closed?

for sure, dannielynn, will be harmed by finding out that, even though her mother's corpse was rotting, koward and milstein (dannielynn's GAL) allowed pictures to be taken of that rotting corpse.

funeral friday ... the world will find out whose interests koward and milstein are protecting.

2772 days ago

Empathy Matters    

At last it has been ordered that Anna will be burried in the Bahamas. What a shame Vergie will not be able to drag her to Texas where she will have the media follow her every time she sheds her crocodile tears by Anna's grave!

2772 days ago


Anna nicole knew where she wanted to be buried and she made all necessary arangements. what else do the courts want. virgie is a poor texas bumkin looking to cash in on her daughters death. Anna should be buried next to her son . Now we know why anna did'nt f@#$ with virgie like that . cause she's a B&*#@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2771 days ago
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