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FOX to Ann --

Be Our Guest... But That's It

3/6/2007 2:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ann CoulterDespite referring to Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards as a fa**ot, FOX News Channel is standing by 45-year-old lanky, right-wing loudmouth Ann Coulter.

Just yesterday, FOX News booked Coulter on "Hannity & Colmes," where she defended her haughty homophobic invective, saying it was not "an insulting word" but a "schoolyard taunt" and a "joke."

TMZ asked FOX if they would dump Coulter. The obtuse response: "Ann Coulter is not a paid commentator and her remarks don't reflect the views of FOX News Channel." We take that as a "no."

TMZ also contacted Coulter's agent to see if she would be dropped for making the remark, just like CAA dropkicked conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage over a similar homophobic remark against Melissa Etheridge. But the powerful William Morris Agency was mum on Coulter. We called and e-mailed, but no response.


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Oh really Susie so you don't think you should be allowed to vote because you are a women?

"It would be a much better country if women did not vote" Ann Coulter May 17, 2003

2752 days ago


#13- AGREED! She is entitled to free speech, and she is not an elected official. Liberal Hollywood needs to get off their high horse. Why does the media portray Americans to be such idiots? I for one can see through all the rock throwing. My 5 year old behaves better than the media and Hollywood Liberals.

2752 days ago


Lighten up you pinko's. You don't get this upset when a liberal offends someone. You are so ready to defend someone right to free speech, oh, unless it is a moderate or someone from the right.
Just lighten up.

2752 days ago


It isn't only the new comment that she has made it is all of her comments, she is a poor excuse for a women. Her comment about the women that lost thier husbands during 9/11 " that they were enjoying the media play".. I hardly think so, they were and are coping just like anyone would that lost someone in 9/11. She LOVES the media play...Talking about others the way she does, is her only way of getting attention.. just like in a school yard.. maybe she should go back to school, and leave Palm Beach because the people here sure don't like her too much.

2752 days ago


Trannie Annie is just trying to be 'outrageous'; she is best ignored.

2752 days ago


I noticed that the University of Phoenix had ads on her website but they are gone now. I know Verizon, Sallie Mae and Georgia-based NetBank all pulled their ads so maybe they are following. Wonder if will do so as well?

2752 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

unfortunately she gives true Transsexuals a bad name!!!

2752 days ago


Don't we a little thing called the 1st amendment?

Not that what she said was right, but it is her right to speak freely.

This is still America isn't it???????

2752 days ago

Only in    

See, You little queers can't have a conversation without bringing sexual acts into your comments,your all going straight to hell! You Sons Of Bitch*es!!!

2752 days ago


All you b1tches are right winged dumb a$$es. No wonder you're not married - or if you are your husbands are trailer trashed beer drinking abusers.

2752 days ago

carol ard    

Danielle one can certainly tell which party you are for or of!
She represents no political party at all..She represents her own views as you do! get real and give us a break with some common sense here! Look the dammed word up in the dictionairy!

2752 days ago


For someone who is regarded by her "followers" as being intelligent she sure isn't very clever, resorting to name calling and childish taunts. This is just another example of how very unintelligent she and her kind truly are. She is mean-spirited and divisive and I personally find her and her comments abhorrent. As for those of you who find her amusing and harmless, then you are as mean-spirited and lacking in intelligence as she is. As my mother used to say "Ya'll got shit for brains"!

2752 days ago

true blue    

Tell it ,Tell it. TELL IT LIKE IT IS Babe. These left wing hippocrits cant stand it when someone tells them about thier wacky weird view of the world.

2752 days ago


It was even funnier when she said that she wouldn't say gay people were like John Edwards because that would be mean to gay people. Lighten up people!! My best friend is a gay man and he could care less because he is comfortable with his sexuality and besides gay guys call each other fag's all the time. Life is too short to get your panties is a bunch over something so trivial.

2752 days ago

Katie Murray    

If Fox says that Anne does not voice their opinions, they why do you say her smear is OK with Fox.
Would you call that "Foxaphobic"? I certainly would. Why do you slant the news so much - are you afraid of their latest numbers?

Ann is the far rights' Danny DeVito.

2752 days ago
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