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Tom Puts Katie Under Cruise Control

3/7/2007 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise loves his wife Katie so much, he's planning to go with her to the set of her new film – every single day.

According to Page Six, in the next month or so, Holmes will be going to Shreveport, La., to begin work on "Mad Money," a chick-buddy-heist flick that also stars Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah. And the seemingly uxorious Tom has told producers that he's going to be on set every day, with baby Suri in tow. What's more, an insider says that Tom chose the movie for Katie because there's no love interest for her and no love scenes.

A producer for "Mad Money" tells the Post he doesn't know if Cruise'll be around, and a TomKat rep had no comment.

OJ – Anna Nicole's Baby Daddy?

And you thought that so-called Prince was ridiculous. Now, OJ Simpson is the latest member of the human male species to throw his hat – and sperm – into the paternity ring in the Anna Nicole Smith case. Norm Pardo, a videographer who chronicled Simpson's movements for five years, tells Page Six that the double-murder acquittee told him that he "knew Anna Nicole pretty well," and – prepare for gross-out – that he had "slow-moving sperm," and as a result might be the father. Actually, says Pardo, OJ doesn't really want his possible paternity exposed, because, he says, "I don't want Fred Goldman trying to seize her money – or the baby herself." Simpson and Smith appeared together in "Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult."

Barack Hearts Beyonce?

Sen. Barack Obama might be the brightest political star out there – and the next President to boot – but not even he could resist being starstruck when confronted by the bootylicious Beyonce Knowles. As Rush & Molloy report, Obama was the star attraction at a fundraiser at record exec L.A. Reid's New York home, and he glad-handed such fashion and music bigs as Tommy Hilfiger and Babyface Edmonds. But when he was introduced to Beyonce, Obama said, "I never do this, but can I ask for your autograph." And he requested a copy of a photo they took together.

Party Favors: Star on Court TV? ... "Sopranos" Production Gets Whacked in New Jersey Town

Star Jones might be coming back to TV in more than just a bit part on "Law & Order: SVU." Page Six reports that Starzilla could be getting her own show on Court TV. ... A New Jersey town council has given "The Sopranos" the shiv, forbidding the HBO series from shooting in Bloomfield, N.J., says the New York Post. The town's mayor, Raymond McCarthy, says that they're keeping the wiseguys away because of the show's "negative depictions of Italian-Americans." McCarthy also adds – POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT! – that producers wanted to shoot the very last scene of the very last episode of the series in an ice cream parlor in the town.


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uh...last i checked, Dannielynn was white. (blond hair and blue eyes no less...)

OJ, get a grip

2785 days ago


#25 Lisa - I completely agree with you!

Don't believe everything you read. Katie looks happy, Tom looks happy, they seem to have a great relationship - all this shit written about them is just to sell magazines.
Leave them the f%$& alone.

Remember when they were reporting that Tom didn't want Katie to work and that he wanted her to stay home and look after the baby, but now that she is working, it is because he chose the script and gave permission - come on - wake up people!

Brad Pitt is filming in New Orleans, Angelina is there with him - is she there because he insisted - NO. She is there because he is her guy and they want the family to be together - why is it okay for Brad and Angelina, but not okay for Tom and Katie. The hypocrisy is pathetic!

2785 days ago


lmao!! There is no way that O.J. is the daddy. The child does not even look bi-racial. Let Anna Nicole rest on peace and get the DNA show on the road! Hell, maybe they should go to Maury!

2785 days ago

When is this going to end??    

Court TV,

Please do not hire Star Jones. I won't be watching her show.

2785 days ago

Only in    

OJ Simpson in this picture is trying to push out a big one,I hope it gets stuck.

2785 days ago


Star Jones is so fugly...yikes!!

2785 days ago


I feel so sorry for Katie Holmes. Is all of the money worth it when you have no freedom to think for yourself, or have an ounce of independence.? This controlling midget freak is so afraid someone will deprogram her he probably sends a "handler" with her when she goes to the bathroom. Eventually she will get a little older and realize what a HORRIBLE mistake she has made. Then he'll have to find another young, naive girl to be his beard.

2785 days ago


The more Tom acts out...the more he reminds me of an ex boyfriend of mine who was Bi-Polar. He used to show up at my work everyday! He was very controlling. He tried to make my choices for me. He would pull stunts similar to Tom's infamous couch jumping scene on Oprah etc. Tom, the tighter you hold that leash....the more likely she is to WANT to run. The only reason she's not bolting yet is she's young and stupid.

2785 days ago


ok, OJ, now I've heard it all. Slow moving sperm?

2785 days ago


A movie with Diane Keaton and Queef Latinah? Sounds craptastic!

2785 days ago


lworth... I'm glad I "was" your personal hero for 2 minutes before TMZ removed my post. They can't handle the truth.

2785 days ago

Ha Ha    

Katie doesn't care. Tom was her dream guy, so whatever he wants is okay with her. She's probably still so enamored that she can't look at her life objectively.

2785 days ago


No. 12 you are so right Obama's wife is a handsome man. She certainly looks like a man to me. Very manish features. He should have controlled himself with Beyonce that was in poor taste.

What is the matter with Tom? Katie even with all her facial and teeth improvements, she is still an ugly duckling. She can't act . If I see her with her hair tied back one more time and in that ugly green dress I am going to throw up. What in the world could he be jealous of here.

Tom needs glasses and he needs to go back to the classy lady, Nicole, but she needs to get her nose fixed. Nicole needs to dump that looser Urban, she is way too good for him. He looks sleezy to me.

OMG I thought we were done looking at Star Jones with those creepy eye lids, get them done.

2785 days ago


star jones is the biggest bitch-cannot stand her I love the view now that she is not on it! who does that thing think she is????????

2785 days ago


"SLOW MOVING SPERM?"......Bwahhahahahah! That O.J. is such a rascal. As if that baby won't be screwed up enough already......O.J. for a daddy? Holy she-it. Maybe Howard & O.J will marry & have Birkead as the pool boy and that Count Dracula Gabor guy as the chauffer. Again I say....Bwahahahahaha!

2785 days ago
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