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Star Jones -- Yes, She's Back (Again)

3/5/2007 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Star JonesStar Jones is a lawyer – and she plays one on TV. The former "View" co-host and Rosie O'Donnell nemesis will return to the small screen this May portraying – what else? – a consulting lawyer on "Law & Order: SVU," as Page Six reports.

It's a rare paid gig for Star, who's been largely jobless since she got the boot from "The View" last summer. The attorney-turned-Bridezilla did a little hosting gig for a cable real-estate show, and then she tried her hand at being talk-radio host, filling in for Michael Eric Dyson on his syndicated program. Appropriately enough, rapper Ludacris will also be on the show.

Beckham Busts His $125 Million (Right) Knee

A collective gasp went up all around the land, as our most significant import since loose tea, David Beckham, injured his right knee in a Spanish League game. Beckham ran into what the Guardian calls the "advertising hoardings" behind the goal in the 63rd minute when he couldn't pull up in time. Though he left the field limping in a vertical rather than horizontal position, the $250 million L.A. Galaxy star-to-be may have injured one of his collateral ligaments, a relatively serious injury that may sideline him for up to six weeks. Beckham is expected to start play in the Major League Soccer season early this summer.

Jacko's Hand Costs $100/Second

There are some places in the world where Michael Jackson is still thought of as an actual human being, like Japan, where fans are lining up to pay $3500 for a handshake and 30 seconds of face time with the Gloved One. He arrived in Tokyo yesterday, as the AP reports, for his first appearance among fans in several years, and certainly since his acquittal on child molestation charges in June 2005. No word on whether Jackson will actually perform at this particular engagement, but the King of Wack will be hosting a fan art contest, the big prize being a picture-and-brunch session.

Party Favors: Coldplay Says It's Written the One Song You Must Listen to Before You Die ... Hartnett Continues Crazy Lower East Side Nights ... "Wild Hogs" Wins B.O.

Chris Martin and his bandmates in Coldplay have pretty mild expectations for their own music. During a press conference announcing that the band is working on a new album this year, Martin, hubby of Gwyneth Paltrow, announced that the disc will feature "the one song that we feel like everybody has to hear ... before we die." ... Last week, Page Six reported that actor Josh Hartnett helped defuse a bar fight inside Manhattan's Whiskey Ward bar, but today, some witnesses are singing a different tune about Hartnett and his pals, calling them "very aggressive," and saying that Hartnett just stood by the fracas. His reps deny. ... Midlife-biker-crisis-roadtrip-hilarity-ensues flick "Wild Hogs" raced to the top of the box office, taking in $38 million to beat out fellow motorcycle-themed picture "Ghost Rider" and the debut of "Zodiac." ... And as of 8 AM in the East this fine Monday morning, Britney Spears is still in rehab. Promises, Promises.


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Even Oprah Winfrey is FINISHED helping out the blacks in America. She's moved onto African girls. Black Americans don't want to learn. They don't want an education. They don't want to work. Black men don't want to be fathers to their children. They just want to keep reproducing, driving Cadillac Escalades and getting women pregnant and living off the system. That system being the one that I'm paying for. If anybody should be upset, it should be the white people that gotta keep carrying your asses in this country.

2796 days ago


To alb 44:

If you really believe what you posted, than double fuck you.

2796 days ago


To alb 46:

That statement is as old and tired as I'm sure you are. Go fuck yourself.

2796 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.......alb and Lucille, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife, You may kiss your Bride......

2796 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.......alb and Lucille, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife, You may kiss your Bride......

2796 days ago


To alb 49:

alb, I'm truly sorry that I have come down to your level. Obviously good taste and manners were completely thrown out of the window in this discussion. I confirm my opinions regarding Starr Jones and the racist treatment she has endured, yet I apologize more to God, myself and even to you alb, as well as the other posters. You see, I went against my upbringing and descended into the pit of vulgarity with you, and I’m uncomfortable leaving such a crude and course impression.

