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Jennifer Hudson:

Big Girl, Little Pic

3/1/2007 1:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She scooped every major award for her performance in "Dreamgirls," but Jennifer Hudson only got a little "hot square" on the cover of OK! Magazine.

Baby Jen Hudson was spotted at LAX reading the tabloid before running errands with her peeps around the city.

The Oscar-winning former Idol pulled a classy move in her acceptance speech, by giving a shout-out to the broadway star who originated the Effie White role on Broadway, Jennifer Holliday. Sweet.


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Some of your comments are mean spirited and hateful. She has accomplished more than most of you will in your entire lives. I hope she rises all the way to the top and prove all of your ignorant asses wrong. CONGRATULATIONS JHUD!! Prove these ignorant fools wrong......AGAIN!

2757 days ago


Damn, some people just hate when someone's got talent. Give Jen her props! She's gifted. Don't'll just make her even more popular. I see the negative people spent time to post a comment about her. Plus, Jen ain't worried about OK Magazone....come on....she's been on the COVER of many magazines so far...even before she won the Oscar. Take that! HA!

2757 days ago

Brit sucks    

She'll never top this and therefore be seen as a "one hit wonder"

2757 days ago

Angela Scott    

Yes, I'm pround of Jennifer Hudon. Has anyone else noticed, since American Idol, her apperance at the Interntional Auto Show up to now each time you see her she is getting smaller , don't get me wrong she is a big girl but the recent pictures she looks thinner. Could be those good undergarment they wear in Hollywood.

2757 days ago

Only in    

Let me make myself perfectly clear for those who don't understand the African American. Its part of our heritage,our ancestors ,our blood, our suffering throughout the many century's. You may say if you are Italian, You would be an Italian-American. To the other question of Banning the" N" word let me say, this is the first step before it can become law.This will go to Congress and voted on just like any other agenda that goes before Congress. Fox news announced this on wed.2/28/06 just yesterday. I hope this clears up any questions,and I hope I didn't incite anyone,because I am trying very hard not to. I will never give up my Fight against RACISM! NO PEACE NO JUSTICE!!!

2757 days ago


I can not stand her, she is so full of herself. She needs to get a good bra, loose all the flab that goes flying around every time she performs, and stop thinking you are so fabolous b/c they felt the need to give a gheto black girl an award...I can go down to the city and find some trash just like you...nothing special

2757 days ago


I don't begrudge this woman anything but MY GOD I am sick of hearing about her.

2757 days ago


Farrah: One question....Are you still married to your white husband?? I remember a few months ago you mentioned that you were married to a white guy with a small penis!

2757 days ago


All you hatin a/s/s women on this board are just jealuous. She IS talented and will go far. Just because all you women tried to make it big but ended up as strippers, don't mean JHud won't go far.

And BTW the wand an OSCAR!!!!!!!!!!!! The best there is. Stop hatin wintches!

2757 days ago


Vozbelle, you're an idiot! How can your trailer park ass call anyone trash? Jen is laughing all the way to the bank while you collect welfar. Trick!

2757 days ago


I don't understand why everyone hates my girl Jennifer so much! This chick can sing, I agree that there may not be many more roles in film for her... but I don't think she's just going to fade into obscurity. I think she will definitely be a huge hit in the music industry, her voice is a gift from God.

And why does everyone say she is so aarogant and full of herself? Because honestly, I don't see that at all... I also love the fact that she isn't gorgeous, or sickly thin... it shows the American people that you can achieve success without having to look like a supermodel and hopefully empower a large percentage of our youth, with body image issues...

You people are so hateful, it's really scary...

2757 days ago


Why can't we just say she's a great actress and not a great black actress? I mean, everytime a minority person wins something or makes it big, their race always has to come out. When can we just say, oh how wonderful someone was instead of, oh how wonderful that black girl was. When a white person wins, nobody ever says, what a great job that white person did in that movie.

2757 days ago


Why does every article about her have to entail her weight? Why are people jumping to call her fat, miss piggy, etc. when she represents the majority of the American body type? The average woman in America is not a size 0. Even this topic, "Big girl, little pic"'s like that is the only thing you can think of to describe her.

2757 days ago


Enough Jennifer Holliday! She was terrrible during her stint on a rooftop during the Oscars. Trying too hard! There is nothing more embarasing than to see a has-been desperate whatever. Even from my tv set, i can smell her desperation. Sell tupperware or something!!!!

2757 days ago


Jennifer Hudson did a wonderful job, and it's just like US to bring her down for whatever reason. The general consensus is never one of celebration, but one of harsh judgement etc. However, my friend met Jennifer Hudson, probably a week before she won her Oscar award and said she was nothing but pleasant. Don't give her a big head, because when you do, anything she says or does that doesn't sit right with you, you'll pass it off as her being arrogant and "big headed."

Last, Hyde Park/Kenwood, in Chicago, are two affluent neighborhoods, not everyone comes from the ghetto. Know that, just because she can act and sing, doesn't mean she's a ghetto hood rat. We all don't rise up from our boot straps, some of us have two parent homes/or good homes where we actually were taught to thrive.

2757 days ago
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