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Jeremy Piven's New Babe Magnet

3/1/2007 5:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jeremy Piven knows how to get the ladies on their knees -- by getting a brand new puppy!

The "Entourage" star picked up an adorable baby English bulldog in Malibu yesterday, and it already seems to be doing the trick. After bringing the pup home, Piven took her for a walk -- and instantly attracted the adoring attention of two stacked hotties.

Piven didn't pay them much attention though -- he purchased the dog with his smokin' hot model girlfriend.


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brian scott miller    

You can tell a lot about a man by his friends... Woof Woof.

2792 days ago


He is Soooooooo Cute!!! The Puppy

2792 days ago


As an owner of four bullies....that is a darling one....they are true sweethearts, but very high-maitenence and expensive when they're sick.

2792 days ago


Yep, I own a bulldog and he pulls the women everytime we're out in public.

2792 days ago

Great Dane    


Maybe a step ladder? Just a suggestion.....


2792 days ago


someone should tell him to ditch the collar and get a harness for the puppy. bulldogs (although FANTASTIC!!!) are known for breathing problems and pulling him on a collar will only restrict his breathing more......

cute dog, though!

2792 days ago

Linda Heidari    

Hi guys, I just want to say how glad I am that Anna Nicole is finally going
to be laid to rest after all this hoopla. Shame on everyone who has made
a circus out of this heartbreaking tragedy...Nobody has the right to judge
this young woman for her lifestyle and believe it or not it really is nobodys
bussiness! We all live in glass houses.Her so-called mother should go back
to Texas and Mr.Stern should submit DannieLynns DNA and all find her real
biological father, because now it is that precious baby who needs to be provided for, nurtured and loved.Regardless of popular belief, it is NOT
just about the money.This is what her mommy would most certainly want
for her baby girl.I am very glad that Annas wishes are being respected.

2792 days ago


is that really an english bulldog?? they have no snout like that dog has, they are flat faced...i'd have to see another photo of the dog before i would call it an english bulldog

2792 days ago


I agree #7. Possibly a French or American Bulldog.
Inquiring dog lovers want a better pic!

2791 days ago

What IS the law?    

I was going to post exactly what Comment number 7 said. This does NOT look like an English bulldog to me. Their faces are even flatter when they are pups.

2791 days ago

What IS the law?    

#2: if your four "bullies" look like that one... you've been robbed! That's no English bulldog. Sorry to say...

2791 days ago


What an idiot, that pet store in Malibu should be shut down! They sell puppy/kitty mill pets, from places like Missouri. Kept in deplorable conditions, indiscriminate breeding, you name it. They (pet stores in general) often but the pets from 3rd party brokers trying to avoid this bad rep - the old see no evil, hear no evil argument.

How do I know? My sister bought a cat @ that store a couple years back, paid something like $1400. The friggin thing had an eye problem from day one. Fast forward about a year, and the cat ended up with pneumonia or something, and was going blind (I think) - she was always on some form of vet prescribed drug for one thing or another. She was so sick that she went from a sweet kitty to a total bitch. Bottom line, the cat was always sick, and died sometime when my sis was out of town on a business trip. She spent untold amounts on vet bills/drugs for the poor thing. Around the same time, my sis had a cat 'on order' from a So Cal breeder, it cost her something like 1/3 the price of the pet store cat.. And he's a far healthier, sweeter boy than the dead kitty.

I had just rescued a cat from under a 10 fwy overpass in this time frame - which ended up getting the same pneumonia issue from the other cat (nor would eat for a few days & lost some weight) - perhaps due to a lowered immune system (according to the vet I took her to and given the circumstances I'd believe him). This was only AFTER going to my sisters place for a few days for holiday celebrations. Yes, I'd just adopted another cat from a west side rescue group around Halloween but it definitely wasn't his issue (perfectly healthy he didn't give it to her).

I'd suggested she sue the crap out of the pet store, they need to be held responsible for their actions. Normally, I'm not one to scream SUE, but she'd grown very attached to the animal, and it sickens me to see businesses like them put the almighty dollar ahead of an animals welfare. In the end though, the pet store at least refunded the purchase of the animal, and at least some of the vet bills.

**Anyone that wants a pet, DO NOT go to those idiots in the Malibu shopping center - go to a private breeder, or better yet a non-profit rescue group!

2791 days ago


Jeremy Piven is a douchebag.

2791 days ago


Remember Ted Bundy and his "broken" leg / arm, and how he successfully "charmed' many women to his death bed with his "vulnerability" -

Guys aren't always what they seem (I have no idea about the person this article is about). I'm just saying, watch out for people, just because they act charming and vulnerable, and have cute accoutrements, doesn't mean they themselves can be trusted.

2791 days ago

Animal Lover    

Why do celebrities keep insisting on purchasing pets from pet stores? Have they never heard of puppy mills and the horrible conditions their dogs parents are kept in? It's a shame.

2791 days ago
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