2796 days ago


And Old Dog, FUCK YOU!

2796 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Lucille - I get that you feel pain for lousy ancestral memories of others. Welcome to a worldwide club. You seem to think that only you, and only black folk are entitled to this. You, you, you. You want all this empathy, and yet you seem to have none for others. You don't give any thought to moving on, living positively. You seem to prefer/want to rant about retribution. Yeah, revenge is the answer. Not. Yeah, I think as a Scot I'll go back to England and get retribution for what happened to my ancestors. NOT. You can hold on to it, or make a choice to move forward. Looks like you've chosen to hold on. To someone else's lousy memories. That's masochistic, IMHO. Give your poor self a break.
Nowhere do I read where I tell you what and how to feel. I've given you my view, and made suggestions that you can consider or disregard. I didn't have to bother at all.
Last I looked, I wasn't livin' off any black folk, and never have. WTF?!
As you addressed post #40 to me, You need to read my posts AGAIN, particularly about Star Jones, post #38. Do NOT accuse me of feeling superior. READ IT AGAIN. What's wrong with you?
I haven't cheated anyone out of a mortgage, housing or job. I worked two full time jobs for five years and put off children to finally buy a home. I'm too busy paddling hard trying to survive and put food on the table to 'cheat' anyone. WTF? Education I 'begrudged' you? I didn't finish my degree the first time due to a mouth full of rotten teeth inspite of working fulltime graveyard pumping gas, no help from anyone, and a dentist brother who sat silently so that I would fail and make himself look better to my equally dysfunctional parents. I finished much later, one course at a time while I worked.

No one is keeping Star from making a living. She's been working. She's a lawyer, for chri_ _sake. She's just moved on from THAT job. (the view.) My field is journalism/broadcasting, and there is more lateral job movement in that field than in any other, except acting, and 'white folk' and other folk lose positions all the time. BTW, as much as I liked Star, do you think she was right in the massive exploitation for all of the free wedding stuff? I don't. I wouldn't do that, and you think I would because I'm white, and you seem to think we get given stuff. Nope. I work and pay for everything I get, and pride myself on being beholden to no one. There a plenty of white folk who would take the free stuff, though. You say she lost her job because she wouldn't kiss Walter's a_ _.
Every job you ever hold, regardless of color, you 'gotta serve somebody', like them or not, or you will eventually be saying goodbye. That's life. If you don't want to, you move on. Star chose to move on. She did it her way, and with style.
You have a great rage, alright. You are just plain angry. You should examine the real reasons why. Easier to point at someone else's past, instead of turning that finger around and pointing it at the person in the mirror. Now you're claiming cellular memory??!? Easy out, girl. Easy out.
You can claim 'cellular memory' until you're old and in the ground, so you can have a permanent excuse for not changing your own world around yourself if it's not so good right now. You can sit and rage and blame everybody else instead. That fight, the one where we all have to get off our own asses and better our own situation, is the human condition. It knows no race, color or creed. Hell. Move to Canada. I play competetive volleyball with blacks who are more wasp than I am, and they have more money. And I don't think THEY
are keeping me down. We're best friends, and help each other out, even though IMHO they act superior to me. Open your mind and heart, and give to and help others, and they will give to and help you. Crap. Don't want to start singing Kumbaya. Later.

2796 days ago


Why do black people always have to make everything about other black people about BEING BLACK? It has nothing to do with her skin color, Star Jones is annoying and thinks she's WAY better than she is. Personally I can't stand looking at her face, black OR white.

You know, if black people don't want race to be an issue when people look at them, stop making it a fucking issue. Instead of criticizing white people and just assuming that everything is a race attack, why don't you spend some time helping your culture, which incidentally has turned to shit?

2795 days ago


Well that sucks now I will stop watching SVU because I can't stand the sight of STAR. Maybe if there rating go down they will dump her too.

