"Idol" Blocks Rosie's "View" -- No Clips for You!

3/7/2007 2:20 PM PST
"American Idol" is retaliating against Rosie O'Donnell and "The View" by forbidding the gabfest from showing "Idol" clips, after Rosie slammed the world's biggest TV show one too many times.

As is their habit, Rosie and the "View" crew started to talk about last night's "Idol," but had no video to go with it. Ro explained the lack of footage was because "Idol" was unhappy over her slamming of the judges, her suggestions about Paula's "possible inattentiveness," and her accusations of racism and sizeism on yesterday's broadcast.

Sagacious den mother Babwa put it best: "You don't insult them with your left hand and ask for favors with your right." And Joy suggested a solution for the problem -- putting an on-screen Ro-Screed disclaimer that warns, "Rosie's views are Rosie's."