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Britney's Rehab -- Not So Promising

3/6/2007 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Will Britney Spears make it through a month in Malibu in rehab? Much as everyone wants to believe, things are looking a little shaky.

Brit has managed to stay at Promises since last Thursday, but Us reports that she's "wavering" in her treatment, and that her cousin Alli has been dispatched to lend a hand. What's more, a source tells Us that her family is hoping that Spears will persevere, but "they're nervous she might not last that long."

Speaking of her family, Kevin Federline did what any responsible dad would do with his sons while mom's away – he took them to Vegas. K-Fed had to make an appearance at the Mirage Hotel, Fashion Disasters Gallery: Click to launch photosand decided to bring 17-month-old Sean and 5-month-old Jayden along. Not to worry – they weren't exactly slinging chips in their high chairs, because Britney's mom was there to look after them. K-Fed was, says a People source, "on his best behavior."

Pooch Munches on Leg o' Rachel

Rachel RayA dog in New York's Union Square Park found Princess of Perk Rachael Ray particularly delish last Saturday. According to Page Six, Ray was walking her own pit-bull mix – named Isaboo (just precious, isn't it) -- when another dog got all "aggressive" with Isaboo, prompting Ray to intervene.

In the end, Ray got the worst of it -- the mad dog took a chunk out of Ray's leg, though a nurse was there to take care of the wound and Ray is doing "fine." Now, as Ray herself would say, how good is that?

FOX to Ann -- Be Our Guest ... But That's It

Ann Coulter Despite referring to Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards as a fa**ot, FOX News Channel is standing by 45-year-old lanky, right-wing loudmouth Ann Coulter.

Just yesterday, FOX News booked Coulter on "Hannity & Colmes," where she defended her haughty homophobic invective, saying it was not "an insulting word" but a "schoolyard taunt" and a "joke."

TMZ asked FOX if they would dump Coulter. The obtuse response -- "Ann Coulter is not a paid commentator and her remarks don't reflect the views of FOX News Channel." We take that as a "no."

Bad Girls Gallery: Click to launch photosTMZ also contacted Coulter's agent to see if she would be dropped for making the remark, just like CAA's drop-kicked conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage over a similar homophobic remark against Melissa Etheridge. But the powerful William Morris Agency was mum on Coulter. We called and e-mailed, but no response.

Isaiah's F-Bomb Blows Up His Big Bucks

Isaiah WashingtonKatherine Heigl isn't the only member of the "Grey's Anatomy's" cast that's reportedly getting the shaft from ABC. Of course, in Isaiah Washington's case, there's a pretty good reason for his getting screwed, as Page Six points out. With all the cast in contract negotiations, Washington's recent gay-hating tirades and hot-headed antics are giving ABC reason "to keep from paying him more," says a source. "Isaiah knows it is his fault he may not get the fat raise he was going to get ... this is going to cost him millions." Washington's rep says, "We are going to do our business in private, not in the press."

Jerry SpringerParty Favors: Jerry Springer Springs Regis from "Talent" Gig ... Mel Filming in Panama? ... Still Want Jacko's Hand? Tickets Available

Jerry Springer will replace Regis Philbin as the host of "America's Got Talent" when the modern gong show returns this summer. Regis gave the constant bi-coastal travel as his reason for ditching the NBC series.. ... Mel Gibson is staying well away from Hollywood again with his next project, reports the AP. He's thinking of filming in Panama, possibly a biopic of explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa ... If you've got $3500 to blow (and a grand for the plane ticket), you can still buy your chance to shake Michael Jackson's hand in Tokyo, as promoters say that the event, where fans get 30 seconds of face time with the King of Pop, hasn't sold out.


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Are you guys getting paid to talk about this "Greasy Bear" because personally I don't give a f*** about him OR seeing his big fat-shaped head.

All of this Britney sh*t is one big publicity stunt designed to make her look like the queen of all that is strength and holiness once she's done with her "rehab". F*** her fake breakdown, her umbrella tirade was totally lame and BY THE WAY, THANKS FOR OPENING THOSE BLINDS WHEN YOU SHAVED YOUR HEAD, YOU ATTENTION WHORE.

I hope her crotch grows shut in rehab.

2758 days ago


I am truly saddend that Isaiah lost his job. I felt he was truly sorry-- saught help, aplogized and tried to make amends with the gay slur. I am angry that Ann Coulture uses the same slur against John Edwards and laughs in the face of the cameras. ABC should reconsider I cannot fathom the fact that Ms. Coulture, a biggot is laughing and and receiving laughs from the audience.

