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Anna Nicole -- Funeral Details Revealed

3/1/2007 2:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith's FuneralThe long awaited and highly disputed funeral of Anna Nicole Smith is officially set for tomorrow, and the former Playboy Playmate is getting to her final resting place in high style.

Smith's body is scheduled to leave the Broward County Medical Examiner's office with a police escort all the way to Miami International Airport. The coffin will then be transferred to a private plane and flown directly to the Bahamas.

Once on the island, another motorcade will transport Smith's casket to Mount Horeb Church in Nassau.


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Patricia C.    

So, this funeral and burial is Howard's "last hurrah." What really gets me is this has all become so ridiculous...ANS was always a glorified stripper...she was talentless, when she did appear in something it was in poor taste. How in the world is she more important in death than in life? I thought only "painters" were perceived that way! The whole event is supposed to be VERY pink, over-the-top, with approximately 300 guests. There will also be a "famous" singer...This should excite the guardian ad litem.....I think pink is his favorite color. I cannot wait until all this is over with so the legal processes can get moving. I want to see HKS be the "man without a country." More importantly, I want to see the baby with her legitimate father and away from the "freaks."

2761 days ago


So, on CourtTV they are saying that VIrgie is now going to fight in the Bahamas to a. get Daniellyn, b. then exhume Daniel and then c. exhume Anna and bury them all in Texas. I almost fell out of my chair. What kind of mind even thinks of such a thing??

2761 days ago


Just wanted to say RIP Anna Nicole - I was one of your fans. I'm sad to see you buried in the Bahamas - and not on US soil - but at least you will be with your son.

2761 days ago


Just wanted to say RIP Anna Nicole - I was one of your fans. I'm sad to see you buried in the Bahamas - and not on US soil - but at least you will be with your son.

2761 days ago



2761 days ago

Just me??    

I hope the police are out in full force in the Bahamas and that if one media person takes one step out of line ,the police will remove them immediately. IT IS TIME ANNA NICOLE IS SHOWN SOME RESPECT, ESPECIALLY BY NEWS MEDIA. She has been put through hell in the last 3 weeks and not it's time for her to have ETERNAL REST beside her son..You were LOVED, Anna Nicoloe, REST IN PEACE.

2761 days ago


Although I still believe that her mother's wishes to have both Anna and Danny returned to Texas to bring them home to a family burial should have been respected by all involved, I understand why the burial is finally taking place. My problem with that is that I think it is giving Howard Stern what HE wanted all along; a residence in the Bahamas that apparently has some legal bearing on validating his paternity of the baby. I just hope that the fraud
others are speaking of, that can only be guessed by others, gets public and legal attention and results in his disbarrment as well as possible criminal negligence charges, if not
murder, results in his public disgrace. Those who know the facts behind his signature on the baby's birth certificate should testify; those who know why he (not Anna) chose the
Bahamas for a residence, and all others who were sidelined by his machinations (that
includes Larry Birkhead) are finally heard. And, while all this is taking place, custody of
that baby should be immediately removed from Howard Stern even before paternity issues are resolved. Talk about child snatching or legal kidnapping for his own ends.. terrible.
The unkind words spoken by Anna (and posted in these blogs) have little to do with honor or respect for kinship nor do I believe it has any basis in truth. While the legal wheels are
turning I hope Mrs. Arthur is allowed to cuddle and keep Danielyn with her until Larry is finally given the right to his own daughter. And I hope all those Howard injured pursue
legal action against him.

2761 days ago


At last she will rest in peach beside her son. Hopefully her mother & Daniel's father can some day get them moved to Texas, where family and friends can visit the graves without flying to the Bahamas. The most important, is she's beside Daniel. I don't believe her mother ever intended to have Anna in Texas and Daniel in the Bahamas. You wait and see, some day, they may both be moved to the USA. Now her daughter needs to be with her rightful daddy, not the proclaimed "executor of the will", who seemed proud of that title on Anna's death certificate, instead of boyfriend or father of her child. We know where his priorities are and he loves to say Vergie is after the money. He has strings attached to that baby that will insure he gets "money" some way or another. The Love of Money is the root of all evil, yes it is! And Anna thought her mom was evil. Anna allowed Howard too much "charge of things", but her mind was messed up most the time, so that is why things are such a mess now, but in time all will work out for the best, at least I hope so.

2761 days ago


rags to riches to dirt - predictable outcome.

Now the attention can be focused solely on rooting out the truth of any and all criminal acts. Way I see it, "Big Mo" and his wife could provide the truth in the last hours before Anna died. The question is, will they.

2761 days ago


Why not allow the public to pay their respects to Ms. Smith? Seems to be another "control" issue by the parties to be...sad!

2761 days ago


No matter what Anna did or what anyone did, it's very sad for everyone involved. The people who speak ill of the dead and judge her, will be judged themself in the same manner they judged her. I hope they will think about that when they slam her. Anna had problems and wanted to escape her mental and physical pain. Now's she's finally at peace with herself. G d rest her weary soul.

2761 days ago


I just heard via court TV that Anna Nicole's estranged mother is moving forward with her court petition to exume Daniels body as well as Anna's once she's buried,,WHY? This was Anna Nicole's wish to be buried next to her son 'in the Bahama's', it's almost sacraligeous to do such a thing and I question her motive's. I would like to see Stern and Birkhead continue the resolve of the baby issue and unite to bar this from happening for the sake of the woman they claimed to have loved.

2761 days ago


what about the deadly twister that hit you what to talk about that......loser all of you.......

2761 days ago


There will be an interview with Larry Birkhead at 10:00pm on Bravo Friday . They are also airing it other times over the weekend. You can see the schedule here:

It is really heartbreaking. He cries alot of REAL tears, not the fake blubbering that HKS has been doing on Entertainment Tonight for months now.

You can also see the excerpt that they showed on the Today Show a few days ago here:

2761 days ago


Instead of cans hanging off the back of a car for a wedding.....maybe we can drag methadone bottles and KY bottles behind her coffin. Ah, a life well lived, Anna!

2761 days ago
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