Britney's Rehab -- Not So Promising

3/6/2007 10:00 AM PST

Britney's Rehab -- Not So Promising

Will Britney Spears make it through a month in Malibu in rehab? Much as everyone wants to believe, things are looking a little shaky.

Brit has managed to stay at Promises since last Thursday, but Us reports that she's "wavering" in her treatment, and that her cousin Alli has been dispatched to lend a hand. What's more, a source tells Us that her family is hoping that Spears will persevere, but "they're nervous she might not last that long."

Speaking of her family, Kevin Federline did what any responsible dad would do with his sons while mom's away – he took them to Vegas. K-Fed had to make an appearance at the Mirage Hotel, and decided to bring 17-month-old Sean and 5-month-old Jayden along. Not to worry – they weren't exactly slinging chips in their high chairs, because Britney's mom was there to look after them. K-Fed was, says a People source, "on his best behavior."

Pooch Munches on Leg o' Rachel

A dog in New York's Union Square Park found Princess of Perk Rachael Ray particularly delish last Saturday. According to Page Six, Ray was walking her own pit-bull mix – named Isaboo (just precious, isn't it) -- when another dog got all "aggressive" with Isaboo, prompting Ray to intervene.

In the end, Ray got the worst of it -- the mad dog took a chunk out of Ray's leg, though a nurse was there to take care of the wound and Ray is doing "fine." Now, as Ray herself would say, how good is that?

FOX to Ann -- Be Our Guest ... But That's It

Despite referring to Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards as a fa**ot, FOX News Channel is standing by 45-year-old lanky, right-wing loudmouth Ann Coulter.

Just yesterday, FOX News booked Coulter on "Hannity & Colmes," where she defended her haughty homophobic invective, saying it was not "an insulting word" but a "schoolyard taunt" and a "joke."

TMZ asked FOX if they would dump Coulter. The obtuse response -- "Ann Coulter is not a paid commentator and her remarks don't reflect the views of FOX News Channel." We take that as a "no."

TMZ also contacted Coulter's agent to see if she would be dropped for making the remark, just like CAA's drop-kicked conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage over a similar homophobic remark against Melissa Etheridge. But the powerful William Morris Agency was mum on Coulter. We called and e-mailed, but no response.

Isaiah's F-Bomb Blows Up His Big Bucks

Katherine Heigl isn't the only member of the "Grey's Anatomy's" cast that's reportedly getting the shaft from ABC. Of course, in Isaiah Washington's case, there's a pretty good reason for his getting screwed, as Page Six points out. With all the cast in contract negotiations, Washington's recent gay-hating tirades and hot-headed antics are giving ABC reason "to keep from paying him more," says a source. "Isaiah knows it is his fault he may not get the fat raise he was going to get ... this is going to cost him millions." Washington's rep says, "We are going to do our business in private, not in the press."

Party Favors: Jerry Springer Springs Regis from "Talent" Gig ... Mel Filming in Panama? ... Still Want Jacko's Hand? Tickets Available

Jerry Springer will replace Regis Philbin as the host of "America's Got Talent" when the modern gong show returns this summer. Regis gave the constant bi-coastal travel as his reason for ditching the NBC series.. ... Mel Gibson is staying well away from Hollywood again with his next project, reports the AP. He's thinking of filming in Panama, possibly a biopic of explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa ... If you've got $3500 to blow (and a grand for the plane ticket), you can still buy your chance to shake Michael Jackson's hand in Tokyo, as promoters say that the event, where fans get 30 seconds of face time with the King of Pop, hasn't sold out.