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FOX In -- So Edwards Out of Democratic Debate

3/8/2007 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has decided to pull out of a Democratic primary debate in August, in part because it is being co-hosted by the FOX News Channel. A statement from the Edwards camp also cited "scheduling conflicts" as a reason for Edwards' decision -- which is the political version of "not interested."
John Edwards
David Rhodes, FOX News Channel VP of News, issued a statement calling it "unfortunate that Sen. Edwards has decided to abandon an opportunity to reach the largest mainstream cable news audience in America." Maybe if Fox News didn't regularly use the services of one Ann Coulter, who last week called Edwards a fa**ot, he wouldn't have a problem with them!

The Democratic Party of Nevada's choice of FOX News as a co-host came under heavy scrutiny from such political websites as Civic Action; the site has an online petition, which they say has over 260,000 signatures asking Dems of Nevada to drop FOX from the debate. It says, in part: "Fox is a mouthpiece for the Republican Party, not a legitimate news channel ... and should be dropped." Eli Pariser, Executive Director of Civic Action said, "We applaud John Edwards for sending a clear message to voters, the media, and other candidates: Fox is part of the right-wing smear machine and should not be treated like a legitimate news outlet."

Documentarian Robert Greenwald, whose website made a short film about FOX News Channel just for the campaign, tells TMZ, "John Edwards has shown guts, leadership and brains in being the first candidate to say no to the partisan propaganda arm, sometimes called Fox. He is saluted for his vision all over the country by patriots interested in real news."

Edwards hasn't always been anti-FOX News. According to Anne Schroeder at, Edwards was on FOX News Channel's "Hannity and Colmes" as recently as January 23, one of the 33 times Edwards has appeared on the network since August 2000.

TMZ contacted reps for both Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama to see if they planned to follow suit. Calls were not immediately returned.


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I don't blame John Edwards if it's true, Fox News gets worse all the time, it's more like a tabloid, there ya go 'Fox News, the tabloid of Cable News' I don't know how they've managed to stay on the air so long. Everytime I give in and watch anything on that station I usually switch it off within minutes. I'm sure their attacks on all the other networks is because they know they're slipping, in fact I think they buy their ratings. No other explanation for it.

2755 days ago


Oh you hurt my feelings! Please!
God help Edwards if he has the privilege of becoming our President. If he tucks tail and runs on Ann’s comments, where will he find an exit when Chavis finds a “name” for him.

2755 days ago


"Fox News is the only fair and balanced news show out there". What a friggin' joke!!!!! What is fair and balanced about them? They smear Democrats every chance they get and if they can't smear them for lack of news they make up their own news. The other shows may be liberal, but they don't claim not to be. Fox clearly states they are fair to both sides and any one with an objective eye and brain can see that is false. So not only are they Faux News, they are liars. I AM PROUD OF JOHN EDWARDS, AND FOX NEWS SUCKS. Just five minutes alone in a room with Hannity, O'Reilly and Coulter and they'd all look like sissy's. Cold day in hell they would shut me up!!!

2755 days ago


Good for Edwards! The sooner we all ignore the Fox News idiots, the better off we will be. "No spin," my ass!

2755 days ago

He's Boring now    

Hey pj, the only one drinking kool aid is you, only it isnt from Jim Jones its from Katie and Brian.

Your the same goof that used to get all ready for the nightly news to start and get your latest dose. The same Central News organizations that

wouldnt report on Kennedy's misgivings
clammed up about Viet Nam
lied about Bush war records
and gave the All Clear for Katrina when the floods were coming

NBC, ABC and CBS have had their lunch handed to them with the coming of cable and the net. They have to all re learn the news business because they have been doing the feature business for too long.

We can get news anytime we want it, without the wait or the or politically correct spin to it.

Thank god for the Drudge report, and Fox News among others. What an eye opener to see both sides to a story that the "mainstream" and apparently to your numbers, 80% of Americans still drink from.

I like both sides to a story,not just the one side that was fed for so long by so few to so many.

2755 days ago

Only in    

Way to go Fox, I hope O'Reilly had something to do with this.Keep applying the pressure to these Liberal Bastards. ANN COULTER FOR PRESIDENT!

2755 days ago

mickey lou    

How immature! I guess John Boy is ready to become president. Which America do you live in, John?

2755 days ago

Only in    

Fox cable news,highest rated news channel in America, keep up the good work Fox. What say you?

2755 days ago


By the way, message #7 from sapphire I'm certain is from Johnny's wife. Who cares if he doesn't participate. He is an empty suit, and if there is any sanity in the US he will NEVER become President.

There are 2 America's, yet right John Edwards, and everyone else. He is a total joke!!

2755 days ago


Oh yeah......That's just the kind of President I want for my Country. "You called me a name so I'm not playing anymore!". Get over it Edwards. You'd never be able to handle being the President. He reminds me of one of those let's hold hands and sing peace songs people. Get real.

2755 days ago

chin chin    

No "bloviating" here! Bill O'Reilly is "watchin out for you"!!!!!

2755 days ago


Fox tells both sides. The only difference is the other "news" stations only tell the left wing side- so the dems are upset that the other side is now being told

2755 days ago


btw #40 I am Johnny's wife but OOPS wrong John!!! U that much of a moron if someone says something good about John Edwards you have to ASSUME!!!! Oh I get it, typical RIGHT WING REPUBLICAN! GROW A BRAIN

2755 days ago


Edwards is such a baby! Can't stand up and speak in a conservative network. He knows that FOX would beat him 100 to 0. And by the way, Coulter didn't say that Edwards was a faggot. She was just trying to make a point on today's world, where if you say "faggot", you're sent to rehab! People have clearly forgotten about the right for free speech. It's a other question whether you agree with what someone says or not. In other words, if you have a problem with someone using the word faggot, then it's not my problem. It's your problem. GET OVER IT!

2755 days ago


Who is John Edwards and why is he afraid to go on the tv station that has the highest ratings?

2755 days ago
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