Britney need help. Period. Those kids need a stable envirnment. KFED get out of Vegas and stand by Britney and your children untill the crisis is over.

Brandon Davis: Total waste of oxygen

2758 days ago

Lord Snooty    

Promises Promises

2758 days ago


#3, Isaiah didn't lose his job, ABC is merely not going to pay him more money like the other Cast Members on Grey's because of what happened. I'm with you, the poor man has apologized so many times, gone for rehab & still no one can forgive him. I hope things work out for him & he will stay on the show.


2758 days ago


So does this mean that the suicide attempts are true?

2758 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

................Just make sure that you keep the Scientogogists away from Britney, don't be sooooooooooo desparate that "you will try ANYTHING" Don't sell her soul or yours to the Devil" She has been "searching" for something to grasp ahold of for quiet some time.
Kabalah, wearing a cross won't protect you neither will the Star of David....You have no substance, you are mindless....Mama, gather her up take her home, go to church, be NORMAL....If you don't, she WILL die....She has nothing to hold on too....Not even her children could save her....SHE IS LOST!!!!!!! Even if she is totally medicated for awhile to keep her in place, might be a good thing....You ARE going to lose her, unless...................

2758 days ago

in the know    

The suicide attempts are false. Now I know why Britney took a whole wing to herself. People will do anything to make up stories about her to make money. After this last rumor, I wouldn't want to stay at that particular rehab either. Kevin is such a good role model, that he is seen in Vegas putting up his middle finger to the camera, he is still trash, just much smarter about how to get money. It is reported from Promises, Britney has suffered from PP depression, more than a substance abuse problem, I doubt she needs 30 days there anyway. The standard in the real world is 14 days, thats as long as a insurance company will cover. These designer rehabs make fortunes off celebritiles, of course they want you to stay 30 days. It is scary that you can't express your true feelings these days or you are considered troubled. If you don't like gays, you don't like gays, so what? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I doubt Isaiah's fake rehab changed his mind.

2758 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.....If she did "try" to comment suicide...She probably won't be going "out" to AA, anytime soon....Is someone at TMZ keeping track???? ""IF" she did this, was she medicated? On what?????? Their meds or "hers"????? AND trying to kill ones self in California is a CRIME....Lets see how "they" "protect" her.....Staying at a "rehab" facility probably wouldn't be the right place....Lets see if she is moved to a "Wacko Ward" somewhere....Hummmm, could get interesting after all......................

2758 days ago

Leslie A Skarbek    

who the hell is this "Greasy Bear"?? He seems like a total moron. Who is he...what does he "do"? Probably nothing!

2758 days ago


Greasy Bear - what does he do?

He has a rich daddy - is that it?

2758 days ago

duh...totally !    

did anyone catch Dr. Phil last night ???

he had Pat O'Brien on , they were discussing Anna Nicole mostly....but at the end talked about Britney....Dr. Phil thinks she needs much more help than a Hollywood Rehab....which is soooo true.....the public is so 'hoddwinked' over 'rehab'....these 'celebs' go to 'rehab' in a spa and then the public thinks they are cured.....

I hope Britney wakes up !

2758 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

......#13, Greasy Bear....He "plays" with himself, Paris and whoevers available. He "lives" off of Daddy's money and I think Daddy should cut him off completely....He doesn't know how to do anything but get drunk and do drugs and cause trouble....He IS a male SKANK!

2758 days ago


#10...average stay in rehab is 28 days and most insurance does cover a portion, though not as much as medical bills. call the mental health number on the back of your insurance card.

i for one do not think she tried suicide.

this whole "responsible" k-fed thing is scary.

2758 days ago


Remember people, Britney was given TWO possible reasons for her "problem", PPD AND/OR Bi-Polar. Wanna bet it's the latter? She manic as hell and "phasing" all over the place.

2758 days ago


Rehab isnt going to help Britney. She's not ready to be there, its easy to see. As a former addict, you have to be ready to do it yourself. Not because someone else wants you to or is forcing you to, or else its a waste of time. Shes' clearly showing she doesnt want to do it and as soon as she gets out, guess where she's gonna be!!

Greasy Bear-I always enjoy reading storys where bad things happen to him. Getting back some of what he dishes out.

I also agree with what most of you are writing about Isiah. He's one of the few that I feel is truly sorry for what he said. But at least it looks like he's keeping his job, he should be happy about that.

2758 days ago
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