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Rosie to "Idol's" Lythgoe -- Blah, Blah, Blah

3/8/2007 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'DonnellRosie O'Donnell has just a couple words for "American Idol's" Nigel Lythgoe: Whatever, dude.

That, in effect, was Rosie's response to Lythgoe's stinging criticism, just a couple of hours after the "Idol" honcho called her remarks about his show "absurd," "ridiculous," "self-promotional" and "without thought or knowledge." On her blog at, "The View's" resident firestarter had this to say [warning: spellings unchanged] --

what can u say really
from the coca-cola red couch

i call it as i see it
nigel l - sam r
same same same
1985 - 2007
blah blah blah blha
blha blha blah blha

Rosie appears to equate Nigel Lythgoe with Sam Riddle ("sam r"), the producer of "Star Search," where O'Donnell got her start by winning several weeks in a row.


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Will someone PLEASE take this disgusting pig off tv??????

2754 days ago


I say all Rosie haters get on her Blog and blast her to the fullest extent and drive her even deeper into depression...Maybe she will go away

2754 days ago


Rosie, shut up!!!!!

2754 days ago


blab blab blab your next

2754 days ago


I can't belive Babwa puts up with this embarrasing sack of shit! Rosie needs to get all the facts before she shoots off her foul mouth.

2754 days ago


That is Rosie's only response? She can never admit that she might have made a mistake and mis-spoke before doing research. I have seen her use the "Blah Blah Blah" response more than once. That is all she can really come up with. Barbara, take a lesson from what you said on your show (and I do use YOUR loosely) yesterday that Katie Couric said her show is not about ratings, but about integrity. The view and you, Barbara Walters have lost all integrity thanks to Rosie and her pointless rants!

2754 days ago


Rosie needs to keep her wifes crotch in her mouth ... maybe that will stop her from taking so much shit... I`m so tired of Rosie... I hope she gets canned... I hope all her co-host jump her one day and knock her lights out... she deserves a good "POP" on that trash mouth of hers...

2754 days ago


Don't get me wrong... I love Rosie & Idol. I think this was totally CRAZY! Simon (I adore him too!) can practically call people fat & ugly, make fun of the way people look, ect, and he WORKS on the show!!! What a joke. I'm on team Rosie. But I still love idol... just a bunch of nonsense. Totally blown out of proportion. I think Nigel was looking to self promote by jumping on the "lets attack Rosie for no reason" wagon. Silly, really....

2754 days ago

Jack Refermat    

I think that Rosie should learn to keep her mouth shut. She has no knowledge on the things she comments about. Maybe if she took some time away from eating and read a book she would have a better chance of making a informative opinion. Yet she seems to enjoy the negative publicity . She has no scrupples and less knowledge of the things she talks about. "If she had any brains she would realize just how stupid she really is". I wish they could have a on-off button for when she speaks. ROSIE IST IS BETTER TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND BE THOUGHT OF AS A FOOL THEN TO OPEN IT AND REMOVE ALL DOUBTS.

2754 days ago


Someone needs to shut this fat blob up. Haven't we had enough of the pig in a blanket yet??? ABC and Barbara do us ALL a favor and PLEASE don't renew her contract. I haven't watched the view after about the third episode LardA$$ started. Ousted with the Notorius P-I-G!!!

2754 days ago


To Rosie - Whatever Dude! You suck

2754 days ago


This Heifer cannot ever keep her mouth shut....

I haven't watched "The View", since she came aboard.

What really surprises me is that Babwa Walters, would flush all of her hard years as a journalist and reporter; gain respect & open doors for women in that industry, and then hire this Bitch, and flush all those years of hard work down the drain.

It's obvious Rosie is a very angry person....she spews venom....what...every couple of days now.

Hey, I'm with Dottie....

Rosie, SHUT UP!!!!!

2754 days ago


I think Rosie was a bit out of line, but hey it's her opinion. Hanging upside down for depression has nothing to do with American Idol. She was getting into this before this Idol crap came up.

2754 days ago

For Rosie    

LOVE ROSIE! She calls shit out and makes us think about it. American Idol is a cheese whiz factory - keeping talentless bimbos around for the ratings and overlooking real talent. Rosie was correct and I stand behind here 100%. I hope she gets her own show - it would be a much needed fire-starter for this day and age in the media.

2754 days ago


Rosie is on a show called "The View"...that is what she is giving...."the view in her opinion"....

Why don't we see any other talk show host's or co-hosts' comments written on here, about any subject, when they are negative? Why...because people want to beat Rosie up on everything thing she says. She says what so many wish they could, if they had the balls to do so.

So for everyone out there who doesn't care for her...BLAH...BLAH...BLAH !!!!!!!

2754 days ago
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