2795 days ago


Bottom line: White folks on t.v. are allowed to leave their jobs graciously, and Blacks (in particular Black women) are not. There happened to be two Black female, local broadcasters in New York City, both named Lynn White. The younger Ms. White founded a new morning show on one of the location stations and hosted it for several years. When the younger Ms. White’s contract was up for renewal, and was being re-negotiated via Ms. White's agent, suddenly one Friday morning, after Ms. White finishing broadcasting, one of the managers of the station (a White female), told Ms. White she was fired, to get out, and not to bother to pack her things, that the station would send her things to her home. Never in the history of broadcasting have I ever seen such treatment of a professional on air journalist until Starr Jones' dismissal was leaked by ABC and Starr Jones was allow to hang in the wind until Barbara Walters and ABC cut her loose (actually until Starr said, enough).

This “treatment” happens to regular Black working woman too, or at least it does in the private sector.

The point is lack of respect for one, lack of respect for all. There should be consequences for such actions, and hopefully someday, there will be.

2795 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Lucille - The "treatment" happens to regular white working women too, and asian, and native american...Each dismissal has to be looked at apon it's own merit. If the dismissal is wrongful, you can sue. I had a terribly unfair departure from my last position. It was meant to be. I decided to look for and land a better one. It's not what happens to you, but what you do with it. I can't remember the last time any white guy did me a favour, and I'm white. My point is, everyone is in the same boat. I know you don't believe it, but they are. Those T.V. families? They don't exist. Only a very small percentage live like 'Seventh Heaven' or whatever. You hope there are consequences for such actions someday? There are now. Get a better position, in a better place. I don't know why you have appointed your poor self as martyr for all wrong committed to your race. I sure don't think you deserve or need to do that to yourself. Break that mould that you feel exists. Don't carry it on your back one step further. Free yourself. Break your chains. You are NOT responsible for all this history. You can still care, but you have to keep it separate and not let it engulf you; because bottom line, you're no good to yourself or anyone if you let this eat yourself alive. Any fixes for problems you might see are probably better done from a more detached and rational intellect rather than from bitter emotional overinvolvement .You don't deserve that. Don't do that to YOURSELF. Do your thing, girl. Enjoy yourself. Eat, drink, work, dance, sing, study, whatever, be happy. Get something for yourself. We only have so many days on this earth. Who said you had to own and carry the weight of the whole world on your shoulders??? It's a good time to be free. Let yourself be. Help when and where you can, but allow a little corner of happiness for yourself. Best Wishes.

2795 days ago


To Shallow Hal,

Thank you for your concern, and I sincerely hope for best wishes and happiness for you as well. I will consider everything you have said.

2795 days ago


I'm so glad to see that Mrs. Reynolds finally has a gig. Guess she can't get anything permanent. So why does she want that law degree for?? Seriously, a job doesn't have to be in show biz. I'm sure some folks out there wouldn't mind being represented by Star. click ;)

2795 days ago


I can't believe "Star" Jones ever did anything remotely related to entertainment. I think she and "New York" from 'I Love New York' (which is also a disgusting show of the why there is racism (not color, but culture) should both get together , since they look so much alike and do what they do besy, try to hog the spotlight with their no-ass talent! Jones made me sick where I couldn't even watch 'The View'. Everytime there were guests, her big, fat butt had to be the one sitting next to them, so she was in every shot. No one wanted to look at her! I bet the guests hated sitting next to her. She took up the whole dang couch! Then when she lost weight, it was all about this dunb man she finally got to marry her and the wedding she couldn't quit talking about, like we actually CARED aboout her life, out here in the real world. Rosie is so much better. At least she is funny and has talent. I never even knew what talent Jones was supposed to have to begin with! I only started watching the view again after Jones left, and I am glad she can't get a job now. No one liked her to begin with, and no one likes her now! She just needs to stay away from the TV, because she is an irritant, no matter her size.

2795 days ago
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