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Janice Dickinson: "Britney's Brilliant!"

3/1/2007 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wacky TV modeling agency hostess Janice Dickinson is a huge Britney Spears fan!

TMZ spotted the self-proclaimed "World's First Supermodel" on Robertson Blvd. yesterday, when she was asked about Britney Spears. Janice replied, "There is no scandal, what's happened to her hair has nothing to do with the caliber of her music. She's a brilliant musician ... and she's a brilliant person."

This, from a woman wearing a red and black plaid fur-lined coat and carrying an electric green purse.


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Janice Dickinson ISN'T a super model.. She says she invented the term but the only term she has invented is UGLY.. This woman is a freaking nutcase so what makes her think she can give advice on someone else. The woman is disgusting...All that money for plastic surgery did nothing for her looks. She should have just kept her money.. TMZ Please stick with REAL celebrity news.. Janice Dickinson doesn't even go on this site..

2761 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.......................She does have "Blow job lips"................
.......................Large Mouth Bass lips, with a touch of Mick Jagger thrown in.....
.......................At least Mick was born with his lips, she had to buy hers.............
.......................The neck Janice, the neck....Gooble gooble gooble......................
.......................Your hands Janice, your hands....Oh my goodness......................
.......................You are so yesterday, it is sad that you can't grow older
gracefully, But then again there has never been anything graceful about you.
You have always been loud, louder...Then you are quiet for a minute or two, because
you are busy "doing" someone....Whoops sorry...Something! Go Away!!!!!!!! Be quiet!
Your son has seen you being a fool his whole life, to him its normal.....SAD SAD SAD!

2761 days ago


Britney's a musician???? Maybe in the same world where she was the "first" supermodel.. come on

2761 days ago


I thought it was Michael Jackson until I read the story.

2761 days ago


Gia Carangi wasn't the first supermodel......She may have been the first "Supermodel" to die of AIDS due to her Drug Addiction to Heroin......And Janice is the "FIRST "SELF-PROCLAIMED" SUPERMODEL"....but there is Suzy Parker, Dovima, Verushka, Hutton, Carmen, many others that have outlived "supermodel of the moment". Janice just knows how to market herself.....and She is a survivor!!!!!!!!!!!

2761 days ago

mary poppins    

How pathetic is this over exposed, fake, liposuctioned BROAD!!!!! What a poor excuse for a human being. Britney brilliant? I think not. Some role model. Post partum depression my ass, just a convenient excuse for bad behavior. Toss up as to who is worse, Janice or Brit.

2761 days ago

big t    

She needs to stay home, shut her yap and get ready for another hypo of Botox....she keeps treating her business partner and employees like crap, all she'll have left will be her 9 pound lips !

2761 days ago


Yeah, right . Christina and Justin are making hits but they had not made as many hits as Britney or much money. That's why she is a pop princess. She dominates the hearts of the teenagers and older generations. She is included in the Forbes, one of the richest woman. Who has 100 million dollars. And she has more cover magazines and Christina & Justin and Justin and Christina was never the top searched in the internet. It means Britney is more popular than them. And if people are more interested in Britney than them, then there goes opinions of people about her life. And it's freaking Britney's out. She's always in the NEWS. And I am sure she never wants that much attention. You always want to look your best when camera flashes on you and not took pictures of you. Anytime, with no warning. It will pisses you off. Well, there is the difference you all. To Janice D., well thank you for your nice comments to Britney. That's her opinion you all. If you want your opinion to be respected then respect others opinion too. And to my opinion, shaving hair is no scandal. Accidentally falshing her */*/* in the camera is no scandal. Partying all the time is no scandal. ETC. Since some of the ordinary people with no celebrity status might be doing it but we don't give the damn about them because they are not interesting like Britney, right?

2761 days ago


Brilliant musician? Yeah, and Paris Hilton is a virgin!

2761 days ago


Janice wants attention that's all. Britneys true love is not Justin She cheated in him . It is Colin Farrell she'd do anything for him but he just booty calls her. .

2761 days ago

Jeff Jagger    

What a Joke. Since when is Britney a musician? I don't really want to bash the girl, especially when it is obvious she needs some serious help, but this "musician" could not sing to save her life. Just watch one of her concert videos. There's a reason why she whispers and sighs throughout her performance. And I seriously doubt she can play a instrument. So what is it that makes her a "brilliant musician"?

2761 days ago


Um Janice you are 52 not 25. Time to grow up and quit dressing like you are young and hot cause your not!

2761 days ago


Janice was a model when the pyramids were being built. For her to have the nerve to say she coined the world supermodel is just loco. No one even knew who this hag was until she popped out of nowhere and started running her foolish mouth. She is only saying she loves Britney to get publicity. Next thing you know she will be saying Anna Nicole was brilliant. Dried up, wrinkled prune!

2761 days ago


Why even bother to report what Janice has to say? This is the same woman who thinks perez hilton is brilliant also. As an addict herself I am surprised she is downplaying the seriousness of Miss Spears troubles.

2761 days ago

Maggie Z.    

This woman is such a WEIRDO. She's so damn annoying and such a bitch. 99.9% of what this woman says make absolutely no sense.

2761 days ago
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