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Cops Outwit, Outlast, Arrest "Violent" Reality Star

3/6/2007 4:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Survivor: Fiji" star Alex Angarita faced off with a judge in Los Angeles County Superior Court today after cops claim he attacked a peace officer who responded to a 911 call on February 9.

According to the felony complaint, Angarita, a Harvard Law grad, "used threats and violence to deter and prevent" two officers from performing their duties. The 28-year-old reality star was charged with two felony counts of resisting arrest, one felony count of battery with injury on a peace officer and one misdemeanor count of possession of marijuana. It is unclear why the police were called, but the National Enquirer reports that Angarita was involved in a "brawl" with his girlfriend.

Alex AngaritaAngarita spent three hours behind bars at a Los Angeles County Jail, before he was released on $20,000 bail.

The hearing will be continued on March 14.


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It would be really nice if all you gossip guys could stop referring to everyday people as "stars". Nicole Kidman - star. Jack Nicholson - star. Reality show contestants, attention whores, skinny daughters of has-been singers? No. Not stars.

2758 days ago

Lord Snooty    

Another Latino machismo who's girlfriend found out he is gay. So sad...

2758 days ago


Damn I just picked him as my Survivor bf!!!!!

2758 days ago


Put the loud mouth, thinks he's great bastard in jail. Let him go in as a tight end and come out as a wide receiver.

2758 days ago


Who cares!!!!!! I'm not even into survivor anymore.. its getting old

2758 days ago


Who cares!!!!!! I'm not even into survivor anymore.. its getting old

2758 days ago

Becky Williams    

That guy on the right looks like Bob Saget.

2758 days ago

He's Boring now    

Harvard Law graduate? Dont they teach their students that it is unlawful to strike women and police officers? Or is that something he learned at home---where he watched Papi beat up Mami as part of a culture thing? And I'm sure whatever Latin Countr is his family's origin, if you strike a cop there, they just kill you.

Get with it Law boy, when in Rome do like the Romans---i.e. behave yourself with your loved ones and those assigned to serve and protect. You might need the serve and protect type if you end up with a sentence.

About sick of TV types beating on anyone they feel like it. Throw the book at him, the book he supposedly knows inside and out.

2757 days ago


Who cares about pathetic scum like this? We want to read about real celebrities. This kid looks like a dweeb and he beats on women. Send him away.

2757 days ago


Hope his girlfriend kicked his ass and then left him. Any man that "brawls" with a girl is pitiful. Survive your ass in jail.

2757 days ago


Gee, he's completely rediculous. Just like the Survivor show it self. I love the show and have watched it forever, but am really disapointed in it's perdictablity and with it being so one sided ALL the time. One team always seems to be at a disadvantage constantly and that is just not fun to watch. It is frusterating to watch. Not enjoyable at all any more!

2755 days ago

a fan    


sounds strange. lets forget about the latin bias thing. the guy seems calm rational peaceful & kind on the show. Also he is a LAWYER...... maybe the cops were overstepping their bounds (which they frequently do, just most of us wouldn't know it because we don't know the LAW), so this guy probably called them on it and it pissed them off.

Let's remember this bit of law.....innocent until proven guilty. i wonder what the outcome on 3/14 will be.

notice the charges did not include assulting the girlfriend.

2755 days ago


Why cant a Latino man "brawl" with his gf without reflecting his ethnicity? In the survivor show a Latina girl flirts and again her ethnicity is called in. Are they the only ones in the whole world who brawl or flirt?

I'd sooner make a law to put the rascist posters above in jail b4 i criticise this guy for whatever he hasnt been proven to have done.

2748 days ago

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