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Marilyn Becomes Anna

3/4/2007 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna always wanted to be like Marilyn, and now, with this eBay art treasure, Vickie Lynn is made entirely of pictures of Norma Jean.
Anna Nicole mosaic
Hundreds of tiny images of Marilyn are formatted to make one 8"x10" image of the late TRIMSPA spokeswoman, buried this past week in the Bahamas.

The seller created the artwork, and promises that no more than 25 will be released. Also sold in jumbo sizes!


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We are all thinking it.
Anything for a book.

You have got to love it


2788 days ago


You have to got tobe kidding?
First her grave compared to : "The King" Elvis Presley and now Marilyn? Oh please
Another one on the band wagon to make a buck off Anna.

here is something interesting

Since when did the Sultan of Brunei communicate with HK$ in emails??
Oh please !!!!
Drug free and a place with no drugs??? DAmn !! She had a duffel bag think that was NOT coming too???,2933,251488,00.html

2788 days ago


How can ANYONE even put Anna in the league of Marilyn Monroe??

No where near close and this does not even look like Marilyn, looks like Anna with bright red liptstick.

And they keep coming out of the woodwork

2788 days ago


I think that's the coolest thing I ever saw!!! I always thought Anna looked exactly like Marilyn, so this is a cool idea. And so what if someone makes money from her with their artwork...better than the three fighting in court over her money, don't you think?

2788 days ago


Howard why ask the Sultan of Brunei to help make Anna drug free??
None of this sh*t makes any sense

2788 days ago


ANS was classless & disgusting. Comparing her to Marilyn Monroe is laughable.
True Norma Jean fans must cringe when the comparison is made!

2788 days ago


I think this is a refreshing (and honest) change... this person is making money off of their own talent. To create a piece of artwork in entirely different than selling personal photos or videos. I give it 2 thumbs up!

2788 days ago


You obviously don't like Anna, so of course you wouldn't appreciate anything about her that's positive. I, however, have always liked her....odd, yes, but I still liked we can agree to disagree.

2788 days ago


Amuzed, I totally agree...if I had any art talent, I might have tried creating something myself, but sadly, I can't even draw stick figures......but I think this is very creative, and it's not so much that alot don't think Anna resembled Marilyn...but that she idolized her. That makes this artwork unique.

2788 days ago


Enough of this Anna Shit the Bitch is Dead...People get over it ....we will never see the Bitch ever again IT"S OVER...Move on with your Trailer Park Lives....How Long has she been DEAD!!!!count the day's if you know how to count....


2788 days ago



2788 days ago


This is ridiculous. I just told Marilyn Monroe's estate that this is out there.
Though there are similarites, they are two different people. If you are going to capitaize on Nicole Smith, please don't use Marilyn's image to do so because it is just ridiculous.
I don't think this guy (Artist) has an inkling THAT if he is going to use Marilyn's image that
he should get a license from her estate. Hopefully, her estate takes notice to cease the sale of this item. Let Anna Nicole RIP. and Leave Marilyn out of this whole mad mad

I noticed that this guy is using licensed images from ABC's Lost, FOx's simpson and it is for sale on EBAY... so a quick call to their licensing department will cease this ridiculous man's work!!!!

2788 days ago


Artists create tributes to fallen celebrities all the time. Whether ANS was good or bad is besides the point. The woman publicly idolized Marily Monroe her entire life and for whatever reason felt a bond with her. For an artist to be able to create a portrait of her from the likeness of her idol is pretty amazing. This is something I'm sure her family members would even cherish.

2788 days ago


If you go to this seller's site, this IS a picture of Anna Nicole...made from pictures of Marilyn Monroe.....geez, people.....READ!!!

2788 days ago


carnie...are you some kind of 'righteous police'...running to tattle on if YOU know anyone that has anything to do with Marilyn's estate......LOL!!!!! Look at things on least this person is CREATING this artwork.....not stealing it!!

2788 days ago
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