Rosie Slams "Idol" as Racist, Weightist

3/6/2007 3:20 PM PST
Rosie O'Donnell laid a smackdown on "American Idol" this morning from her perch on "The View," saying that "Idol" canned former contestant Frenchie Davis for her breast-baring snapshots, but kept current wannabe Antonella Barba despite hers -- because Davis is black and fat and Barba is, well, not.

"It's weightist and wacist," said Rosie, doing her best Donald Duck impression. Silly wabbit Wosie, ever heard of Wuben Studdard? Fantasia? Babwa wasn't there to comment.

Rosie, never one to hold back her opinions, also took time out during Hot Topics to blast "The Insider" for propagating the saga of 841-pound Renee Williams, who died yesterday from a heart attack.