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What It Will Take for Howard K. to Go Away

2/27/2007 1:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the negotiations between Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead now have nothing to do with little Dannielynn. It's all about money.

Sources tell TMZ that Howard K. Stern has all but conceded that Larry Birkhead is the dad. Exhibit A: TMZ's story yesterday that Stern has already let Birkhead spend time with the baby. We're told Stern is willing to cooperate with paternity matters if the price is right. Specifically, sources say Stern has his eye on the Bahamian house Anna Nicole bought (not Horizons), and the boat she purchased just before her death. But that is not the end of Stern's financial wish list. Sources say he has set his sights on other assets as well.

Under the will and the laws of inheritance, Dannielynn would get all her mom's assets. Nonetheless, we're told the house, the boat and other assets are being discussed. It is unclear how Stern might lay claim to the items in question. Nonetheless, we're told that's precisely what he wants.


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Don't give HKS a red cent !! See how this plays out , the tide is turning and HKS will be caught in the undertow that he created .. ANS died to soon , he didn't have everything in place yet .

2794 days ago


the house & the boat just to get rid of him sounds absurd, but maybe worth it--i would hate to see him control any of the remainder of the estate or be trustee to the baby.

2794 days ago


Gina is delusional...

2794 days ago


Please, leave Howard alone. If Anna has chosen him to be with her and with the baby , then it is her wish. And she knows what is better for her and her baby. Let all people stop criticising him please. He has the right to do whatever he wants. Birkhead was kiked out by Anna, and he should stay out.

2794 days ago

Merry Christmas    

IF this is true, and I like to read these stories with a grain of salt... can you say PARASITE? The man has no shame, no pride. Can you even call him a MAN? Is he actually bartering for this baby?


2794 days ago


I think you would really have to love Anna to stay with her as long as Howard did. I would have left faster then Larry did.

2794 days ago


Interesting how you believe everything that TMZ says like it's gospel.

What a bunch of gullible people you are.

I think TMZ is biased and they make these sensational stories to manipulate you into taking one side. Theirs.

2794 days ago


it's extortion and randsom money, kidnapping is against the law and i'm not sure why the authorities are not getting involved!

2794 days ago


Maybe now some of you will begin to see the BIG PICTURE where Howard Pimp Stern is concerned. He wants money from the Marshall Estate when and if it's settled, and much's all about money for him, and always has been. Example: He's now willing to give up the baby for MONEY AND MANY OTHER CONSIDERATIONS.....i.e., money and property.

He should be investigated in many areas (including criminal).

A Paralegal

2794 days ago

M. G. Fla    

Let's face the facts. HKS has nothing monitarily after ANS's death except a thin, birth certificate technicality that perhaps, or perhaps not, will hold up under Bahamian law.
If he doesn't get the Bahama house, he doesn't get Bahamian Residency. Under Bahamian Law, to apply for perminant residency all applicants must have $500,000 in assets in the Bahamas. He probably has some "music" to face in the US down the line.
He needs money folks. Otherwise, he really has nothing to lose but fight Larry B. to the end.
Better to get the child "out-a-there" NOW.

2794 days ago


Anna would have wanted Howard to have something...HELLO - He was practically married to her! She was about to make it legal too. He is the one who has been a constant in her life - he deserves something. Esp. the home they probably reminds him of her. He did a lot for her.

2794 days ago

Lady Hadenough    

Debra Opri won't sell Larry out. I trust she will give HKS the LEAST amount as possible. But I understand. It's really better for the baby to get her in her father's care asap. That said, what a bottom feeder that man is... I hope some district attorney somewhere eith in the Bahamas or Fla. will indict his ass SOON!

2794 days ago


If Stern was not the father and knew it then why did he drag all of this out in court and stuff? If I were Larry Birkhead, I'd sue Stern for all of my legal fees. What a bottom feeder and enabling scum-sucking murderer Stern is.

2794 days ago


He should not only NOT get a penny but should be arrested for the deaths of both ANS and the son.
This proves he has no feelings for that baby and for all we know that baby is being mistreated.

2794 days ago


howard stood by anna for years and did everything for her...for all purposes, her common law husband.

the problem is that anna nor howard thought much into the future to make sure howard would be taken care of in case anything happened to anna.

women marry rich men all the time, if a man devotes his life to a rich woman,he's seen as some sort of leach.

2794 days ago
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